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List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain (L–N)

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Title: List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain (L–N)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Battle of Britain, The Few
Collection: Aerial Operations and Battles of World War II, Aerial Warfare Strategy, Battle of Britain, Battles of World War II Involving the United Kingdom, Conflicts in 1940, History of the Royal Air Force During World War II, The Few
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain (L–N)

The following is a list of pilots and other aircrew who flew during the Battle of Britain, and were awarded the Battle of Britain Clasp[1] to the 1939–45 Star by flying at least one authorised operational sortie with an eligible unit of the Royal Air Force or Fleet Air Arm during the period from 0001 hours on 10 July to 2359 hours 31 October 1940.[2][3]


  • History 1
  • L 2
  • M 3
  • N 4
  • Notes on table 5
    • Abbreviations 5.1
    • Nationalities 5.2
    • Awards 5.3
  • See also 6
  • Notes 7
  • Bibliography 8


In 1942, the

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  1. ^ This was initially regarded as being from 8 August to 31 October 1940; however, the dates were later amended to also include those who lost their lives between 10 July and 7 August.
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See also

Award Title Notes
AE Air Efficiency Award Awarded for ten years' efficient service in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force
AFC Air Force Cross Awarded for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying, though not in active operations against the enemy".
CB Companion in The Order of the Bath Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
CDeG Croix de guerre A military decoration of both France and Belgium, also commonly bestowed to foreign military forces allied to France and Belgium.
CdeL Croix de la Libération A decoration of France awarded for very meritorious conduct with the Free French Forces during World War II.
CdeLd'H Croix de Légion d'honneur A decoration of France awarded for excellent civil or military conduct delivered, upon official investigation.
CdeLL Croix de L'Ordre de Leopold Awarded to Belgian nationals or some distinguished foreign persons who made very important contributions to the Belgian state or society.
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross Awarded to Royal Air Force commissioned officers and Warrant Officers for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".
DFC* Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar A bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC who received a second award.
DFC** Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar A second bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC and Bar who received a third award.
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal Awarded to military below commissioned rank, for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".
DSO Distinguished Service Order Awarded for meritorious or distinguished service by officers of the armed forces during wartime, typically in actual combat.
DSO* Distinguished Service Order and Bar A bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DSO who received a second award.
DSO** Distinguished Service Order and Two Bars A second bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DSO and Bar who received a third award.
GCB Knight Grand Cross of The Order of the Bath Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
KCVO Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order Awarded for personal service to the sovereign
KStJ Knight of the Order of Saint John
KZ Krzyz Zaslugi, Polish "Cross of Merit" Awarded for exemplary public service or humanitarian work that goes above and beyond the call of duty.
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
MC Military Cross Awarded for "an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land to all members, of any rank".
MM Military Medal Awarded for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire
OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire Awarded at the monarch's pleasure
OStJ Officer of the Order of Saint John
VC Victoria Cross Highest British military decoration, awarded for valour in the face of the enemy.
VM Virtuti Militari Highest Polish military award for courage in the face of the enemy.


AME American
AUS Australian
BEL Belgian
BR British
CAN Canadian
CZ Czechoslovakian
FR French
IRE Irish
NZ New Zealander
POL Polish
RHO Rhodesian
SA South African



Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, Ireland, Jamaica, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Poland, Rhodesia, South Africa and the United States.[93]
  • Ranks given are those held during the Battle of Britain, although a higher rank may have been achieved after the Battle.
  • All individuals listed in bold and highlighted in silver are believed to be still alive.
  • Aircrew listed as KIA, MIA, WIA or KIFA during the Battle of Britain are highlighted in blue.
  • The awards listed include those made during the Battle of Britain and during the remainder of World War II, as well as any made post-war.
  • In order to limit the numbers of footnotes which would otherwise be required, the symbol under "Notes" indicates several entries in the text of Ramsay 1989, while the symbol indicates that information on the circumstances under which an airman became a casualty during the Battle is included in the text of the book. Where more than one crew member of a multi place aircraft was involved this is included as a cross-reference under "Notes"
  • In addition to 2,353 British aircrew, the RAF Roll of Honour recognises 574 personnel from other countries;[3] namely:

