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List of Loveline episodes (2007)

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Title: List of Loveline episodes (2007)  
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List of Loveline episodes (2007)

Loveline is a syndicated radio call-in program that offers medical and relationship advice to listeners - often with the assistance of guests. Its flagship station is KROQ-FM in Los Angeles.


The show broadcasts Sundays through Thursdays, with no show on Friday or Saturday. Since it broadcasts at 10 p.m. to 12 a.m PT occasionally shows will be listed incorrectly with the next day's date. If a show's date corresponds to a Friday or a Saturday, it is almost certainly incorrect. Sunday episodes are identified in the table by gray shading.

Lists of the guests from recent episodes can be found on Loveline's official web site.[1] Note, however, that this is occasionally incorrect, such as when a guest is scheduled to appear but cancels or doesn't show up.

2007 hosts

2007 episodes

Date Guest(s) Notes
2007-01-01 Replay of 2006-11-26
2007-01-02 No Guest
2007-01-03 Ron Jeremy
2007-01-04 No Guest
2007-01-07 No Guest
2007-01-08 Kelly Hu
2007-01-09 Donal Logue
2007-01-10 New York From the TV show I Love New York
2007-01-11 Army of Anyone From the bands Filter & Stone Temple Pilots
2007-01-14 Eric Balfour
2007-01-15 No Guest
2007-01-16 No Guest
2007-01-17 Joel McHale From the TV show The Soup
2007-01-18 Aaron Lewis From the band Staind
2007-01-21 No Guest
2007-01-22 No Guest
2007-01-23 Jonathan Silverman
2007-01-24 Keane
2007-01-25 Bob Saget
2007-01-28 Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM
2007-01-29 Rob Schneider
2007-01-30 Tricia Helfer From the TV show Battlestar Galactica
2007-01-31 Cast of Beauty and the Geek
2007-02-01 Mickey Avalon
2007-02-04 No episode was broadcast
2007-02-05 Busy Phillips
2007-02-06 John Waters
2007-02-07 Fall Out Boy
2007-02-08 Rob & Amber Mariano From the TV show Survivor
2007-02-11 Tila Tequila From the TV show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila
2007-02-12 Carl Edwards
2007-02-13 Dr. Robert Rey From the TV show Dr. 90210
2007-02-14 Dana Myers From
2007-02-15 Best of Loveline
2007-02-18 Best of Loveline
2007-02-19 Diane Farr Ex host of Loveline
2007-02-20 No Guest
2007-02-21 No Guest
2007-02-22 Cedric Yarbrough & Carlos Alazraqui From the TV show Reno 911!
2007-02-25 No Guest
2007-02-26 No Guest
2007-02-27 Best of Loveline
2007-02-28 The Girls Next Door
2007-03-01 Gregory Itzin From the TV show 24
2007-03-04 No Guest
2007-03-05 Cast of Cathouse: The Series
2007-03-06 Jeff Probst From the TV show Survivor
2007-03-07 Jonathan Davis From the band Korn
2007-03-08 Seth MacFarlane From the TV show Family Guy
2007-03-11 No Guest
2007-03-12 Randy and Jason Sklar
2007-03-13 Nikki Ziering
2007-03-14 No Guest
2007-03-15 Tara Conner Miss USA 2006
2007-03-18 No Guest
2007-03-19 No Guest
2007-03-20 Nicole Sullivan
2007-03-21 The Kooks
2007-03-22 Andrew Dice Clay & Eleanor Kerrigan
2007-03-25 No Guest
2007-03-26 Joel McHale From the TV show The Soup
2007-03-27 Mike Vallely
2007-03-25 No Guest
2007-03-29 Real & Chance From the TV show I Love New York
2007-04-01 Sue Johanson
2007-04-02 Sick Puppies
2007-04-03 Lisa Edelstein From the TV show House
2007-04-04 Three 6 Mafia
2007-04-05 Tom Green
2007-04-08 Best of Loveline
