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Illinois House of Representatives elections, 2010


Illinois House of Representatives elections, 2010

Illinois House of Representatives elections, 2010

November 2, 2010 (2010-11-02)

All 118 seats in the Illinois House of Representatives
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Michael Madigan Tom Cross
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat 22nd-Chicago 84th-Oswego
Last election 70 48
Seats won 64 54
Seat change Decrease 6 Increase 6
Popular vote 1,739,241 1,649,274
Percentage 50.62% 48.01%
Swing Decrease7.40% Increase7.41%

Speaker before election

Michael Madigan


Michael Madigan

The 2010 Elections for the Illinois House of Representatives was conducted on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. The 2010 primary election was conducted on Tuesday, February 2, 2010. State Representatives are elected for two-year terms, with the entire House of Representatives up for a vote every two years.


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  • General election 2
  • Notable races 3
    • District 54 3.1
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Illinois State House Elections, 2010
Party Votes Percentage Seats
Democratic 1,739,241 50.62% 70 64 -6
Republican 1,649,274 48.01% 48 54 +6
Green 31,974 0.93% 0 0 0
Independent 15,057 0.44% 0 0 0
Totals 3,435,546 100.00% 118 118

General election

District Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
1 Democratic Susana Mendoza

Democratic Susana Mendoza
2 Democratic Edward Acevedo

Democratic Edward Acevedo
3 Democratic Luis Arroyo

Democratic Luis Arroyo
4 Democratic Cynthia Soto

Democratic Cynthia Soto
5 Democratic Kenneth Dunkin

Democratic Kenneth Dunkin
6 Democratic Esther Golar

Democratic Esther Golar
7 Democratic Karen Yarbrough

Democratic Karen Yarbrough
8 Democratic LaShawn Ford

Democratic LaShawn Ford
9 Democratic Arthur Turner

Democratic Arthur Turner
10 Democratic Annazette Collins

Democratic Annazette Collins
11 Democratic John Fritchey retired

Democratic Ann M. Williams
Republican Scott Tucker
12 Democratic Sara Feigenholtz

Democratic Sara Feigenholtz
Republican Dave Lenkowski
13 Democratic Greg Harris

Democratic Greg Harris
14 Democratic Harry Osterman

Democratic Harry Osterman
15 Democratic John D'Amico

Democratic John D'Amico
16 Democratic Lou Lang

Democratic Lou Lang
17 Republican Elizabeth Coulson retired

Republican Hamilton Chang
Democratic Daniel Biss
18 Democratic Julie Hamos retired

Democratic Robyn Gabel
19 Democratic Joseph M. Lyons

Democratic Joseph M. Lyons
Republican David J. Anderson
20 Republican Michael P. McAuliffe

Republican Michael P. McAuliffe
21 Democratic Michael J. Zalewski

Democratic Michael J. Zalewski
22 Democratic Mike Madigan

Democratic Mike Madigan
Republican Patrick John Ryan
23 Democratic Daniel J. Burke

Democratic Daniel J. Burke
24 Democratic Elizabeth Hernandez

Democratic Elizabeth Hernandez
25 Democratic Barbara Flynn Currie

Democratic Barbara Flynn Currie
26 Democratic William D. Burns

Democratic William D. Burns
Republican Sylvester 'Junebug' Hendricks
27 Democratic Monique D. Davis

Democratic Monique D. Davis
28 Democratic Robert Rita

Democratic Robert Rita
29 Democratic David E. Miller Running for State Comptroller

Democratic Thaddeus Jones
Green Kenneth "Kenny" Williams
30 Democratic William Davis

Democratic William Davis
31 Democratic Mary E. Flowers

Democratic Mary E. Flowers
32 Democratic André Thapedi

Democratic André Thapedi
33 Democratic Marlow H. Colvin

Democratic Marlow H. Colvin
34 Democratic Constance A. Howard

Democratic Constance A. Howard
35 Democratic Kevin Joyce

Democratic Kevin Joyce
Republican Barbara Ruth Bellar
36 Democratic Michael J. Carberry

Democratic Kelly M. Burke
Republican Richard L. Grabowski
37 Democratic Kevin A. McCarthy