Notes on table

Name Rank Nationality Sqn during Battle Decorations Notes
Naish, Kenneth Edward Sgt BR 235 Sqn DFC
Narucki, Aleksander Ryszard Plt Off POL 607 Sqn KIA 11 May 1941
Naughtin, Harold Thomas Sgt BR 235 Sqn MIA 28 May 1941
Neil, Thomas Francis "Ginger" Plt Off BR 249 Sqn DFC, AFC, AE Surviving aircrew[86]
Nelson, Dick Flt Sgt BR 235 Sqn Died 26 June 1972
Nelson, William Henry Fg Off AME [87] 74 Sqn DFC MIA 1 November 1940[51][88]
Nelson-Edwards, George Hassall Plt Off BR 79 Sqn DFC
Nesbitt, Arthur Deane Fg Off CAN 1 Sqn RCAF OBE, DFC, CdeG Died 22 February 1978
Neville, William John Sgt BR 610 Sqn KIA 11 August 1940
Newbury, John Charles Plt Off BR 609 Sqn
Newbury, M A Plt Off BR 145 Sqn KIA during the Battle of Britain, but date unknown
Newham, Edward Arnold Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Newling, Michael Alan Plt Off BR 145 Sqn DFC KIA 6 July 1941
Newport, Douglas Victor Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Newton, Edwin Frank Sgt BR 29 Sqn
Newton, Harry Snow Sgt BR 111 Sqn AFC
Nicholas, John Beville Howard Fg Off BR 65 Sqn
Nicholls, Douglas Benjamin Fletcher Sgt BR 87, 242 & 151 Sqns DFC Surviving aircrew
Nicholls, Thomas George Frank Sgt BR 23 Sqn KIA 10 April 1941 (Air Gunner)
Nichols, Dennis Hugh Sgt BR 56 Sqn Died 23 August 2001
Nicolson, James Brindley Flt Lt BR 249 Sqn VC, DFC MIA 2 May 1945 (in Singapore)
Nicolson, Peter Bethune Sgt BR 232 Sqn KIA 29 May 1941 (in North Africa)[89]
Niemiec, Pawel Fg Off POL 17 Sqn
Nightingale, Frederick George Plt Off BR 219 Sqn KIA 17 December 1940
Niven, Hugh Glen Plt Off CAN 601 & 602 Sqns Died 8 April 2008[90]
Nixon, William AC BR 23 Sqn KIA 30 August 1944 (in Germany) (Pilot)[91]
Noble, Brian Robert Plt Off BR 79 Sqn
Noble, Dennis Sgt BR 43 Sqn KIA 30 August 1940 (Pilot)
Noble, William John Sgt BR 54 Sqn Died 1979
Nokes-Cooper, Benjamin Fg Off BR 236 Sqn KIA 1 August 1940 (Air Gunner)
Norfolk, Norman Robert Plt Off BR 72 Sqn DFC
Norris, Philip Purchell Sgt BR 213 Sqn KIA 13 August 1940 (Pilot)
Norris, Robert Wilson C Fg Off CAN 401 Sqn
Norris, Stanley Charles Flt Lt BR 610 Sqn DFC
North, Gerald Plt Off BR 257 Sqn Continued service as flight instructor in Canada
North, Harold Leslie Fg Off NZ 43 Sqn KIA 1 May 1942
North-Bomford, David John Sgt BR 17 Sqn
Norwell, John King "Jock" Sgt BR 54 & 41 Sqns AFC Surviving aircrew
Born Perth, Scotland 4 October 1917; Commissioned July 1942; granted commission as Fg Off in RAFVR 1947; retired 1954.[92]
Norwood, Robin Keith Collen Plt Off BR 65 Sqn Died 2 April 1970
Nosowicz, Zbigniew Plt Off POL 56 Sqn
Nowakiewicz, Eugeniusz Jan Adam Sgt POL 302 Sqn Crashed and taken POW 23 July 1942
Nowell, William Ronald Sub Lt (FAA) BR 804 NAS Died 2 December 1976
Nowierski, Tadeusz Plt Off POL 609 Sqn Died 2 April 1983
Nunn, Stanley George Plt Off BR 236 Sqn DFC
Nute, Romilly Ronald James Sgt BR 23 Sqn KIA 11 March 1941 (Air Gunner)
Nutter, Reginald Charles Sgt BR 257 Sqn DFC Surviving aircrew


