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Adabel Guerrero


Adabel Guerrero

Adabel Guerrero
In 2009
Born (1978-07-18) July 18, 1978
La Plata, Argentina
Known for Dance & choreography
Movement Ballet & pole dance
Revue & musical comedy
Fashion, glamour & bikini
Ballads & accapellas
Spouse(s) Martín Lamela
Awards Concert Award 2011 - Outstanding Vedette

Adabel Anahí Guerrero Melachenko (Spanish pronunciation: ; born July 18, 1978), better known simply as Adabel Guerrero, is an Argentine professional theater and burlesque dancer, actress, and supervedette, who has also dabbled as a model and as a singer in several of her television, magazine and theater appearances. Guerrero has worked as a television co-hostess and panelist, currently a panelist on "El Chimentero 3.0".

Guerrero has participated in multiple seasons of the Argentine version of Dancing with the Stars, Bailando por un Sueño, competing together with professional dancers Martín Whitecamp, Joel Ledesma, Reynaldo Ojeda and many others.[1] As well as many spin-offs of the show.



Adabel Guerrero began her career in dance school in the city of Reina Reech discovered Adabel in a casting for Miguel Ángel Cherutti and Carmen Barbieri's magazine "Irresistible", and she was called to be one of the figures of the show, where she showed her skills as a vedette, singing and dancing.


Year(s) Musical Show Notes
Cinderella Fairy godmother

Singer & Dancer - Ballerina

Ballet del Teatro Argentino Dancer - Ballerina

Seven years in the cast

2004 Buenos Aires al rojo vivo Dancer
2005 El humor no tiene trabas Actress
2006 Pasajeros de la risa Actress
2007 Irresistible, otra historia de humor Outstanding Singer & Vedette after 1st Vedette Valeria Archimaut

1st Dancer alongside Sabrina Ravelli

2008 El Fantasma de Canterville Actress - Dancer
2008 Incomparable, el humor continua Outstanding Dancer - Ballerina & Half Vedette

3rd Vedette

2008–2009 La fiesta está en el lago Co-Lead Vedette alongside Mónica Farro & Valeria Archimó
2009 Doña flor y sus dos maridos[2] Replacement for 1st Actress - Dancer - Singer
2010 Primera dama se busca 2nd Actress
2010 Carnaval de estrellas 1st Vedette replacement covering Jésica Cirio

Joined party in June 2010
Music hall debuted December 18, 2009, re-debuted March 26, 2010

2010 Glamoreé 4 Guest performer
2010–2012 Excitante 1st Vedette followed by Jésica Cirio

Lead Acrobat-Dancer - Prima Ballerina & Singer

2011 Cruz-Aquadance: espacio One night two-men one-woman zumanity show alongside Flavio Mendoza & Adrián Kiss[3]
2011 La Revista de Buenos Aires One week replacement for 1st Vedette

Covering Valeria Archimó

2011 América 20Diez, La Revista Guest performer
2012 Hasta la Re-vista, Baby! Lead Supervedette
Mini-Revue dance musical
Lead Star Dancer
2012 El diluvio que viene 1st Actress - Dancer - Singer
2012–Present Stravaganza: Estados del Tiempo 2012-13: Lead Supervedette accompanied by Flavio Mendoza, followed by Belén Pouchán

2014–Present: Lead Supervedette, followed by Belén Pouchán, André Minkus and Federico Molinari
Lead Acrobat-Dancer

2014-Present Señor Tango Star Dancer


Year Song Notes Producer Director
2009 Una Mañana de Verano With Diego Perci Luciana Elbusto Javier Cantero
2011 Bam Bam With Banda XXI

Taped in September 3


In 2008 Guerrero modeled for Maxim in Argentina for the March and July cover.[4] She again modeled for Maxim in 2009 for the January cover.[5] In July 2008 she modeled for Paparazzi alongside Valeria Archimó in an erotic photo shoot.[6] In 2009 Adabel Anahí Guerrero modeled as the Feyvi girl of that year, turning her into a sex symbol.[7] In 2010 Guerrero modeled for both Paparazzi in an erotic photo shoot and for Playboy for the cover of March in the Argentine edition.[8][9][10]