Democratic Kevin A. McCarthy
Republican Jeffrey L. Junkas
38 Democratic Al Riley

Democratic Al Riley
39 Democratic Maria Antonia Berrios

Democratic Maria Antonia Berrios
Green Jeremy Karpen
40 Democratic Deborah Mell

Democratic Deborah Mell
41 Republican Bob Biggins retired

Republican Chris Nybo
Democratic Brian J. Stephenson
42 Republican Sandra M. Pihos

Republican Sandra M. Pihos
Democratic Kathryn F. Vlahos
43 Democratic Keith Farnham

Democratic Keith Farnham
Republican Ruth Munson
44 Democratic Fred Crespo

Democratic Fred Crespo
Republican Billie D. Roth
45 Republican Franco Coladipietro

Republican Franco Coladipietro
Democratic Jim Hagerty
46 Republican Dennis Reboletti

Republican Dennis Reboletti
Democratic Deborah O'Keefe Conroy
47 Republican Patricia R. Bellock

Republican Patricia R. Bellock
Green Bob Mueller
Democratic Jim Speta
48 Republican Michael Connelly

Republican Michael Connelly
Democratic Barbara Green
49 Republican Timothy L. Schmitz

Republican Timothy L. Schmitz
Democratic Jennifer Barconi
50 Republican Kay Hatcher

Republican Kay Hatcher
Democratic Linda Healy
51 Republican Ed Sullivan, Jr.

Republican Ed Sullivan, Jr.
Democratic Steve Riess
52 Republican Mark H. Beaubien, Jr.

Republican Mark H. Beaubien, Jr.
53 Republican Sidney Mathias

Republican Sidney Mathias
Democratic Linda Birnbaum
54 Republican Suzanne Bassi lost in primary

Republican Tom Morrison
Democratic Matt Flamm
55 Republican Randy Ramey, Jr.

Republican Randy Ramey, Jr.
Democratic Gregory Brownfield
56 Democratic Paul D. Froehlich retired

Democratic Michelle Mussman
Republican Ryan Higgins
57 Democratic Elaine Nekritz

Democratic Elaine Nekritz
Republican Richard Hamen
58 Democratic Karen May

Democratic Karen May
Republican Lauren Turelli
59 Democratic Carol Sente

Democratic Carol Sente
Republican Dan Sugue
60 Democratic Eddie Washington died June 4, 2010

Democratic Rita Mayfield
61 Republican JoAnn D. Osmond

Republican JoAnn D. Osmond
Democratic Scott D. Pollock
62 Republican Sandy Cole

Republican Sandy Cole
Democratic Rich Voltair
63 Democratic Jack D. Franks

Democratic Jack D. Franks
Republican John O'Neill
64 Republican Michael Tryon

Republican Michael W. Tryon
Democratic Robert Kaempfe
65 Republican Rosemary Mulligan

Republican Rosemary Mulligan
Democratic Wendy Gruen
66 Democratic Mark L. Walker

Democratic Mark L. Walker
Republican David Harris
67 Democratic Charles E. Jefferson

Democratic Charles E. Jefferson
Republican Robert E. Brokish, Jr.
68 Republican Dave Winters

Republican Dave Winters
Democratic Marla Jean Wilson
Green Gerry Woods
69 Republican Ronald A. Wait xx

Republican Joe Sosnowski
Democratic Ray Pendzinski
Green Dan Lindsey
70 Republican Robert W. Pritchard

Republican Robert W. Pritchard
71 Democratic Mike Boland xx

Democratic Dennis Ahern
Republican Richard Morthland
72 Democratic Patrick J. Verschoore

Democratic Patrick J. Verschoore
Republican Mark Lioen
73 Republican David R. Leitch

Republican David R. Leitch
74 Republican Donald L. Moffitt

Republican Donald L. Moffitt
Democratic Elizabeth Double
75 Democratic Careen M. Gordon

Democratic Careen M. Gordon
Republican Sue Rezin
76 Democratic Frank J. Mautino

Democratic Frank J. Mautino
77 Republican Angelo Saviano

Republican Angelo Saviano
78 Democratic Deborah L. Graham

Democratic Camille Lilly
79 Democratic Lisa M. Dugan

Democratic Lisa M. Dugan
Republican Nick Been
Green George Ochsenfeld
80 Democratic Anthony DeLuca

Democratic Anthony DeLuca
81 Republican Renee Kosel

Democratic John G. Unhoch
Republican Renee Kosel
82 Republican Jim Durkin

Republican Jim Durkin
Democratic Matthew T. Mostowik
83 Democratic Linda Chapa LaVia