2007-04-09 Good Charlotte
2007-04-10 David Arquette
2007-04-11 No Guest
2007-04-12 Cast of Drive
2007-04-15 No Guest
2007-04-16 No Guest
2007-04-17 Lily Allen
2007-04-18 Andy Baldwin From the TV show The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman
2007-04-19 Xzibit
2007-04-22 Jessica Drake & Carmen Hart From Wicked Pictures
2007-04-23 Jamie Kennedy
2007-04-24 Christopher McDonald From the movie Happy Gilmore
2007-04-25 No Guest
2007-04-26 No Guest
2007-04-29 Best of Loveline
2007-04-30 Michael Rosenbaum From the TV show Smallville
2007-05-01 Cypress Hill
2007-05-02 Michael Urie From the TV show Ugly Betty
2007-05-03 Wes Borland From the band Black Light Burns
2007-05-06 No Guest
2007-05-07 No Guest
2007-05-08 Kristine Lefebvre From the TV show The Apprentice
2007-05-09 Greg Grunberg From the TV show Heroes
2007-05-10 Carson Kressley From the TV show Queer Eye
2007-05-13 No Guest
2007-05-14 Tiger Army
2007-05-15 Thirty Seconds to Mars
2007-05-16 Plain White T's
2007-05-17 Bad Religion
2007-05-20 No Guest
2007-05-21 Rob Dyrdek & Christopher Boykin From the TV show Rob & Big
2007-05-22 The Bravery
2007-05-23 No Guest
2007-05-24 Jay Davis
2007-05-27 Best of Loveline
2007-05-28 John Dolmayan From the band Scars on Broadway
2007-05-29 Eli Roth From the movie Hostel: Part II
2007-05-30 Bijou Phillips From the movie Hostel: Part II
2007-05-31 Paul Rodriguez
2007-06-03 No Guest
2007-06-04 Yellowcard
2007-06-05 No Guest
2007-06-06 Michele Merkin From the TV show The Next Best Thing
2007-06-07 Chris Cornell
2007-06-10 No Guest
2007-06-11 No Guest
2007-06-12 Ant From the TV show Celebrity Fit Club
2007-06-13 Seth Green From the TV show Family Guy
2007-06-14 No Guest
2007-06-17 Jim Lindberg & Jeremy Popoff From the band Pennywise
2007-06-18 No Guest
2007-06-19 No Guest
2007-06-20 Silversun Pickups
2007-06-21 No Guest, Lady Sovereign was a no-show.
2007-06-24 Andy Dick
2007-06-25 Seth MacFarlane From the TV show Family Guy
2007-06-26 Jonah Hill From the movies Knocked Up & Evan Almighty
2007-06-27 No Guest
2007-06-28 No Guest
2007-07-01 No Guest
2007-07-02 Army of Me Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2007-07-03 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2007-07-04 Best of Loveline
2007-07-05 Best of Loveline
2007-07-08 No Guest
2007-07-09 No Guest
2007-07-10 Silverchair
2007-07-11 Tracy Morgan
2007-07-12 Scott Baio & Jason Hervey
2007-07-15 No Guest
2007-07-16 Best of Loveline
2007-07-17 Hosted by Dr. Robert Rey & Stryker. From the TV show Dr. 90210.
2007-07-18 Linkin Park Hosted by Dr. Ben & Stryker
2007-07-19 Cast of American Body Shop
2007-07-22 Tom Anderson From MySpace
2007-07-23 Sum 41
2007-07-24 Adam de la Peña
2007-07-25 MxPx
2007-07-26 Tom Green
2007-07-29 No Guest
2007-07-30 Tyler Evans Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2007-07-31 Carey Hart Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Stryker
2007-08-01 Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg
2007-08-02 Patton Oswalt
2007-08-05 No Guest
2007-08-06 No Guest
2007-08-07 Bill Bellamy
2007-08-08 Hot Hot Heat
2007-08-09 No Guest, Katt Williams cancelled
2007-08-12 No Guest
2007-08-13 Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM
2007-08-14 No Guest
2007-08-15 Blaqk Audio
2007-08-16 Lisa Gleave & Aubrie Lemon From the TV show Deal or No Deal
2007-08-19 Nikki Sixx From the band Mötley Crüe