Name Rank Nationality Sqn during Battle Awards Notes
McAdam, John Sgt BR 41 Sqn Born Gillingham, Kent, 21 March 1919; KIA 20 February 1941, buried in Island Magee (Ballyharry) Cemetery, County Antrim
McAdam, William David Sgt BR 23 Sqn KIA 1 September 1941
McAllister, P J AC BR 23 & 29 Sqns
MacArthur, Malcolm Robert Fg Off BR 236 Sqn DFC
McArthur, James Henry Gordon Flt Lt BR 238
609 Sqns
KIFA May 1961.[42]
McAvity, George Fellows Fg Off CAN 3 Sqn KIFA 19 October 1940 [43]
McCann, Thomas Andrew Sgt BR 601 Sqn KIA 27 July 1942 (El Alamein, North Africa)
McCarthy, James Patrick Sgt BR 235 Sqn
McCarthy, Thomas Francis Sgt BR 235 Sqn MIA 6 October 1942
McCaul, John Patrick AC2 BR 219 Sqn KIA 30 September 1940
McCaw, Derek Charles Fg Off BR 238 Sqn KIA 8 August 1940
McChesney, Robert Ian Sgt NZ 236 Sqn KIA 6 December 1942[44]
McClintock, John Arthur Peter Plt Off BR 615 Sqn KIFA 25 November 1940
McColl, John B Plt Off CAN 615 & 607 Sqns
McComb, James Ellis Sqn Ldr BR 611 Sqn (CO) DFC Died August 1982
McConnell, John Sgt BR 145 Sqn Died 1965
McConnell, William Winder Plt Off IRE 607
McCormack, John Bernard Sgt BR[notes 2] 25 Sqn MIA 10 September 1942
McDermott, John Alexander Sgt NZ 23 Sqn Died 2 January 1970
MacDonald, Alexander Stewart Sgt BR 601 Sqn
MacDonald, Donald Kennedy Plt Off BR 603 Sqn MIA 28 August 1940; Brother of Harold Kennedy MacDonald←[45]
MacDonald, Duncan Stuart Flt Lt BR 213 Sqn DSO, DFC
MacDonald, Harold Kennedy Flt Lt BR 603 Sqn KIA 28 September 1940; Brother of Donald Kennedy MacDonald←[46]
MacDonell, Aeness Ranald Donald Sqn Ldr BR 64 Sqn (CO) DFC
McDonough, Bryan Martin Plt Off AUS 236 Sqn MIA 1 August 1940
MacDougal, Charles White Sgt BR 111 Sqn KIA 5 March 1941 (Malta)
MacDougall, Ian Neil Plt Off BR 141 Sqn DFC Died August 1987
MacDougall, Ralph Ian George Sqn Ldr BR 17 Sqn
McDougall, Roy Plt Off BR 3
232 Sqns
McDowall, Andrew Sgt BR 602 Sqn DFM Died 1981
McFadden, Aubrey Plt Off BR 73 Sqn MIA 5 April 1942 (Singapore)
McFie, Colin Hamilton Plt Off BR 611 & 616 Sqns DFC
McGaw, Charles Alexander Plt Off AUS 73
66 Sqns
KIA 1 October 1943
McGibbon, James Plt Off BR 615 Sqn KIA 29 September 1940
McGlashan, Kenneth Butterworth Plt Off BR 245 Sqn AFC
McGowan, Roy Andrew Plt Off BR 46 Sqn Surviving aircrew
McGowan, Robert Henry Plt Off BR 92 Sqn KIA 22 December 1944
McGrath, John Keswick Ulick Blake Plt Off BR 601 Sqn DFC [42]
MacGregor, Alexander Noel Sgt BR 19 Sqn
McGregor, Alan James Plt Off BR 504 Sqn DSO
McGregor, Gordon Roy Flt Lt CAN 1 RCAF OBE, DFC, CdeG, MiD** [47]
McGregor, Hector Douglas Sqn Ldr NZ 213 Sqn KCB, CBE, DSO Died 11 April 1973; Retired from RAF with the rank of Air Marshal.[48]
McGregor, Peter Reginald Plt Off BR 46 Sqn
McGugan, Robert Sgt BR 141 Sqn
McHardy, Donald Ballantine Hardy Fg Off BR 229 Sqn POW 26 October 1940
McHardy, Eric Hartgill Plt Off NZ 248 Sqn DSO, DFC
McInnes, A Plt Off BR 601 & 238 Sqns
McIntosh, Peter Roy Charles Sgt BR 151 & 605 Sqns KIA 12 October 1940
McIntyre, A G Plt Off NZ 111 Sqn
McKay, Donald Alastair Stewart Sgt BR 501 Sqn & 421 Flt DFM 1917-1959
McKellar, Archibald Ashmore Flt Lt BR 605 Sqn DSO, DFC* KIA 1 November 1940 [42]
MacKenzie, Duncan Cameron Plt Off CAN 56 Sqn KIA 11 June 1943[49]
MacKenzie, John Noble Plt Off NZ 41 Sqn DFC Retired December 1957 retaining Sqn Ldr; died May 1993
Mackenzie, Kenneth William Plt Off BR 43 & 501 Sqns DFC, AFC, AE Died 4 June 2009 [50]
MacKinnon, A McL Lt (FAA) BR 804 NAS
MacKinnon, Donald Duncan Sgt BR 236 Sqn KIA 18 July 1940
McKnight, William Lidstone "Willie" Plt Off CAN 242 Sqn DFC* MIA 12 January 1941[51]
MacLachlan, Alan Moncrieff Sqn Ldr BR 92 Sqn
MacLachlan, James Archibald Findlay Flt Lt BR 145 & 73 Sqns DSO, DFC** Became well known for flying with a prosthetic arm. Died while POW 31 July 1943
MacLachlan, James Robert Sqn Ldr CAN 46 Sqn (CO)
MacLaren, Archibald Colin Plt Off BR 604 Sqn
McLaughlin, John William Sgt BR 238 Sqn Died 16 June 2001.
MacLean, Charles Hector Plt Off BR 604 Sqn AE* Died 19 July 2007
