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Jost Zetzsche

Jost Oliver Zetzsche (born in Hamburg, Germany) is a German–American translator, sinologist and writer who lives in Oregon.[1]


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Jost Zetzsche currently lives in Reedsport, Oregon with his wife, Kristen, and three children, Hannes, Lara, and Anna.

Zetzsche got his Master of Arts in Chinese Studies and German Linguistics, 1993, at the University of Hamburg (graduated with magna cum laude honors). Afterwards he earned a PhD in the field of Chinese history and linguistics from the same university in 1996. He spent his first years as a professional researching in the field of sinology.[1]

He joined the language industry in 1997. He has led localization projects in many major software, web, and documentation environments. In 1999, he co-founded International Writers' Group.[1]

He is an English-German translator, a consultant in the field of localization and translation, and a writer on technical solutions for the translation and localization industry. He speaks at conferences,[2][3][4] delivers lectures[5] and training courses[6] on TEnT (translation environment tools,[7] a term he coined[8] for computer-assisted translation tools).


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