Again in 2011 the dancer-actress modeled for the Argentine celebrity-gossip magazine Paparazzi in three separate erotic photo shoots.[11][12][13] And in 2012 she modeled a sixth time for the same magazine in a bikini exclusive photo shoot.[14] She then modeled in July 2011 for the Argentine man magazine "H"ombre in a highly erotic photo shoot.[15] That same year on November Guerrero created a portfolio of her named "Dulce Rock"[16](Sweet Rock), photos taken by Aníbal Pérez and clothing by Marta Trobbiani and Gisela Sabino. She also modeled for the magazine Caras in a tribute to 20th century supervedette, Nélida Roca.[17] She has also modeled in tribute to Madonna.[18]

Guerrero was the face of both the TOUT 2011 bikini and fitness collection and the Noelia Vardaro 2012 bikini collection.[19][20][21] As well as the star model for Daniel Vega alongside Andréa Estévez (circa 2009).[22]

Since October 2014, Guerrero is the face of "Adrenalina" by Image Joyas.[23]

2007-2012: Theatre and dance


In 2007 she was called to perform in Barbieri & Cherruti's musical sequel "Irresistible, Otra Historia de Humor" where she would star alongside Miguel Angel Cherutti, Carmen Barbieri, Rodrigo Rodríguez, Alacrán, Sabrina Ravelli & Valeria Archimaut under the artistic and creative direction of Reina Reech. With the book of Sergio Marcos & Martín Guerra and the main producers & directors been Miguel Ángel Cherutti & Aldo Aresi. She would star as a vedette and dancer alongside Valeria Archimó and a great body of professional dancers Sabrina Ravelli(Lead Dancer), Ariel Pastocchi, Pablo Lena, Agustín Maccagno, Cristian Ponce, Natalia Perea, Dominique Pestaña, Yamila Ramírez & Emilia Chaya. She also sang in the show.[24]

Guerrero(Third left) in La Fiesta Está en el Lago - Finally.

In 2008 she was called for "Incomparable", the new proposal of Miguel Angel and Carmen Barbieri Cherutti a show that would star, Miguel Ángel Cherutti y Carmen Barbieri, Celina Rucci, Rodrigo Rodríguez, Diego Reinhold, Adabel Guerrero and Vanina Escudero. During the 2008-2009 theater season, she formed part of the staff of Gerardo Sofovich in his magazine "La Fiesta Está en el Lago/The party is in the Lake" where the show was led by Florencia De La V and followed by Adabel as outstanding vedette next to Valeria Archimó and Mónica Farro.[25] The magazine also stars el Negro Álvarez.[26] In 2009 she starred in the comedy "Doña Flor y sus Dos Maridos" in Buenos Aires with Norma Pons[27] Later during the summer season of 2009-2010 in Mar del Plata she co-starred in the comedy "Primera dama se busca" with Nito Artaza, Fabian Gianola and María Eugenia Ritó.[28]

In March 2010 Guerrero replaced Jésica Cirio as the first vedette of the music hall, "Carnaval de Etrellas", with Estela Raval, Raúl Lavié, Flavio Mendoza and many other figures.


She was the lead vedette of the theatre show "Excitante" composed of important personalities from the art.[29]

She was featured alongside Argentine acrobat-dancers Cinthia Fernández, Estefanía Bacca and Flavio Mendoza who was also the head choreographer of the show, model and dancer Jésica Cirio, model and lawyer Alejandra Maglietti and Uruguayan professional dancer-actress Virginia Dobrich.


The magazine debuted in December 2 in the theatre of Mar del Plata. The producer was Daniel Comba and the show was led and presented by Miguel Angel Cherutti & Nito Artaza. Other cast members where Luciana Salazar, Estela Raval, Bicho Gómez & Campi.

The musical has finished they're fourth and last musical cycle.[31] The show was formed by Adabel Guerrero, Jésica Cirio, Cinthia Fernández, Alejandra Maglietti, Estefanía Bacca & Virginia Dobrich as well as Carmen Flores, Miguel Angel Cherutti and Nito Artaza also Marcos “Bicho” Gómez, Estela Raval with los 5 Latinos and Ádrian Kiss, the shows lead male dancer and acrobat.