MacLeod, George Sutherland Murray Sgt BR 235 Sqn KIA 23 March 1941
McLure, Andrew Crawford Rankin Plt Off BR 87 Sqn KIA 20 July 1942
McMahon, John Reginald Sgt BR 235 Sqn
McMullen, Desmond Anthony Peter Fg Off BR 54 & 222 Sqns DFC
McNab, Ernest Archibald Sqn Ldr CAN 1 Sqn RCAF (CO) OBE, DFC, CD [51]
McNair, Robin John Sqn Ldr BR 3 Sqn, 249 Sqn, 87 Sqn, 247 Sqn, 124 Wing & 74 Sqn DFC
McNay, Alexander Logan Sgt BR 73 Sqn MIA 5 September 1940
Macnamara, Brian Radley Fg Off BR 603 Sqn DSO
MacOnochie, Alfred Rippon Duke Sgt BR 235 Sqn
MacPhail, Frederick John Fg Off BR 603 Sqn
McPhee, Thomas Sqn Ldr BR 151 & 249 Sqns DFC, DFM Died 22 February 2009[52]
MacPherson, Robert Reid FSgt BR 65 Sqn KIA 13 October 1941
MacRae, Ian Nicholson Sgt BR FIU
MacRory, Harry Ian Sgt BR 23 Sqn KIA 3 January 1941
Machacek, Jiri Plt Off CZ 310 & 145 Sqns KIA 8 July 1941
Machin, William Howard Sgt BR 264 Sqn KIA 24 August 1940
Maciejowski, Michał K Sgt POL 111 & 249 Sqns
Macinski, Janusz Plt Off POL 111 Sqn MIA 4 September 1940
Madle, Sydney James Plt Off BR 615 & 605 Sqns
Maffett, Gerald Hamilton Plt Off BR 257 Sqn KIA 31 August 1940 [53]
Maggs, Mervyn Henry Plt Off BR 264 Sqn Died November 1987
Maguire, Harold John Sqn Ldr BR 229 Sqn (CO) DSO
Mahoney, Timothy Joseph PO (FAA) BR 804 NAS Died 1 August 1977
Main, Alistair David Williams Sgt BR 249 Sqn KIA 16 July 1940
Main, Hedley Ronald Sgt BR 25 Sqn KIA 27 August 1941
Maitland-Walker, Wilford Hugh Flt Lt BR 65 Sqn Died 1969
Makins, Arthur Edward FSgt BR 247 Sqn Died Sep 2000 Lerwick Born Thetford, Norfolk 1915; Commissioned December 1941
Malan, Adolph "Sailor" Flt Lt SA 74 Sqn (CO) DSO*, DFC Died 17 September 1963
Malengreau, Roger Fernand Fulgeance Ghislaine Plt Off BEL 87 Sqn CdeG, CBE Died May 1996[54]
Males, Ernest Edward Plt Off BR 72 Sqn KIA 27 September 1940
Malinowski, Bronislaw Sgt POL 43 Sqn Died May 1982
Malinski, Jan L Plt Off POL 302 Sqn
Mallett, Ronald Spencer Sgt BR Sqn DFC KIA 28 June 1944
Maly, Jaroslav Plt Off CZ 310 Sqn KIA 5 June 1941[55]
Mamedoff, Andrew B "Andy" Plt Off AME 609 Sqn KIA 8 October 1941[56]
Manger, Kenneth Plt Off BR 17 Sqn DFC MIA 11 August 1940
Mann, Harold John Plt Off BR 1 Sqn
Mann, Jackie Sgt BR 64 & 92 Sqns Died 12 November 1995
Mansel-Lewis, John Plt Off BR 92 Sqn KIA 4 April 1941
Mansfeld, Miroslav Jan Sgt CZ 111 Sqn DFC, DSO, AFC Died October 1991[57]
Mansfield, Bernard Martin Sgt BR 236 Sqn KIA 25 February 1941
Mansfield, David Ernest Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Manton, Edward Sgt BR 610 Sqn KIA 29 August 1940
Manton, Graham Ashley Leonard Sqn Ldr BR 56 Sqn
Marchand, Roy Achille Plt Off BR 73 Sqn KIA 15 September 1940[58]
Marcinkowski, Mieczysław S Sgt POL 151 & 501 Sqn MIA 1 November 1940
Marek, Frantisek Sgt CZ 310 & 19 Sqns KIA 14 September 1940[59]
Markiewicz, Antoni L Sgt POL 302 Sqn
Marland, Rainford Gent Sgt BR 222 Sqn MiD** KIA 16 December 1941
Marples, Roy Fg Off BR 616 Sqn DFC* Born Muswell Hill, 22 January 1920
KIA 26 April 1944 near Horsham, Sussex, while Wg Cdr Flying of 145 Wing RAF
Marrs, Eric Simcox Plt Off BR 152 Sqn DFC, MiD KIA 24 July 1941
Marsh, Alan Edward Lt (FAA) BR 804 NAS
Marsh, Edward Howard Sgt BR 152 Sqn
Marsh, Henry James Sgt BR 238 Sqn MIA 13 August 1940
Marsh, William Charles Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Marshall, Alfred Ernest Sgt BR 73 Sqn DFC, DFM KIA 27 November 1944
Marshall, James Eglington Fg Off BR 85 Sqn DFC KIA 18 April 1942
Marshall, John Victor Plt Off BR 232 Sqn DFC Died 24 June 1984
Marshall, Thomas Brian Sgt BR 235 Sqn DFC
Marshall, Thomas Robson Sgt BR 219 Sqn KIA 29 June 1941
Marsland, Guy Plt Off BR 245 & 253 Sqns Died 1983
Marston, Kenneth John Plt Off BR 56 Sqn KIA 14 December 1940
Martel, Ludwik Plt Off POL 54 & 603 Sqns Died 25 April 2010[60]
Martin, A Sgt BR 264 Sqn Service details unknown
Martin, Alan William Plt Off BR 235 Sqn DFC
Martin, John Claverley Fg Off NZ 257 Sqn MIA 27 August 1941
Martin, Richard Maurice Scott Sub Lt (FAA) BR 808 NAS KIA 27 November 1940
