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History of boxing in the Philippines

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Title: History of boxing in the Philippines  
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Subject: Sports in the Philippines, Filipino martial arts, PBA Developmental League, Rugby union in the Philippines, Arnis
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History of boxing in the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao

The history of boxing in the Philippines is the history of boxing and the evolution and progress of the sport in the Philippines. In the Philippines, boxing is considered a famous sport together with basketball, despite of the glories and honors it brought to the country, having produced Olympic standouts, professional world champions and some of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport. The Philippines has yet to win an Olympic gold medal but amateur boxing has given the country more medals in the Summer Olympics than any sport with 5 out of its 9 total medals. On the other hand, professional boxing have produced 38 major world champions (including those of Filipino heritage), one of the most in the world.[1] Filipino greats like Pancho Villa, Flash Elorde and Ceferino Garcia are members of the two highly respected boxing hall of fames - International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) and World Boxing Hall of Fame (WBHF). Thus, giving the Philippines the most number of boxing hall of fame members out of Asia.

Today, Filipino professional boxers are one of the most respected for their aggressive styles and world class talents, with the likes of future hall of famers Manny Pacquiao(no.1) and Nonito Donaire(no.3) in which are the prestigious Ring Magazine pound for pound top ten ranking best fighters in the world respectively.


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    • First Golden Age of Philippine boxing 1.1
    • Second Golden Age of Philippine boxing 1.2
    • Third Golden Age of Philippine boxing (present) 1.3
  • Philippines' contribution to boxing 2
  • List of amateur boxing Olympic medalists 3
  • List of professional boxing world champions 4
  • Current titleholders 5
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Golden Ages of Philippine boxing

Before the Spaniards and Americans came to the Philippines, Filipinos have their own kind of boxing known as Suntukan, which means "bare-hand fighting" in Tagalog, generally believed to have evolved from a Filipino knife fighting technique called "Kali". During the Spanish colonization, such martial arts and kind of fighting were banned, so it was driven in the undergrounds where the deprivation of knives and rattan sticks lead to fist fighting.

First Golden Age of Philippine boxing

The evolution of Philippine boxing was thought to be after the Spanish–American War, where Spain ceded its colonial territories, namely Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines to the United States as agreed in the 1898 Treaty of Paris. Some reports told that American soldiers brought the modern boxing in the Philippines where evidences of a pair boxing gloves were made by Sol Levinson of San Francisco and another story telling that a renegade soldier brought some boxing gloves to Filipino prisoners and taught them how to use it. However, it was generally believed that three Americans were responsible for the evolution of boxing in the country namely: Frank Churchill and the Tait brothers (Eddie and Stewart).^ Eddie and Stewart Tait, also dubbed as "Barnums of Borneo", were amusement park entrepreneurs who established carnivals and horse racing tracks in Manila, who arrived in the country in 1902. Eddie, believed to be a boxing enthusiast, wanted to attract crowds by teaching Filipino locals some western boxing lessons for free to create American-style Filipino boxers. In 1921, boxing was legalized in the Philippines and began to flourish. Frank Churchill joined by the Tait brothers, established the Olympic Boxing Club in Manila. During this time, the country saw the first batch of great Filipino fighters such as Dencio Cabanela, Speedy Dado, the Flores brothers (Francisco, Elino, Macario and Ireneo), Pete Sarmiento, Sylvino Jamito, Macario Villon and the legendary Pancho Villa. The first golden age of Philippine boxing emerge as Pancho Villa won the Universal World Flyweight Championship from Welshman Jimmy Wilde to become the first ever Asian and Filipino world champion. Villa defended his title three times including a fight in the Philippines with fellow Filipino Clever Sencio where he won by fifteen-round decision, which at the time, nobody thought it would be the last victory of his young career. The glorious era was short-lived following the ring deaths of popular fighters Dencio Cabanela and Clever Sencio along with the death of Pancho Villa from Ludwig's angina and their influential promoter Frank Churchill.

There was also the Filipino-Spanish boxer, Luis Logan, who at one time or another held the title Oriental Welterweight and Heavyweight champion. Logan's boxing career spanned 1925-1940; and spent half his boxing career in Spain, Argentina, outside of the Philippines.[2][3]

On October 2, 1939, a sudden uplift came when Ceferino Garcia won the NYSAC World Middleweight Championship from American Fred Apostoli at the Madison Square Garden, New York, United States. On December 23, 1939, Garcia successfully defended his title for the first time against American Glen Lee in front of his countrymen inside the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex which was the first world title bout ever recorded in the Philippine islands. Garcia also competed with some of the best boxers ever like Barney Ross and Henry Armstrong, to whom he denied his fourth title in four weight divisions through a draw. However, he then lost at the hands of Ken Overlin, unable to land his famous bolo punch and losing the title.