2012-present: New Ground Projects

Recording Music

In January 5, 2012, Guerrero commented on the show "7 en 1" presented by Daniel Ambrosino and Cora de Barbieri that she is working on a singing career.[32] On November 3, 2011 Guerrero taped a video with the band Banda XXI of her dancing to their song "Bam Bam".[33] On February 2013 she has commented that she is still taking singing clases as well as theater and is working on creating her band and tour:[34]

"Singing is what gives me more pleasure, even more than dance. It's a dream to fulfill. For now I put it in the musical comedy, but someday I'd like to put together a band and tour."[35]

Cantando 2012

She was recently participating in Cantando por un sueño 2012. She is partnered up with Nicolas martinelli and is coached by Rodrigo Segura.[36] Guerrero and the show debuted on April 13, live in channel El Trece. She was eliminated in the eight round to the boxer, La Mole Moli.

Round # Song Judges' score Result Notes
Galán J. Galán L. Mediavilla Polino Lynch
1 "Tan Sólo Tú" 9 8 6 5 8 Safe Fourth highest score
Opening act
2 "Vivir lo nuestro" 8 8 8 3 8 Safe Fourth highest score
3 "Looking for Paradise" 6 7 6 3 6 Saved Bottom 3
4 "Por Amarte Así" - Saved Elimination round
5 "Ven Conmigo" - Saved Elimination round
6 "Vivir sin aire" - Saved Elimination round
7 "Amor a la mexicana" none 8 7 10 8 Safe Highest score
8 "No me ames" 7 7 6 4 7 Eliminated Sent to the public vote
Second lowest score
  • Saved by the public: Fabio "La Mole" Moli (56,96%)
  • Eliminated: Adabel Guerrero (43,04%)
  • ^[1] During these rounds, all the couples sang in a duel. (Round 4)The judges did not score the performances, instead, they saved 12 couples, and the other 3 went to the public vote. 2 Couples where eliminated. (Round 5)The judges did not score the performances, instead, they saved 11 couples, and the other 2 went to the public vote ending with one of them being eliminated.(Round 6)The judges did not score the performances, instead, they saved 10 couples, and the other 2 went to the public vote ending with one of them being eliminated.

Theatre 2012-Present

In April 26, Guerrero was asked by Beto César, ex-husband of Carmen Barbieri as well as one of her musical producers if she would act in Barbieri's and Casán's new musical revue show, Escándalosas. She has not signed to perform. Guerrero was the lead supervedette of the theater magazine, Hasta la Re-vista, Baby![37] alongside magician El Mago Zaul, actor-comedian Marcelo Barbosa, 1st vedette Maira Barrionuevo, 2nd vedette Brenda Ríos, Humor en 3D(a comedy trio), vedette China Moor, and a hugh cast of dancers, actors, acrobats, comedians and musicians. The revue debuted on October 25 in the city of Rosario.[38][39][40]

El diluvio que viene

In September 19, Guerrero debuted as Consuelo(the lead role), in the re-adaptation of the Italian musical comedy, [42] The musical comedy is produced and directed by Laura Fidalgo, Juan Durán, Chino Carreras, Gabriel Giangrante, Martín Bianchedi, Rubén Cuello, Pepe Cibrián and Angel Maler, created by Pietro Garinei & Sandro Giovannini.[43]


Guerrero, after auditioning and long planning with Flavio Mendoza, was called to star in the second version of Stravaganza as its star leading supervedette.[44][45] It has been confirmed that the supervedette has accepted to lead the second cycle of the largest theatre musical of 2011 and 2012, Stravaganza.[46][47][48] The musical is a mix of classical Argentine revue and Cirque du Soleil like cirques performances. It's meanly produced and directed by Mendoza, Ariel Diwan and Romina Propato, who is also the main choreographer. She leads the show alongside Argentine Olympic gymnastic, Federico Molinari, theater producer, director, coreographer, acrobat, dancer and creator of the musicals, Flavio Mendoza, acrobat gymnastic and acro-dancer, Belén Pouchán, singers Luciano Bassi and Yanina Giunta, clown-acrobat Bruno Pedro and a comedy group, "Lo Lumvrise" among others, a total of 49 artist on stage.[49] The cirques revue's Water in Art (Facundo Mazzei, Cinthia Fernández, Noelia Pompa) version re-debuted on October 31, 2012 in Buenos Aires and the Estados del Tiempo (Flavio Mendoza, Adabel Guerrero, Federico Molinari) version was to debut on the 21st of December in Villa Carlos Paz, theatre "Luxor". The musical has been moved from the 21st to the 25th of December being that production was not done and Maximiliano Morales Bravo, a 19-year-old acrobat-dancer of the musical was staved on the 21st (survived and was released from the hospital on December 25).[50][51][52] It's planned to have a long lasting international tour, being that the idea was based in New York.[53] The shows debut was the highest seen theater show debut of the season in Villa Carlos Paz[54] and gained highly positive comments from its viewers:

