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List of Loveline episodes (1999)

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Title: List of Loveline episodes (1999)  
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Subject: List of Loveline episodes (2000)
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List of Loveline episodes (1999)

Loveline is a syndicated radio call-in program that offers medical and relationship advice to listeners - often with the assistance of guests. Its flagship station is KROQ-FM in Los Angeles.


The show broadcasts Sundays through Thursdays, with no show on Friday or Saturday. Since it broadcasts at 10 p.m. to 12 a.m PT occasionally shows will be listed incorrectly with the next day's date. If a show's date corresponds to a Friday or a Saturday, it is almost certainly incorrect. Sunday episodes are identified in the table by gray shading.

1999 Hosts

1999 Episodes

Date Guest(s) Notes
1999-01-05 Andrew Dice Clay
1999-01-07 Jeremy McGrath
1999-01-11 Bad Religion
1999-01-12 Matthew Lillard
1999-01-13 Remy Zero
1999-01-14 Cast of Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane
1999-01-18 David DeLuise & John Lehr From the TV show Jesse
1999-01-19 Shae D'Lyn From the TV show Dharma & Greg
1999-01-20 Cake
1999-01-21 Rob Schneider From the TV show Saturday Night Live
1999-01-25 Diane Farr Ex host of the Loveline TV show
1999-01-26 Joe Rogan
1999-01-27 Ron Lester & Eliel Swinton
1999-01-28 Hosted by Dr. Drew only
1999-02-01 David Arquette
1999-02-02 Karen Malina White
1999-02-03 Shaun Palmer
1999-02-04 Brian McKnight
1999-02-08 Cast of MADtv
1999-02-09 Natalie Raitano
1999-02-10 Wayne Brady
1999-02-14 Andy Lauer
1999-02-15 Myles Berkowitz From the movie 20 Dates
1999-02-16 Rob Blake & Sean O'Donnell From the Los Angeles Kings
1999-02-17 Dub Pistols
1999-02-18 Deborah Harry
1999-02-21 Lit
1999-02-22 Larry Flynt
1999-02-23 Fastball
1999-02-24 Tia Carrere
1999-02-25 Miguel Ferrer
1999-03-01 No guest
1999-03-02 Molly Culver From the TV show V.I.P.
1999-03-03 No guest. Original airplane turbulence rant by Adam, based on a new batch of Public Service Announcements released earlier that week.
1999-03-04 Rob Schneider From the TV show Saturday Night Live
1999-03-07 Henry Rollins From the band Black Flag
1999-03-08 Kottonmouth Kings
1999-03-09 Sponge
1999-03-10 Darren McCarty Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
1999-03-11 L7
1999-03-14 Nancy Sinatra
1999-03-15 Janeane Garofalo
1999-03-16 Teen Reproductive Health Line (888) 396-5463
1999-03-17 Riverfenix Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
1999-03-18 David Strickland
1999-03-22 Best of Loveline
1999-03-23 Best of Loveline
1999-03-23 No guest
1999-03-25 Jim the zoosexual
1999-03-28 Christa Miller
1999-03-29 Marvelous 3
1999-03-30 Julie Benz & Rick Batalla From the TV show Payne
1999-04-01 Viveka Davis
1999-04-11 Alexandra Paul
1999-04-12 Cindy Guyer & Kari Wührer
1999-04-13 Ahmet & Dweezil Zappa
1999-04-14 Bryan Herta
1999-04-19 David Alan Grier
1999-04-20 Louis Mandylor
1999-04-22 Seth Green
1999-04-25 No guest
1999-04-26 Coolio
1999-04-27 The Flys
1999-04-29 Ali Landry
1999-05-03 No guest
1999-05-04 Jon Cryer
1999-05-05 Lisa "Kennedy" Montgomery
1999-05-06 Dixie Chicks
1999-05-09 No guest
1999-05-10 No guest
1999-05-11 No guest, My father's my brother
1999-05-12 Insane Clown Posse
1999-05-13 Ione Skye was scheduled but didn't come
1999-05-17 Michael Goorjian
1999-05-18 Ben Savage
1999-05-19 The Jerky Boys
1999-05-20 Ralph Garman
1999-05-25 Amanda de Cadenet
1999-05-26 Kevin Nealon
1999-05-27 No guest
1999-06-01 Paula Trickey
1999-06-02 Robert Schimmel
1999-06-03 Mötley Crüe
1999-06-06 No guest
1999-06-07 Pennywise Promoting their album Straight Ahead. Fletcher Dragge, intoxicated on alcohol, barricaded the studio door and threatened to throw his feces at Adam and claimed to have a hand grenade. Six police officers arrived to defuse the situation.[1]
1999-06-08 Ben Folds Five
1999-06-09 The Verve Pipe
1999-06-10 Moby
1999-06-14 Smash Mouth
1999-06-15 The Freestylers
1999-06-16 Blink-182