Maslen, Thomas Arthur Sgt BR 235 Sqn KIA 25 October 1941
Mason, William Sgt BR 235 Sqn KIA 15 February 1941
Massey, Kenneth Sgt BR 248 Sqn
Mather, John Romney Plt Off BR 66 Sqn KIA 27 October 1940
Mathers, James W AC2 BR 29 & 23 Sqns
Matheson, Geoffrey Charles Flt Lt BR 222 Sqn KIA 24 August 1943[61]
Mathews, Kenneth Plt Off BR 23 Sqn KIA 20 October 1943
Matthews, Henry George Sgt BR 236 Sqn DFM
Matthews, Henry Key Fielding Fg Off BR 54 & 603 Sqns KIA 7 October 1940[62]
Matthews, Ian Walter Sgt BR 64 Sqn KIA 1 September 1942
Matthews, Peter Gerald Hugh Fg Off BR 1 Sqn DFC
Maxwell, David Alexander Plt Off BR 611 & 603 Sqns KIA 14 February 1941
Maxwell, Hugh Lockhart Sqn Ldr BR 600 Sqn (CO)
Maxwell, Walter Sgt BR 264 Sqn MIA 26 August 1940
May, Leonard Dawson Sgt BR 601 Sqn MIA 25 October 1940
Mayers, Howard Clive Plt Off AUS 601 Sqn DFC*, DSO MIA 20 July 1942 [63][64]
Mayhew, Paul Francis Fg Off BR 79 Sqn KIA 19 February 1942 [65]
Mayne, Ernest WO BR 74 Sqn AFC Died 21 March 1978[66]
Meaker, James Reginald Bryan Plt Off BR 249 Sqn DFC KIA 27 September 1940
Meares, Stanley Thomas Flt Lt BR 54 Sqn DFC KIA 15 November 1941[67]
Measures, William Edward Geoffrey Flt Lt BR 74 & 238 Sqns AFC [68]
Medworth, John Charles Oswald Sgt BR 25 Sqn
Meeson, Charles Victor Sgt BR 56 Sqn KIA 20 September 1940
Melville, James Cosmo Plt Off BR 264 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Melville-Jackson, George Holmes Plt Off BR 236 Sqn DFC Died 9 March 2009[69]
Menage, Thomas Nathan Sgt BR 29 Sqn KIA 10 May 1941
Mercer, Robert Turner Deighton Sgt BR 609 Sqn KIA 9 May 1941
Merchant, Henry James Sgt BR 1 Sqn
Meredith, Arthur Douglas Sgt BR 242 & 141 Sqns
Mermagen, Herbert W "Tubby" Sqn Ldr BR 266 & 222 Sqns (CO) OBE, CBE, CB, CdeLd'H[70] Died 1997[71][72]
Merrett, John Charles Sgt BR 235 Sqn AE Died approx March 2010 [73]
Merrick, Claude Plt Off BR 610 Sqn DFC Died 1984
Merryweather, Sidney William Sgt BR 229 Sqn DFM MIA 5 June 1942
Mesner, Bertram William Sgt BR 248 Sqn MIA 13 September 1940
Metcalfe, Arthur Charles Sgt BR 604 Sqn
Metham, James Sgt BR 253 Sqn KIA 1 September 1942
Meyer, Reginald Henry Rome Sgt BR 236 Sqn KIA 9 February 1944 (Greece)
Michail, ? Sgt BR 501 Sqn
Michiels, Albert Charles Antoine Sgt BEL 235 Sqn KIA 16 July 1944
Middlemiss, William Sgt BR 235 Sqn
Middleton, William Arthur Plt Off NZ 266 Sqn MIA 27 August 1941 (Dunkirk)[74]
Mierzwa, Boguslaw Plt Off POL 303 Sqn KIA 16 April 1941
Miksa, Wlodzimierz Plt Off POL 303 Sqn After war changed name to Pilkington-Miksa
Milburn, Reginald Alan Sgt BR 601 Sqn Died 19 December 1983
Milren, Peter Raymond Plt Off BR 54 & 66 Sqns KIA 11 February 1941
Mileham, Denys Edgar "Den" Plt Off BR 41 Sqn Born Bromley, Kent 13 December 1920; Commissioned February 1940
KIA 15 April 1942 whilst serving with 234 Sqn, aged 22
Miles, Ernest Edwin Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Miles, Stanley Fredrick Sgt BR 23 Sqn
Miley, Miles John Fg Off BR 25 Sqn KIA 15 September 1940
Millard, Jocelyn George Power "Joce" Plt Off BR 1 & 242 Sqns AE Died 10 May 2010 [60]
Miller, Arthur Charles Sgt BR 604 Sqn DFC
Miller, Anthony Garforth Sqn Ldr BR FIU & 17 Sqn (CO) DFC
Miller, Alfred John AC2 BR 23 Sqn
Miller, Roger Freeman Garland Plt Off BR 609 Sqn KIA 27 September 1940 (Flying Spitfire X4107 it exploded when he collided with a Bf 110 over Chesilbourne, Dorset.)
Miller, Robert Flt Lt BR 3 Sqn KIA 24 April 1942
Miller, Thomas Henry Sgt BR 25 Sqn KIA 17 December 1942
Millington, William Henry Plt Off AUS 79 & 249 Sqns DFC MIA 30 October 1940
Millist, Kenneth Milton Plt Off BR 73 & 615 Sqns DFC KIA 7 April 1941 (El Alamein)
Mills, Jack Baillie AC1 BR 23 Sqn
Mills, Jack Percival Sgt BR 43 & 249 Sqns
Mills, Randolph Stuart Flt Lt BR 87 Sqn (CO) DFC
Mills-Smith, Frank Sgt BR 601 Sqn MIA 25 October 1940
Milne, John Archibald Plt Off CAN 605 Sqn
Milne, Richard Maxwell Fg Off BR 151 Sqn DFC
Milnes, Ambrose Henry Sgt BR 32 Sqn
Mitchell, George Sgt BR 23 Sqn Died 1969
Mitchell, Gordon Thomas Manners Plt Off BR 609 Sqn KIA 11 July 1940