"Spectacular scenography. Really overcomes in all respects to all the shows I've seen in my life. The costumes, the cast all flawless. - Great, Adabel a genius, far the best of all. Also came last year (Stravaganza: Water in Art) and Flavio has really succeeded. - We always follow him, Flavio is amazing. The best artist that the villa has this summer. Last year was incredible and now it's just amazing. Do not miss it, great costumes, the scenery, everything spotless."[55]

As of January 14 of 2013, "Stravaganza" has sold the most tickets in Villa Carlos Paz with over 14.100 sells, doble the best ticket selling in Mar del Plata.[56] As of February, 2013, the music hall-cirques has past the sell of 100.000 tickets and is planning on performing until the end of March, later to debut in the Broadway theatre in mid-2013.[34][57]

On January 4, 2014 Stravaganza re-debuted in "Teatro Broadway" of Buenos Aires Province with Adabel Guerrero now leading the show, Belén Pouchán, Spanish dancer André Minkus replacing Flavio Mendoza, and Federico Molinari as the stars of the show along with more than 50 artist on stage.[58][59][60]

Señor Tango

Guerrero is currently one of the star tango dancers of the classical Argentine tango show, Señor Tango alongside its creator Fernando Soler and Uruguayan dancer, actress and model, Andrea Ghidone since mid-2014.[61][62]

TV hosting

In 2012, Guerrero was co-hosting as panelist on the resuming gossip show, La Previa Del Show, alongside lead host, Teto Medína.[63] Guerrero later returned to the cable with Medína to host a gossip show for 2013, "El Chimentero 3.0".[64] Following the next year she continued working as a panelist on the show.[65] Guerrero is currently on license from her job on the show since October 31 and may not return for 2015.[66]

Dance School

In a photoshoot interview for Adabel commented that "...[she is] opening [a] dance school on March 15 in Castelar, [Adabel] will give seminars and [has] another project but [she] will not say anything ... ".[65]


Adabel has participated in two seasons of Bailando por un Sueño as an official contestant, and in two more as a replacement. She has also participated as an official contestant in El Musical de tus Sueños, an alternate version of Bailando. She did a replacement in 2007, in the first season of Patinando por un Sueño (the Argentine version of Skating with the Stars). She later participated in the second season as an official contestant.[67] She also participated as a guest celebrity for a special trio round.

Patinando por un Sueño 2007

Guerrero replaced Natalia Fava during four rounds of the competition, skating with professional partner Gastón Passini. She also replaced Valeria Archimó in the thirteenth round, with professional partner Daniel Cejas.

Round # Dance/Song Judges' score Result
Ubfal Polino Reech De La V
4 Salsa/ "Sobreviviré" 10 10 10 10 Safe
5 Latin Romantic/ "Ayer" 10 10 9 9 Safe
6 1980's/ "Can't Fight This Feeling" 10 9 9 9 Safe
7 Latin pop/ "El Problema" 10 9 9 9 Safe
13 Divas/ "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" 7 6 7 7 Saved

Patinando por un Sueño 2008

In 2008, and at the same time she was a contestant in Bailando por un Sueño 2008, Adabel participated in the second season of Patinando por un Sueño with professional figure skater Javier Anzil. She reached the top 8(Out of 19 contestans) later being eliminated a double elimination by the 27,58% of the public vote losing against model Rocío Marengo and figure skater Andrés Ciacia who reached the 54.40% of the votes. The other eliminated was model and dancer Andrea Estévez with the 18.10% of the votes.

Round # Dance/Song Judges' score Result
Ubfal Polino Reech De La V
1 Music from Movies/ "My Heart Will Go On" 7 6 8 8 Safe
2 Adagio/ "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" 9 9 9 9 Safe
3 Disco/ "Last Dance" 9 8 9 9 Safe
4 Reggaeton/ "La vecinita" 9 5 10 10 Safe
5 Cumbia/ "Esa malvada" 10 10 10 10 Safe
6 Rock n roll/ "Tutti Frutti" 9 8 8 8 Safe
7 Club Music/ "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" 9 8 9 9 Safe
7 Axé/ "Dança da Garrafa" 10 8 10 10 Safe
8 Hip hop/ "Pump It" 8 7 9 8 Saved
9 Halloween/ "Smooth Criminal" 10 9 8 9 Safe
10 Cuarteto/ "Soy cordobés" 8 8 7 7 Eliminated