1999-06-17 Save Ferris
1999-06-18 The Deftones
1999-06-20 Seth Green
1999-06-22 Serenity
1999-06-27 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla, no guest
1999-06-28 Matt Stone & Trey Parker Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
1999-06-29 Jenna Jameson
1999-06-30 The Urge
1999-07-07 The Cult
1999-07-12 No guest, sand sculptures
1999-07-13 Heather Kozar
1999-07-14 Jason Biggs
1999-07-19 Bobcat Goldthwait
1999-07-21 Greg Proops
1999-07-22 Colin Mortensen & Amaya Brecher From the TV show The Real World: Hawaii
1999-07-25 Lisa Robin Kelly
1999-07-26 Tony Hawk
1999-07-27 Dahm triplets
1999-07-28 Leeza Gibbons Hosted by Dr. Drew & Riki Rachtman
1999-08-01 No guest
1999-08-02 Garry Marshall
1999-08-03 Buckcherry
1999-08-04 Heather Donahue From the movie The Blair Witch Project
1999-08-10 Cast of Detroit Rock City
1999-08-12 Wes Borland From the band Limp Bizkit. Hosted by Dr. Drew & Riki Rachtman
1999-08-15 Sevendust
1999-08-16 Unwritten Law
1999-08-18 Cypress Hill
1999-08-24 Dido
1999-08-25 Dr. Bruce Bekkar
1999-08-29 Shawn Hatosy & Amy Smart
1999-09-01 Marissa Ribisi
1999-09-02 Kim Coles
1999-09-05 Best of Loveline
1999-09-06 Bill Bellamy
1999-09-07 Lindsay Price
1999-09-12 No guest
1999-09-13 Elaine Hendrix
1999-09-14 Kim Coles
1999-09-14 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla, no guest
1999-09-15 Shanna Moakler From the TV show Pacific Blue
1999-09-16 Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla. No guest, Eminem canceled.
1999-09-20 Annabeth Gish From the movie Double Jeopardy
1999-09-21 Eminem Promoting his album The Slim Shady LP
1999-09-22 Powerman 5000 Hosted by Dr. Drew
1999-09-23 Elaine Hendrix Lit was scheduled
1999-09-24 Bill Bellamy
1999-09-26 Kathleen Robertson & Johnathon Schaech
1999-09-27 Topher Grace From the TV show That '70s Show
1999-09-28 Meshell Ndegeocello
1999-09-29 Randy Spelling Hosted by Dr. Marcel & Adam Carolla
1999-09-30 Call from Frank the "Mason Jar" caller. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla, no guest
1999-10-04 Beverly Peele
1999-10-05 Kellie Martin From the TV show ER
1999-10-06 Shawn Hatosy & Amy Smart From the movie Outside Providence
1999-10-07 No guest
1999-10-10 No guest
1999-10-11 Jake Busey
1999-10-12 Cress Williams From the TV show ER
1999-10-13 Ice-T
1999-10-14 Blink-182
1999-10-17 No guest
1999-10-18 Save Ferris
1999-10-19 John Popper From the band Blues Traveler
1999-10-20 Meredith Brooks
1999-10-21 Ron Livingston & Emily Procter From the movie Body Shots
1999-10-24 Columbine students
1999-10-25 Rob Zombie
1999-10-26 Adam Goldberg
1999-10-28 Best of Loveline
1999-10-31 No guest
1999-11-01 Jimmie's Chicken Shack
1999-11-03 Cast of Being John Malkovich David Arquette shows up in the studio unannounced after Adam calls him crazy.
1999-11-04 Melissa De Sousa
1999-11-07 Donny Osmond
1999-11-08 Dave Navarro
1999-11-09 Our Lady Peace
1999-11-10 Bruno Campos
1999-11-11 Robert Schimmel
1999-11-16 Thomas Flowers & Doug Eldridge From the band Oleander
1999-11-21 Tommy Lee From the band Methods of Mayhem
1999-11-22 Handsome Boy Modeling School
1999-11-23 No guest
1999-11-28 Monty Messex From the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Hosted by Dr. Bruce & Adam Carolla
1999-11-29 Evan Handler From the TV show It's Like, You Know...
1999-11-30 System of a Down
1999-12-02 Goldfinger
1999-12-06 Art Alexakis From the band Everclear
1999-12-07 Felice Newman
1999-12-08 Robert Schimmel
1999-12-09 Richard Ruccolo
1999-12-12 Tonic
1999-12-13 Pauly Shore
1999-12-14 Natalie Raitano
1999-12-15 Nick Hexum From the band 311
1999-12-16 Cypress Hill
1999-12-18 Violent Femmes
1999-12-19 Amanda Foreman From the TV show Felicity
1999-12-20 Best of Loveline
1999-12-21 Best of Loveline
1999-12-21 No guest, John from System of a Down calls in
1999-12-22 Best of Loveline
1999-12-23 Best of Loveline
1999-12-27 Andy Dick and the Bitches of the Century
1999-12-28 Kobe Tai
1999-12-30 Susan Pinsky Lightning Round


  1. ^ Pennywise Guitarist Holds "Loveline" Hosts Hostage In Drunken Fit

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