Mitchell, Harry Thorpe Plt Off CAN 87 Sqn DFC [51]
Mitchell, Henry Maynard Sqn Ldr BR 25 Sqn DFC Died 12 April 2004
Mitchell, Herbert Robert Sgt (RNAF) NZ 3 Sqn Born Deep Creek, near Havelock, New Zealand 13 March 1917; Commissioned January 1942
MIA 12 May 1942 whilst serving with 603 Sqn in Malta, aged 25. Remembered on the Malta Memorial
Mitchell, Lancelot Robert George Fg Off BR 257 Sqn MIA 7 September 1940
Mitchell, Peter Sgt BR 65 Sqn KIA 16 July 1942 (Calcutta)
Mitchell, Philip Henry Gurrey Fg Off BR 266 Sqn
Mitchell, Richard Ronald Sgt BR Sqn MBE, DFC
Moberly, George Edward Fg Off BR 616 Sqn KIA 26 August 1940
Molson, Hartland de Montarville Fg Off (RCAF) CAN 1 Sqn RCAF OBE, OC Died September 2002[75]
Monk, Denis Aubrey Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Monk, Ernest William John Plt Off BR 25 Sqn KIA 21 November 1940
Montagu, George Wroughton Sqn Ldr BR 236 Sqn (CO) KIA 12 December 1940
Montague-Smith, Arthur M Flt Lt BR 264 Sqn DL Surviving aircrew (born 1915)
Montgomery, Cecil Robert Plt Off BR 615 Sqn KIA 14 August 1940
Montgomery, Herbert Francis Sgt BR 43 Sqn KIA 14 August 1940
Moody, Dennis George Sgt BR 604 Sqn
Moody, Henry Wollaston Plt Off BR 602 Sqn MIA 7 September 1940
Moore, Arthur Robert Sgt BR 245 & 3 Sqns DFC Died 1989
Moore, Peter John Sgt AUS 253 Sqn KIA 3 June 1942
Moore, William Roy Plt Off BR 264 Sqn Died 1984
Moore, William Storey Fg Off AUS 236 Sqn KIA 24 December 1943
More, James Winter Carmichael Sqn Ldr BR 73 Sqn DFC POW 12 September 1944 (Japan)
Morewood, Roger Edward Guy Flt Lt BR 248 Sqn Surviving aircrew [76]
Morfill, Percy Frederick FSgt BR 501 Sqn DFM 1914-2004
Morgan, Peter Jacques Plt Off BR 238 Sqn 1919-1977
Morgan, Thomas Frederick Dalton Flt Lt BR 43 Sqn DSO, DFC Left the RAF as a Group Captain in 1952 1917-2004
Morgan-Gray, Hugh BR 46 Sqn KIA 22 February 1941
Morris, Edward James Plt Off SA 79 Sqn DSO, DFC
Morris, Geoffrey Edward Plt Off BR FIU
Morris, John Plt Off BR 248 Sqn
Morrison, Joseph Pearson Sgt BR 17 & 46 Sqns KIA 22 October 1940
Morrison, Neil Sgt BR 54, 72 & 74 Sqns KIA 24 February 1941[77]
Morrough-Ryan, Oliver Bertram "Buck" Plt Off BR 41 Sqn Born Co. Meath, Ireland 1919
KIA 26 July 1941 with 68 Sqn [78]
Mortimer, Percival Alexander Plt Off BR 85 & 257 Sqns KIA 6 November 1942
Mortimer-Rose, Edward Brian Plt Off BR 234 Sqn DFC* KIA 25 January 1943 (Tunisia)
Morton, James Storrs Fg Off BR 603 Sqn DFC 1916-1982
Moss, Raymond Christopher Sgt BR 29 Sqn
Moss, William James March Sub Lt (FAA) BR 213 Sqn MIA 27 August 1940; ARAeS
Mott, Walter Henry Sgt BR 141 Sqn
Mottram, Roy Plt Off BR 92 Sqn KIA 31 August 1941[79]
Mouchotte, Rene G O J Adj Free FR 245 & 615 Sqns CdeG, DFC, CdeL, CdeLd'H KIA 27 August 1943[80]
Mould, Edward Anthony "Tony" Sgt BR 74 Sqn KIA 20 January 1943[81]
Moulton, Eric Walter Sgt BR 600 Sqn
Mounsdon, Maurice Hewlett Plt Off BR 56 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Mount, Christopher John Flt Lt BR 602 Sqn DSO, DFC 23 July 2002
Mowat, Noel Joseph Fg Off (RNAF) NZ 245 Sqn DSO, MiD KIA 7 November 1946 [82]
Mowat, Robert Innes Sgt BR 248 Sqn
Moyham, Harold Frederick John Sgt BR 248 Sqn KIA 3 November 1940
Mrazek, Karl Plt Off CZ 46 Sqn
Muchowski, Konrad Antoni Sgt POL 85 & 501 Sqn Died 1988
Mudie, Michael Robert Plt Off BR 615 Sqn KIA 14 July 1940
Mudry, Wlodzimierz Sgt POL 79 Sqn
Muirhead, Ian James Plt Off BR 605 Sqn DFC KIA 15 October 1940
Mumler, Mieczyslaw V M Sqn Ldr POL 302 Sqn (CO) Died 1985
Mungo-Park, John Colin Flt Lt BR 74 Sqn DFC* KIA 27 June 1941[83][84]
Munn, Wellesley Spencer FSgt BR 29 Sqn DFM Died 1982
Munro, John Gray Sqn Ldr BR 263 Sqn
Murch, Leonard Charles Plt Off BR 253 Sqn Died of polio 16 September 1943 (Libya)[85]
Murland, William John Sgt NZ 264 Sqn Died 15 November 1978
Murray, Alan Duncan Sqn Ldr BR 46, 501 & 73 Sqns DFC
Murray, James Sgt BR 610 & 74 Sqns KIA 3 April 1943 (El Alamein)
Murray, Patrick Hatton Sgt BR 73 Sqn KIA 8 December 1942 (Kiel)
Murray, Thomas Burnley Plt Off BR 616 Sqn AFC Died 1984