Second Golden Age of Philippine boxing

On July 20, 1955, Filipino boxing fans saw the birth of Philippine boxing's second golden era as a Cebuano boxer named Gabriel "Flash" Elorde beat the then reigning World Featherweight Champion and later Hall of Famer Sandy Saddler in a non-title bout at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. Elorde went on to win the World Super Featherweight Championship from Harold Gomes by a seventh round knockout on March 16, 1960. Elorde kept his world title inside a division record of 7 years and 2 months with 10 successful defenses, including a one round knockout of Gomes in a rematch. Flash Elorde, during his time, was one the busiest fighters who traveled to fight very often. A great and fearless fighter, Elorde was one of the most beloved Filipino athletes since Pancho Villa. In this Elorde inspired period, twenty (20) world champions were created spanning from Roberto Cruz to Gerry Peñalosa along with the formation of the "Big Four of Professional Boxing" or the major sanctioning bodies, namely the WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO. However, as time goes by, boxing was becoming less popular in the country because of many alternative sports including basketball until Manny Pacquiao came.

Third Golden Age of Philippine boxing (present)

A Filipino boxer named Manny Pacquiao, was an entertaining star in the local boxing television show called "Blow-by-Blow" by the famed Filipino manager and promoter Rod Nazario. Pacquiao's name was so accustomed to the viewers not only because of his aggressive style, but also of his unique looks and catchy surname. No one expects that Pacquiao will be the greatest Filipino fighter ever and one of the greatest the world have ever seen. This marks the beginning of the third greatest era of Philippine boxing and a new wave of Filipino boxers. On December 4, 1998, Pacquiao upset Thai Champion Chatchai Sasakul in Thailand to win the WBC Flyweight Championship (his first world title). On his title defense, Pacquiao lost his title on the scale and was knocked out in the fight by Medgoen Singsurat of Thailand. Pacquiao was unable to the make flyweight limit and move to super bantamweight division. Pacquiao, for the second time in his career, was the heavy underdog against South African Lehlohonolo Ledwaba, the reigning IBF Super Bantamweight Champion. On June 23, 2001, Pacquiao won his second world title in two different weight divisions. In 2003, Pacquiao's career rose to its peak as he stopped the then reigning The Ring Featherweight champion Marco Antonio Barrera of Mexico via 11th round technical knockout. From then on, Pacquiao has acquired three lineal (The Ring) titles and four major (WBC & IBF) world titles along six different divisions- flyweight (112 lbs.), super bantamweight (122 lbs.), featherweight (126 lbs.), super featherweight (130 lbs.), lightweight (135 lbs.) and light welterweight (140 lbs.). On, November 14, 2009, Pacquiao surpassed Oscar De La Hoya's record of six-division titles by stopping WBO welterweight champion Miguel Angel Cotto to win his seventh title across seven divisions. One year later, he made history by being the first boxer ever to win eight world titles in eight weight divisions as he dominated Mexican slugger Antonio Margarito to won the vacant WBC Light Middleweight title. Since 2003, Pacquiao amassed a record of 16 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw in his last 18 fights (his only loss came against Mexican Erik Morales, whom he defeated two-times all by knockouts in their trilogy). The Filipino fighter defeated some of the best oppositions available along the way to his superstardom including Mexicans Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Márquez and Antonio Margarito, British Ricky Hatton, Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, and Americans Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley. The "Pacquiao Wave" regenerate boxing in the Philippines as the new generation of boxers begin to aspire higher, trying to emulate their idol Manny Pacquiao. Nonito Donaire Jr., one of the Pacquiao-wave fighters, became the third Asian to win three world titles in three weight divisions by defeating Mexican Fernando Montiel to claim the WBC and WBO Bantamweight Championships on February 19, 2011.

Philippines' contribution to boxing

The Philippines is one of the founding member nations of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF). Filipino boxers also contributed to the history of boxing from rules and techniques to records and achievements. Pancho Villa is not only the first Asian and Filipino world champion but is also described as one of the cleanest boxers before the proper rules were established. Ceferino Garcia is credited as the inventor of the "bolo punch". However, according to Tahoma News-Tribune, a fellow Filipino boxer named Macario Flores was reportedly using it.Gabriel "Flash" Elorde still holds the record for longest reign in the super featherweight or junior lightweight (130 lbs.) division - 7 years, 2 months and 29 days with 10 title defenses. While Donnie Nietes holds as the longest Filipino World Champion in the Light Flyweight division. On November 13, 2010, Manny Pacquiao entered the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first ever boxer to win eight world titles in 8 eight different divisions (see also Octuple Champion) by defeating Mexican Antonio Margarito via 12-round unanimous decision to claim the vacant WBC light middleweight champion