Bailando por un Sueño 2008

In 2008, Guerrero entered into the competition in the second round, replacing former porn star Ilona "Cicciolina" Staller, and dancing with professional dance partner and model Joel Ledesma. Guerrero was eliminated in the twenty-second round by the 43.60% against the 57.40% obtained by Evangelina Anderson. Adabel got the opportunity to re-enter into the competition in the twenty-fourth round, after dancing in a special edition, and being picked by the judges. She was eliminated again in the thirty-second round, by the 14.20%, two rounds by the semi-final (sixth place).[68]

She was bested by Valeria Archimó who reached the semi-finals (third place tide with María Fernanda Callejón), yet she past Mónica Farro by two rounds.

Round # Dance/Song Judges' score Result
Barbieri Lafauci Casán Sofovich
2 Salsa/ "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" 9 4 9 10 Safe
3 Rock and roll/ "Good Golly Miss Molly" 9 5 8 8 Safe
4 Cumbia/ "Porque Te Amo" 10 5 9 10 Safe
5 Axé/ "Tesouro de Pirata" 10 5 9 9 Safe
6 Hip-hop/ "SexyBack" 10 6 9 8 Safe
7 Cha-cha-cha/ "Menta y Canela" 8 5 8 7 Safe
8 Adagio/ "When a Man Loves a Woman" 8 4 8 8 Safe
9 Lambada/ "Lamba Caribe" 10 5 8 8 Safe
10 Reggaeton/ "El Empuje" 9 5 8 8 Safe
11 Latin pop/ "Salomé" 10 7 9 10 Safe
12 Music videos/ "Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú)" 10 6 8 9 Safe
13 Cuarteto/ "Entre La Noche y El Día" 8 4 8 8 Saved
14 Pole dance/ "Everybody Get Up" 10 7 10 10 Safe
15 Beat music/ "La Chica de la Boutique" 10 7 10 10 Safe
16 Arabic music/ "Molfet Lel Nazar" 10 7 10 10 Safe
17 Latin adagio/ "Me Va A Extrañar" 10 7 10 10 Safe
18 Jive/ "I Love You 'Cause I Want To" 8 5 8 8 Safe
19 Strip dance/ "Kiss" 9 5 8 9 Safe
20 Argentine rock/ "Demoliendo Hoteles" 10 6 10 10 Safe
21 Aero dance/ "Amor a la Mexicana (Fiesta Latina Club Mix)" 9 5 8 9 Safe
22 Merengue/ "El Baile del Perrito" 8 5 8 8 Eliminated
Re-Entry Cuarteto/ "El agite" - Re-Entered
24 Jazz/ "I Get a Kick out of You" 7 4 8 8 Safe
25 Country/ "Hot Rod Heart" 10 7 10 10 Safe
26 Divas/ "Jump" 8 5 9 8 Safe
27 Adagio from telenovelas/ "Mentira" 9 6 10 9 Safe
28 Aquadance/ "Ordinary World" 10 6 10 10 Safe
29 Dancing in the rain/ "Love Is in the Air" 9 5 8 9 Safe
30 Samba/ "La Tortura" 9 5 9 8 Safe
Dancing in the snow/ "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" 9 6 9 9
31 Pole dance/ "New Sensation" 9 6 10 8 Safe
Latin pop/ "Baila Baila" 7 4 7 9
32 Cha-cha-cha/ "Ríe y Llora" - Eliminated

El Musical de tus Sueños

In 2009 guerrero participated in El Musical de tus Sueños, an alternate argentinian season of Bailando por un Sueño, as the replacement of Wanda Nara in the re-entry before the fourteenth round. Guerrero was eliminated in 16th place by the 46.37% of the public votes.