Name Rank Nationality Sqn during Battle Awards Notes
Lacey, Edward Richard Sgt BR 219 Sqn DSO 18 August 1920 - 10 March 1980
Lacey, James Harry "Ginger" Sgt BR 501 Sqn CdeG, DFM* 1 February 1917 - 30 May 1989
Lackie, William Leckie Sgt BR 141 Sqn
Lafont, Henrie Gaston Adj Free FR 615 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Laguna, Piotr Flt Lt POL 302 Sqn KIA 27 June 1941
Laing, Alan Sgt BR 151 Sqn
Laing, Alexander James Alan Fg Off BR 64 Sqn Resigned RAF Commission in 1948
Lake, Donald Millar Fg Off BR 219 Sqn KIA 4 September 1941
Lamb, Albert Sgt BR 25 Sqn Died 5 January 1948
Lamb, Owen Edward Plt Off NZ 151 Sqn KIA 14 April 1941
Lamb, Peter Gilbert Fg Off BR 610 Sqn AFC
Lamb, Robert Lionel Plt Off BR 600 Sqn
Lamb, Roderick Russell Sub Lt (FAA) BR 804 NAS KIA 24 August 1942
Lambert, Hugh Michael Standford "Mike" Flt Lt BR 25 Sqn KIA 15 September 1940 when Beaufighter R2067 crashed near Biggin Hill.[9]
Lambie, William Gavib Mein Plt Off BR 219 Sqn KIA 15 November 1940[10]
Lammer, Alfred Plt Off BR 141 Sqn DFC & Bar
Landels, Leslie Ninlan Plt Off BR 32 & 615 Sqns KIA 20 January 1942
Lane, Brian John Edward "Sandy" Flt Lt BR 19 Sqn (CO) DFC Author of Spitfire!, published in 1942 under the pseudonym B.J. Ellan; one of only a few contemporaneous, autobiographical accounts of the life of a Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot.[11] MIA 13 December 1942[12]
Lane, Roy Plt Off BR 43 Sqn KIA 20 June 1944 (by Japanese in Burma)
Langdon, Charles Edward Plt Off BR 43 Sqn MIA 26 February 1941
Langham-Hobart, Neville Charles Plt Off BR 73 Sqn 1912-1994 As a pilot of Hawker Hurricane P2036 he was badly injured following combat with a Bf 109 on 23 September 1940 and became a member of the Guinea Pig Club.
Langley, Gerald Archibald Plt Off BR 41 Sqn KIA 15 September 1940 when Spitfire P9324 was shot down in combat with Bf 109s.[9][13]
Langley, Leonard Sgt BR 23 Sqn Died 26 September 1953
Lanning, Francis Charles Anthony Plt Off BR 141 Sqn DFC 1907-2002
Lansdell, John Sgt BR 607 Sqn KIA 17 September 1940; Name also incorrectly spelt as Landsell[14]
Lapka, Stanislaw Plt Off POL 302 Sqn Died 1978
Laprowski, Waclaw Plt Off POL 203 Sqn KIA 2 July 1941
Larbalestier, Basil Douglas Plt Off BR 600 Sqn Died 1994
Laricheliere, Joseph Emile Paul Plt Off CAN 213 Sqn DFC MIA 16 August 1940 [15] when he failed to return in his Hurricane from combat near Portland.[9]
Latta, John Blandford F Plt Off CAN 242 Sqn DFC MIA 12 January 1941[15] aged 27
Lauder, Arnold John Sgt BR 264 Sqn
Laughlin, John Hamilton Fg Off BR 235 Sqn MBE
Laurence, George Sgt BR 141 Sqn DFM KIA 9 November 1944 [16]
Law, K S Plt Off BR 605 Sqn Refer to Kennith Schadtler-Law
Lawford, Derek Napier Sgt BR 247 Sqn
Lawler, Edgar Stanley Sgt BR 604 Sqn
Lawrence, John Thornett Sgt BR 235 Sqn OBE, AFC
Lawrence, Keith Ashley Plt Off NZ [17] 242, 603, 234 Sqns & 421 Flt DFC Surviving aircrew[18]
Lawrence, Norman Anthony Sgt BR 54 Sqn Died 22 August 1958[19]
Laws, Adrian Francis Plt Off BR 64 Sqn DFM KIA 30 September 1940
Laws, George Godfrey Stone Sgt BR 501 & 151 Sqns KIA 28 March 1941 (Pilot)
Lawson, Richard Chester Plt Off BR 601 Sqn KIA 10 February 1941
Lawson, Walter John Plt Off BR 19 Sqn KIA 28 August 1941
Lawson-Brown, John Plt Off BR 64 Sqn KIA 12 May 1941
Lawton, Philip Charles Fenner Fg Off BR 604 Sqn DFC
Laycock, Herbert Keith Plt Off BR 79 & 87 Sqns KIA 18 August 1943
Lazoryk, Włodzimierz Flt Lt POL 607 Sqn
Leary, David Cooper Plt Off BR 17 Sqn KIA 18 December 1940
Leatham, Ernest George Cuthbert Plt Off BR 248 Sqn DFC
Leathart, James Anthony "The Prof" Sqn Ldr BR 54 Sqn DSO Died 1998; retired from RAF in 1962 at the rank of Air Cdre [20][21]
Leather, William Johnson Flt Lt BR 611 Sqn
Le Cheminant, Jerrold Sgt BR 616 Sqn DFC
Leckrone, Philip Howard Plt Off AME 616 Sqn KIFA 5 January 1941 (practice flight) [22]
Lecky, John Gage Plt Off BR 610 & 41 Sqns KIA 11 October 1940 [23]
Le Conte, Edgar Francis Sgt BR FIU OBE Died 4 May 1981[24]
Ledger, Leslie Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Le Dong, Terry Sgt BR 219 Sqn KIA 8 February 1941 (Wireless Operator)
Lee, Kenneth Norman Thomas "Hawkeye" Fg Off BR 501 Sqn DFC Died 15 January 2008[25]
Lee, Maurice Alexander William Sgt BR 72 Sqn & 421 Flt KIA 31 December 1940 (Pilot)
Lee, Richard Hugh Antony Flt Lt BR 85 Sqn DSO, DFC MIA 18 August 1940 when he was last seen in his Hurricane P2923 chasing an enemy formation of the east coast.[9]
Lees, Alan Farquhar Young Plt Off BR 236 Sqn DSO, DFC Died 27 October 1987
Lees, Ronald Beresford Sqn Ldr AUS 72 Sqn CB, CBE, DFC*, MID**, LoM(Cdr)(US) Later CO RAF Coltishall (9 January 1941 - 11 September 1942); Died 18 May 1991; Retired from RAF with the rank of Air Marshal
LeFevre, Peter William Plt Off BR 46 Sqn MIA 6 February 1944
Legg, Richard James Plt Off BR 601 Sqn Died 1959
Legge, Brian Pauncefoote Plt Off BR 601 Sqn DFC [26]
Leggett, Percival Graham Plt Off BR 245 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Leigh, Arthur Charles Sgt BR 64 & 72 Sqns DFM [27]
Leigh, Rupert Henry Archibald Sqn Ldr BR 66 Sqn (CO)
Le Jeune, O G Sgt BEL 235 Sqn Died 10 April 1947
Lenahan, John Desmond Plt Off BR 607 Sqn KIA 9 September 1940 when his Hurricane P3177 crashed following combat with Do 17s and Bf 109s near Mayfield.[9]
Leng, Maurice Equity Sgt BR 73 Sqn Shot down, captured & made POW 30 September 1942
Lennard, Paul Lennard Mid (FAA) BR 501 Sqn KIA 26 March 1942
Lenton, Edwin Claude Plt Off BR 56 Sqn
Le Rougetel, Stanley Fg Off BR 600 Sqn
Le Roy Du Vivier, Daniel Albert Raymond Georges Plt Off BEL 43 Sqn Died 2 September 1981
Lerway, Frederick Thomas Sgt BR 236 Sqn
Leslie, George Mennie Sgt BR 219 Sqn KIA 17 December 1940 (Wireless Operator)
Levenson, Stephen Austin Sgt BR 611 Sqn KIA 17 September 1942 (Pilot)