2007-08-20 No Guest
2007-08-21 Joel McHale From the TV show The Soup
2007-08-22 Rob Zombie
2007-08-23 Aisha Tyler
2007-08-26 Best of Loveline
2007-08-27 Kat Von D From the TV show LA Ink
2007-08-28 Johnny Rotten From the band Sex Pistols
2007-08-29 Holly Huddleston & Molly Shea From the TV show Sunset Tan
2007-08-30 Joe Rogan
2007-09-02 Best of Loveline?
2007-09-03 Perez Hilton
2007-09-04 Whitney Port From the TV show The Hills
2007-09-05 Daniel Tosh
2007-09-06 Seth Green
2007-09-09 Scout Taylor-Compton
2007-09-10 Cisco Adler
2007-09-11 Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney & Kaitlin Olson From the TV show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
2007-09-12 Dan Fogler From the movie Balls of Fury
2007-09-13 No Guest
2007-09-16 Perry & Etty Lau Farrell From the band Satellite Party
2007-09-17 Ant From the TV show Celebrity Fit Club
2007-09-18 Stone Cold Steve Austin
2007-09-19 Phil Laak & Antonio Esfandiari From the TV show I Bet You
2007-09-20 D.L. Hughley
2007-09-23 No Guest
2007-09-24 No Guest
2007-09-25 Bob Saget
2007-09-26 Seth MacFarlane, Rachael MacFarlane & Dee Bradley Baker From the TV show American Dad!
2007-09-27 New York From the TV show I Love New York
2007-09-30 No Guest
2007-10-01 Kevin Connolly From the TV show Entourage
2007-10-02 She Wants Revenge
2007-10-03 Carlos Mencia
2007-10-04 No Guest
2007-10-07 No Guest
2007-10-08 Tera Patrick
2007-10-09 Irv Gotti
2007-10-10 Tony Hawk & Dr. Rey
2007-10-11 Christopher Titus
2007-10-14 Nick Kroll From the TV show Cavemen
2007-10-15 Craig Ferguson
2007-10-16 Gene Pompa
2007-10-17 Rilo Kiley
2007-10-18 No Guest
2007-10-21 Interpol
2007-10-22 Randy and Jason Sklar
2007-10-23 Avenged Sevenfold
2007-10-24 Serj Tankian
2007-10-25 Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira
2007-10-28 No Guest
2007-10-29 David Arquette
2007-10-30 No Guest
2007-10-31 James Van Praagh
2007-11-01 Atreyu
2007-11-04 Jonathan Davis From the band Korn
2007-11-05 Tila Tequila From the TV show A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila
2007-11-06 Cast of MADtv
2007-11-07 No Guest
2007-11-08 Andy Dick
2007-11-11 Jamie Kennedy
2007-11-12 John Hensley
2007-11-13 Wade Williams From the TV show Prison Break
2007-11-14 No Guest
2007-11-15 John Dolmayan From the band Scars on Broadway
2007-11-18 Phil Laak & Antonio Esfandiari From the TV show I Bet You
2007-11-19 Silverchair
2007-11-20 No Guest
2007-11-21 Ryan Tedder & Eddie Fisher From the band OneRepublic
2007-11-22 Best of Loveline
2007-11-25 No Guest
2007-11-26 No Guest
2007-11-27 No Guest
2007-11-28 Kate Flannery From the TV show The Office
2007-11-29 Derek Armstrong
2007-12-02 No Guest
2007-12-03 No Guest
2007-12-04 No Guest
2007-12-05 Nick Swardson
2007-12-06 Foo Fighters
2007-12-09 No episode was broadcast
2007-12-10 Silversun Pickups
2007-12-11 Adrianne Curry
2007-12-12 Joel McHale From the TV show The Soup
2007-12-13 No Guest
2007-12-16 No Guest
2007-12-17 No Guest
2007-12-18 No Guest
2007-12-19 Justin Bartha
2007-12-20 The Girls Next Door
2007-12-23 Best of Loveline
2007-12-24 Best of Loveline
2007-12-25 Best of Loveline
2007-12-26 Best of Loveline
2007-12-27 Best of Loveline
2007-12-30 Replay of 2007-12-10
2007-12-31 No episode was broadcast

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  1. ^ Loveline Guest Archives

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