Round # Dance/Song Judges' score Result
Alfano Pachano Reech Lynch
Re-Entry Pole dance/ "Always on the Run" - Re-Entered
14 Argentinian hits/ "Cómo Olvidarla" 10 8 10 10 Safe
15 Reggaeton/ "Abusadora" 9 8 10 10 Safe
16 Merengue/ "Suavemente" - Saved
17 Cumbia/ "Paisaje" - Eliminated

Bailando 2010

In the sixth season she replaced Sofía Zámolo during the eight round.[69]

Round # Dance/Song Judges' score Result
Alfano Fort Pachano Reech Barbieri
8 Cha-cha-cha/ "Para toda la vida" 10 10 5 10 9 Safe

Bailando 2011

Guerrero has participated in the seventh season of Bailando por un Sueño with professional dancer Martín Whitecamp.[1][70][71] She reached the top 8(Out of 30 contestans) later being eliminated in the phone bin by the 41.28% of the public vote losing to security guard, Héctor "Tito" Speranza and professional dancer, Nadia Hair.[72]

Round # Dance/Song Judges' score Result
Alfano Mendoza Casán Pachano Polino
1 Latin pop/ "Ave María" 10 9 10 9 10 Safe
2 Cha-Cha-Cha/ "Sway" 8 10 10 9 10 Safe
3 Adagio/ "Lady in Red" 9 5 7 6 5 Safe
4 Axé/ "Treme Terra" 9 9 10 7 6 Safe
5 Reggaeton/ "Pose" 10 10 10 8 6 Safe
6 Cumbia/ "Cumbia Apretadita" 8 8 10 4 3 Safe
7 Pole dance/ "Come Together" 8 10 7 8 10 Safe
8 Latin adagio/ "Tal Vez" 10 9 9 8 4 Safe
9 Cuarteto/ "Adicto a Ti" 8 9 9 6 4 Safe
10 Disco/ "Canned Heat" 10 9 10 7 7 Safe
11 Strip dance/ "Kiss" 10 9 8 6 5 Safe
12 Electro dance/ "Where Them Girls At" 10 9 10 5 3 Safe
13 Merengue/ "Muévelo" 10 10 10 7 5 Safe
14 Music videos/ "Judas" 8 10 8 7 7 Safe
15 Aquadance/ "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" 9 7 7 6 5 Saved
16 Arabic music/ "Isis" 10 8 7 5 4 Saved
17 Dancing in the rain/ "Hush Hush" 6 6 6 4 4 Saved
18 Adagio from telenovelas/ "Bésame la Boca" 10 10 9 6 5 Safe
19 Gilda & Rodrigo Tribute/ "Fuiste" 6 7 5 5 5 Eliminated

Bailando 2012

In the eight season she replaced Valeria Archimó during the fifth round.[73] From round 7 Valeria Archimó was permanently replaced by Adabel Guerrero and amputee salsa dancer, Reinaldo Ojeda. Yet in the 7th round she was replaced by actress-comedienne, Belén Francese because of some scheduling problems Guerrero was having.[74] As of round 10 there are only five judges not six, being that Antonio Gasalla quit. On October 30, Guerrero and Ojeda where eliminated with the 40.12% of the public votes, losing to model Verónica Perdomo and dancer Pablo Juin.

Round # Dance/Song Judges' score Result
Barbieri Mendoza Casán Pachano Gasalla Polino
5 Strip dance/ "Live and Let Die" 10 9 10 7 10 10 Safe
Fourth highest score
8 Aquadance/ "Fix You" 10 10 10 8 10 9 Safe
Third highest score
9 Videoclip/ "Firework" 10 8 8 5 8 6 Safe
Fourth highest score
10 Arabic music on the sand/ "El Leilah" 10 10 9 10 10 9 Safe
Second highest score
11 Electro dance/ "Hello" 4 6 4 2 - 1 Eliminated
Lowest score
  • Saved by the Public: Verónica Perdomo (59.88%)
  • Eliminated: Adabel Guerrero & Reinaldo Ojeda (40.12%)

Bailando 2014

On September 12 Guerrero made a special participation on the ninth season of ShowMatch's "Bailando por un Sueño" as a third dance partner for dancer-choreographer Mora Godoy and dancer Marcos Ayala.[75]

Round # Dance/Song Judges' score Result
11 Acrobatic Salsa in Trio/ "Sonora Carruseles" 9 8 9 9 Safe
Second Highest Score


When asked about her inspiration on dancing Guerrero responded:

"Julio Bocca, Maximiliano Guerra, Hernán Piquín ... They are the highest in Argentina, each with their own style. Maxi, more manly, more land, and Julio and Piquín more princely, more aerial. There is no first or second, they are different from each other.They have broken their souls to get to where they are now."

Guerrero also says that dance itself is her inspiration:

"To me, dancing transports me, its an absolute passion. Dancing is the best, its orgasmic."