List of amateur boxing Olympic medalists

1 José Villanueva 1932 Los Angeles Olympics Men's Bantamweight Bronze Medal
2 Anthony Villanueva 1964 Tokyo Olympics Men's Featherweight Silver Medal
3 Leopoldo Serantes 1988 Seoul Olympics Men's Light Flyweight Bronze Medal
4 Roel Velasco 1992 Barcelona Olympics Men's Light Flyweight Bronze Medal
5 Mansueto Velasco 1996 Atlanta Olympics Men's Light Flyweight Silver Medal

List of professional boxing world champions

     Major World Champions [Major Sanctioning Bodies: WBA, WBC, IBF & WBO]
     Interim World Champions [Interim Sanctioning Bodies: WBA (Interim), WBC (Silver) & WBO (Interim)]
     Minor World Champions [Minor Sanctioning Bodies: NBA (defunct), WAA (defunct), IBC, WBF, IBO, WPBF and others]
 HoF  Hall of Famers [IBHOF (highly regarded) & WBHF (lightly regarded)]
 U  Undisputed World Champions [Universal (USA & Britain) or Now (Having held 3 of the 4 major titles in a single division)]
 L  Lineal World Champions [Sanctioning Body: The Ring Magazine (since 1922, ceased publication in 1990-2000s, continued in 2002)]
 S  Super World Champions [Sanctioning Bodies: WBA (Super), WBC (Emeritus) & WBO (Super)]
 H  Boxer of Filipino heritage [due to parent's nationality, residence or other circumstances]
 C  Current World Champions