Lewis, Albert Gerald "Zulu" Plt Off SA 85 & 249 Sqns DFC* [28]
Lewis, Charles Sydney Sgt BR 600 Sqn Died 1954
Lewis, Raymond Grant Plt Off CAN 401 Sqn MIA 5 February 1941
Lewis, William George Sgt BR 25 Sqn KIA 14 July 1941
Leyland, Reginald Harry Sgt BR FIU KIA 23 October 1942[29]
Lilley, Robert Sgt BR 29 Sqn DFC KIA 28 April 1944 (Wireless Operator/Navigator)
Lillie, P Sgt BR 264 Sqn
Limpenny, Eric Ronald Sgt BR 64 Sqn
Lindsay, Alec Ian Plt Off BR 72 Sqn KIA 23 October 1943
Lindsey, P C Fg Off BR 601 Sqn KIA 26 July 1940 when he was shot down in the channel in Hurricane P2753.[9]
Lines, Arthur Peter Fg Off BR 17 Sqn
Lingard, John Granville Plt Off BR 25 Sqn DFC
Linney, Anthony Stuart Plt Off BR 229 Sqn OBE Died 1983
Lipscombe, Alfred John Sgt BR 600 Sqn KIA 20 September 1941 (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner)
Lister, Robert Charles Franklin Sqn Ldr BR 41 (CO) & 92 Sqns DFC Died March 1998[30]
Litchfield, Peter Plt Off BR 610 Sqn MIA 18 July 1940 when Spitfire P9452 was shot down in combat just north of Calais.[9]
Litson, Frederick William Ronald Sgt BR 141 Sqn DFC
Little, Arthur Guthrie Plt Off BR 235 Sqn
Little, Bernard Williamson Fg Off BR 609 Sqn OBE Died 1986
Little, James Hayward Flt Lt BR 219 Sqn (CO) DFC KIA 12 June 1943
Little, Ronald Sgt BR 238 Sqn MIA 28 September 1940 when Hurricane N2400 crashed into the sea after being shot down by Bf 109s over the Isle of Wight.[9]
Little, Thomas Burgess Fg Off CAN 401 Sqn MIA 27 August 1941[31]
Llewellin, Arthur John Alexander Fg Off BR 29 Sqn KIA 7 February 1942
Llewellyn, Reginald Thomas Sgt BR 213 Sqn DFM
Lloyd, ? AC BR 29 Sqn Flew only 1 operational sortie
Lloyd, David Edward Sgt BR 19 & 64 Sqns KIA 17 March 1942
Lloyd, John Phillip Plt Off BR 72 & 64 Sqns
Lloyd, Philip David Sgt BR 41 Sqn KIA 15 October 1940 when his Spitfire X4178 was shot down in a surprise attack by Hptmn Fözö of 4/JG51.[9][32]
Lochnan, Peter William Fg Off CAN 1 Sqn RCAF KIFA 21 May 1941[33]
Lock, Erick Stanley "Sawn Off Lockie" Plt Off BR 41 Sqn DSO, DFC*, MiD MIA 3 August 1941
Lockhart, James Plt Off BR 85 & 213 Sqns KIA 5 April 1942
Lockton, Eric Edward Sgt BR 236 Sqn MIA 20 July 1940 when Blenheim L1300 was shot down into the sea off Cherbourg.[9]
Lockwood, Joseph Charles Sgt BR 54 Sqn KIA 3 March 1941[34]
Lofts, Keith Temple Plt Off BR 615 & 249 Sqns KIFA 20 May 1951
Logan, Colin Plt Off BR 266 Sqn KIA 27 March 1941[35]
Logie, Ormonde Arthur Plt Off BR 29 Sqn {1909-1989)
Lokuciewski, Witold "Tolo" Plt Off POL 303 Sqn VM, KW***, PR, DFC, CdG Died 17 April 1990 in Warsaw
Long, ? Sgt BR 236 Sqn Service details unknown
Lonsdale, John Plt Off BR 3 Sqn KIA 26 November 1942
Lonsdale, Robert Henry Sgt BR 242 & 501 Sqns
Looker, David John Plt Off BR 615 Sqn
Loudon, Malcolm John Flt Lt BR 141 Sqn DFC
Lovell, Anthony Desmond Joseph Plt Off BR 41 Sqn DSO*, DFC*, DFC (US) KIA 17 August 1945[36][37][38]
Lovell-Gregg, Terence Gunion Sqn Ldr NZ 87 Sqn KIA 15 August 1940 when his Hurricane P3215 crashed near Abbotsbury after being shot down by enemy fighters over Portland.[9][39]
Loverseed, John Eric Sgt BR 501 Sqn AFC Died 1962[40]
Lovett, Reginald Eric Flt Lt BR 73 Sqn DFC KIA 7 September 1940
Lowe, Joseph Sgt BR 236 Sqn Died 1973
Loweth, Philip Anthony Plt Off BR 249 Sqn
Lowther, Walter Sgt BR 219 Sqn
Loxton, Wilfred William "Bill" Sqn Ldr BR 25 Sqn (CO) Died 15 November 1992
Lucas, Robin Morton McTaggart Delight Plt Off BR 141 Sqn Surviving aircrew
Lucas, Sidney Edward Sgt BR 32 & 257 Sqns
Lukazewicz, Kazimierz Fg Off POL 501 Sqn MIA 12 August 1940
Lumsden, Dugald Thomas Moore Plt Off BR 236 Sqn
Lumsden, J C Sgt BR 248 Sqn
Lund, John Wilfred Plt Off BR 611 & 92 Sqns KIA 2 October 1941
Lusk, H S Plt Off NZ 25 Sqn
Lusty, Kenneth Roy Sgt BR 25 Sqn Died 18 September 2009[41]
Lyall, Alastair McLaren Flt Lt BR 25 Sqn
Lyall, Archibald "Pat" Plt Off BR 602 Sqn KIA 28 November 1940
Lynch, James AC BR 25 Sqn MIA 22 January 1944
Lyons, Emanuel Barrett Plt Off BR 65 Sqn DFC
Lysek, Antoni Sgt POL 302 Sqn MIA 5 July 1942


More recently, the Battle of Britain Monument on the Victoria Embankment in London was unveiled on 18 September 2005 by Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. The idea for the monument was conceived by the Battle of Britain Historical Society which then set about raising funds for its construction. The outside of the monument is lined with bronze plaques listing all the Allied airmen who took part in the Battle.[8]

The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, founded by Geoffrey Page, raised funds for the construction of the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne near Folkestone in Kent. The Memorial, unveiled by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother on 9 July 1993, shares the site with the Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall on which a complete list of "The Few" is engraved.[7]

In 1955 Flt Lt John Holloway, a serving RAF officer, began a personal challenge to compile a complete list of "The Few". After fourteen years of research Flt Lt Holloway had 2,946 names on the list. Of these airmen, 537 were killed during the Battle or later died of wounds received.

Nothing was done officially, however, to define the qualifications for the classification of a Battle of Britain airman until 9 November 1960. AMO N850, published by the Air Ministry, stated for the first time the requirements for the awarding of the Battle of Britain Star, and listed the 71 units which were deemed to have been under the control of RAF Fighter Command.[6]

[5] The Roll of Honour within the Chapel contains the names of 1,497 pilots and aircrew killed or mortally wounded during the Battle.[4]

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