Democratic Linda Chapa LaVia
84 Republican Tom Cross

Republican Tom Cross
Democratic Dennis Grosskopf
85 Democratic Emily McAsey

Democratic Emily McAsey
Republican Maripat Oliver
86 Democratic Jack McGuire

Democratic Jack McGuire
Republican Ryan Eggert
87 Republican Bill Mitchell

Republican Bill Mitchell
Democratic George H. Wissmiller
88 Republican Dan Brady

Republican Dan Brady
89 Republican Jim Sacia

Republican Jim Sacia
Democratic Victoria F. Grizzoffi
90 Republican Jerry L. Mitchell

Republican Jerry L. Mitchell
Democratic Kenneth J. Novak
91 Democratic Michael K. Smith

Democratic Michael K. Smith
Republican Michael D. Unes
92 Democratic Jehan Gordon

Democratic Jehan Gordon
Republican Jim Montelongo
93 Republican Jil Tracy

Republican Jil Tracy
94 Republican Richard P. Myers

Republican Richard P. Myers
Democratic Earl W. Godt II
95 Republican Mike Fortner

Republican Mike Fortner
Democratic Maria Owens
96 Republican Darlene Senger

Republican Darlene Senger
Democratic Dawn DeSart
97 Republican Jim Watson

Republican Jim Watson
98 Democratic Betsy Hannig xx

Democratic Charles Landers
Republican Wayne Arthur Rosenthal
99 Republican Raymond Poe

Republican Raymond Poe
Democratic Kent E. DeLay
100 Republican Rich Brauer

Republican Rich Brauer
101 Democratic Robert F. Flider

Democratic Robert F. Flider
Republican Adam M. Brown
Republican Mark Scranton (withdrawn)
102 Republican Ron Stephens

Republican Ron Stephens
Independent Deena Dailey
103 Democratic Naomi Jakobsson

Democratic Naomi Jakobsson
Republican Norman E. Davis
104 Republican William B. Black xx

Republican Chad D. Hays
Democratic Michael Puhr
105 Republican Shane Cultra

Republican Shane Cultra
Green Vince LaMie
106 Republican Keith P. Sommer

Republican Keith P. Sommer
107 Republican John Cavaletto

Republican John Cavaletto
Democratic Joshua Qualls
108 Republican David Reis

Republican David Reis
109 Republican Roger L. Eddy

Republican Roger L. Eddy
Democratic Tim Cyr
110 Republican Chapin Rose

Republican Chapin Rose
Democratic Dennis Malak
111 Democratic Daniel V. Beiser

Democratic Daniel V. Beiser
112 Democratic Jay C. Hoffman

Democratic Jay C. Hoffman
Republican Dwight D. Kay
113 Democratic Thomas Holbrook

Democratic Thomas Holbrook
Republican Joseph F. Avellone
114 Democratic Eddie Lee Jackson

Democratic Eddie Lee Jackson
115 Republican Mike Bost

Republican Mike Bost
Green Charlie Howe
116 Democratic Dan Reitz

Democratic Dan Reitz
Republican Glenn C. Farley
117 Democratic John E. Bradley

Democratic John E. Bradley
118 Democratic Brandon W. Phelps

Democratic Brandon W. Phelps

Notable races

District 54

Long-time Republican incumbent Suzanne Bassi, a moderate, lost in the primary to conservative Tom Morrison (campaign site, PVS), co-owner of a Servpro franchise with his brother, in a surprising upset. Morrison is facing Democratic nominee Matt Flamm (campaign site, PVS), senior partner in a business and real estate law practice in Chicago.[1][2] The Pioneer Press endorsed Flamm on October 14, 2010.[3]

The 54th District includes portions of Palatine, Barrington, Barrington Hills, Inverness, Hoffman Estates and Rolling Meadows.

  • Daily Herald candidate questionnaire
  • Campaign contributions at National Institute for Money in State Politics: Suzanne Bassi, Matt Flamm, Tom Morrison

See also


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  3. ^ Endorsement: Flamm for 54th, editorial, Pioneer Press, October 14, 2010
  • General Election 2010: Offices and Candidates from the Illinois State Board of Elections

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  • Illinois State Board of Elections
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