Adabel has also said that singing has inspired her to keep on living when she did not want to. In 2010 for a magazine she put Nélida Roca as her biggest inspiration as a vedette while she was also making a tribute to her:

"I am not at the height of Nélida, but I wish to be so one day. She is my inspiration and this is a tribute from my desire to ever achieve that excellence. "[76]

Background and personal life

After Adabel and her brother Emiliano Cid Guerrero Melachenko(born July 18, 1975) were born her parents moved from La Plata to the United States of America. But when Adabel was just two years old, they separated. Her father continued his life in the north country and she, with her mother and brother Emiliano, returned to Buenos Aires.[77]

Her brother went to live in Mar del Plata and left her and her mother alone. After a difficult illness, Adabel's mother died three days before Adabel`s birthdate, leaving Guerrero alone in Buenos Aires.

In 2009 Adabel's father died, which got her to see the world in a more spiritual way.

Adabel has said that her mother taught her yoga and reading when 13 years of age and at the age of 7 she took her to her first dance lessons because Guerrero was always playing street soccer. Guerrero studied psychology as an alternative career future which was never finalized. Guerrero has commented that she will finish her studies when possible. She conformed on February 15, 2014 that she's currently finnishing her studies in psychology.[65]

Her brother Emiliando was attacking Guerrero in 2011 in the media talking about her "very dark" past and saying that people don't know the real Adabel Guerrero. He has many medical conditions and has gone in and out of prison and rehab.[78]

On the fifth of March 2014 she expressed to "Caras" her desire of having a child, preferring a girl. She also commented about her hobbies and preferences, making a family and relaxing at home, decorating her house, staying by the pool and enjoying nature with her husband.[79]

Guerrero is currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina with spouse Martín Lamela. Guerrero is the step-mother of Lamela's two sons. She is of Ukrainian (Rusyn), Spanish (Aragonese) and some Italian descent.

Public Image

"Do not depend on anyone, even your own shadow disappears in moments of darkness."

— Adabel Guerrero
Adabel Guerrero
Notable works Excitante
El diluvio que viene

Guerrero is known for her skills in pole dancing, ballet, salsa and some acrobatics, her tanned like pardo-colour skin, blue-green eyes, muscular figure, her quotes and high pitched voice.

Adabel is also a spiritual woman saying that her father's death made her see the world in a more spiritual way.

She has a known breast implant and vaginoplasty operation.

The star dancer is also a Prima ballerina and recently acted as one in the musical revue, Excitante apart from being the lead vedette. Guerrero is distinguished as the youngest and best supervedette of the 21st-century having the biggest artistic terrains dominated: dancing, acting, singing, modeling, hosting, instructing and all-round entertaining.[63] She is a known sex symbol and inspiration to younger artist like classical dancer, Magdalena Bravi and acrobat and actress, Belén Pouchán.

Guerrero is known for her work and many times compared to supervedette, dancer and choreographer, Valeria Archimó, supervedette, actress and model, Mónica Farro and even to the 20th-century showbiz diva, sex symbol and supervedette, Nélida Roca, said to be the new Roca.

Adabel Anahí's measurements in 2009 were: 92 cm - 58 cm - 90 cm; Guerrero is 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in) tall.[80]

Guerrero was voted as the best vedette of 2012 competing against 17 others vedettes like Jésica Cirio, Claudia Albertario, Andrea Ghidone, Mónica González de Listorti, Valeria Archimó and Mónica Farro, with the 25.00% of the public votes(2,611 votes, with a total of 10,393 votes).[81]

She was again awarded as the best vedette for 2013 with the 33.33% of the public votes(3,666 votes, with a total of 11,000 votes) competing against 12 other vedettes: Vanesa Carbone, Soledad Cescato, Cinthia Fernández, Rocío Guirao Díaz, Andrea Ghidone, Lorena Liggi, Celeste Muriega, Noelia Pompa, Andrea Rincón, Stefanía Xipolitakis and Victoria Xipolitakis.[82]


Year Award Category Work Result
2011 Concert Award Concert Award for Outstanding Vedette Excitante Won
2013 Premios Carlos Premio Villa Carlos Paz for Best Female Dancer Stravaganza: Estados del Tiempo Nominated
2013 Premios Carlos Premio Villa Carlos Paz for Best Vedette Stravaganza: Estados del Tiempo Won
2013 Concert Award Concert Award for Outstanding Vedette Stravaganza: Estados del Tiempo Won

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