1 Francisco Guilledo [HoF][U][L] World Flyweight Champion (Undisputed & Lineal) Jun 16, 1923 3 Vacated[4]
2 Small Montana World Flyweight Champion (NYSAC) Sep 16, 1935 1 Lost[5]
3 Little Dado World Flyweight Champion (California Version)
World Bantamweight Champion (California Version)
NBA Flyweight Champion (Minor)
Nov 30, 1938
Apr 24, 1940
Feb 21, 1941
4 Ceferino Garcia [HoF] NYSAC Middleweight Champion (NYSAC) Oct 02, 1939 2 Lost[7]
5 Dado Marino [H][U][L] World Flyweight Champion (Undisputed & Lineal) Jul 01, 1950 1 Lost[8]
6 Flash Elorde [HoF][U][L] World Super Featherweight Champion (Undisputed & Lineal)
Inaugural WBA Super Featherweight Champion (Major)
Inaugural WBC Super Featherweight Champion (Major)
Mar 16, 1960
Feb 16, 1963
Feb 16, 1963
7 Roberto Cruz WBA Light Welterweight Champion (Major) Mar 21, 1963 0 Lost[10]
8 Pedro Adigue Jr. WBC Light Welterweight Champion (Major) Dec 14, 1968 0 Lost[11]
9 René Barrientos WBC Super Featherweight Champion (Major) Feb 15, 1969 0 Lost[12]
10 Bernabe Villacampo WBA Flyweight Champion (Major) Oct 19, 1969 0 Lost[13]
11 Erbito Salavarria[L] WBC Flyweight Champion (Major) & (Lineal)
WBA Flyweight Champion (Major)
Dec 07, 1970
Apr 01, 1975
12 Ben Villaflor WBA Super Featherweight Champion (Major)
WBA Super Featherweight Champion (Major) & (Lineal)
Apr 25, 1972
Oct 17, 1973
13 Rolando Navarrrete WBC Super Featherweight Champion (Major) Aug 29, 1981 0 Lost[16]
Andrew Ganigan[H] WAA Lightweight Champion (World Athletic Association Oct 31, 1981 0 Vacated[17]
14 Frank Cedeno[L] WBC Flyweight Champion (Major) & (Lineal) Sep 27, 1983 0 Lost[18]
15 Bobby Berna Inaugural IBF Super Bantamweight Champion (Major) Dec 04, 1983 0 Lost[19]
16 Dodie Boy Peñalosa Inaugural IBF Light Flyweight Champion (Major)
IBF Flyweight Champion (Major)
Dec 10, 1983
Feb 22, 1987
17 Rolando Bohol IBF Flyweight Champion (Major) Jan 16, 1988 1 Lost[21]
18 Tacy Macalos IBF Light Flyweight Champion (Major) Nov 04, 1988 0 Lost[22]
19 Eric Chavez IBF Minimumweight Champion (Major) Sep 21, 1989 0 Lost[23]
20 Luisito Espinosa WBA Bantamweight Champion (Major)
WBC Featherweight Champion (Major)
Oct 18, 1989
Dec 11, 1995
21 Jesus Salud WBA Super Bantamweight Champion (Major)
IBC Super Bantamweight Champion (Minor)
Dec 11, 1989
Jun 07, 1990
22 Rolando Pascua WBC Light Flyweight Champion (Major) Dec 09, 1990 0 Lost[26]
23 Manny Melchor IBF Minimumweight Champion (Major) Sep 06, 1992 0 Lost[27]
24 Morris East WBA Light Welterweight Champion (Major) Sep 09, 1992 0 Lost[28]
Ronnie Magramo WBF Minimumweight Champion (Minor)
WBF Minimumweight Champion (Minor)
Jul 09, 1994
Sep 30, 1995
Amado Cabato IBO Lightweight Champion (Minor) Dec 11, 1994 0 Lost[30]
William Magahin WBF Welterweight Champion (Minor)
WBF Welterweight Champion (Minor)
Mar 25, 1995
Oct 21, 1995
25 Gerry Peñalosa WBC Super Flyweight Champion (Major)
WBF Super Flyweight Champion (Minor)
WBO Bantamweight Champion (Major)
Feb 20, 1997
Nov 27, 2004
Aug 11, 2007
26 Eric Jamili WBO Minimumweight Champion (Major) Dec 19, 1997 0 Lost[33]
27 Manny Pacquiao [L][S] WBC Flyweight Champion (Major)
IBF Super Bantamweight Champion (Major)
The Ring World Featherweight Champion (Lineal)
WBC Super Featherweight Champion (Major)
The Ring World Super Featherweight Champion (Lineal)
WBC Lightweight Champion (Major)
IBO Light Welterweight Champion (Minor)
The Ring World Light Welterweight Champion (Lineal)
WBO Welterweight Super Champion (Major)
WBC Light Middleweight Champion (Major)
WBO Welterweight Super Champion (Major)
Dec 04, 1998
Jun 23, 2001
Nov 15, 2003
Mar 15, 2008
Mar 15, 2008
Jun 28, 2008
May 2, 2009
May 2, 2009
Nov 14, 2009
Nov 13, 2010
Apr 12, 2014
Lost [34]
28 Malcolm Tuñacao WBC Flyweight Champion (Major) May 19, 2000 1 Lost[35]
29 Joma Gamboa WBA Minimumweight Interim Champion (Interim)
WBA Minimumweight Regular Champion (Major)
Dec 04, 1999
Aug 20, 2000
Noel Tuñacao IBO Lightweight Champion (Minor) Mar 08, 2003 0 Stripped[37]
Dindo Castanares WBF Light Welterweight Champion (Minor) Dec 11, 2004 1 Stripped[38]
30 Brian Viloria[H][C] WBC Light Flyweight Champion (Major)
IBF Light Flyweight (Minor)
WBO Flyweight Champion (Major)
WBA Flyweight Super Champion
Sep 10, 2005
Apr 19, 2009
Jul 16, 2011
Nov 10, 2012
Dondon Sultan WBF Light Welterweight Champion (Minor) Nov 25, 2006 0 Lost[40]
31 Florante Condes IBF Minimumweight Champion (Major) Jul 07, 2007 0 Lost[41]
32 Nonito Donaire[L][C] IBF Flyweight Champion (Major)
IBO Flyweight Champion (Minor)
WBA Super Flyweight Interim Champion (Interim)
WBC Bantamweight Champion (Major)
WBO Bantamweight Champion (Major)
WBO Super Bantamweight Champion (Major)
IBF Super Bantamweight Champion (Major)
The Ring World Super Bantamweight Champion (Lineal)
Jul 07, 2007
Jul 07, 2007
Aug 15, 2009
Feb 19, 2011
Feb 19, 2011
Feb 04, 2012
Jul 07, 2012
Oct 13, 2012
33 Donnie Nietes[C] WBO Minimumweight Champion (Major)
WBO Light Flyweight Champion (Major)
Sep 30, 2007
Oct 08, 2011
34 Marvin Sonsona WBO Super Flyweight Champion (Major) Sep 04, 2009 1 Stripped[44]
Michael Farenas WPBF Featherweight Champion (Minor) Oct 03, 2009 0 Vacated[45]
35 Rodel Mayol WBC Light Flyweight Champion (Major) Nov 21, 2009 1 Lost[46]
36 Johnriel Casimero[C] WBO Light Flyweight Interim Champion (Interim)
IBF Light Flyweight Interim Champion (Interim)
IBF Light Flyweight Champion (Major)
Dec 19, 2009
Feb 10, 2012
Jul 19, 2012
Edrin Dapudong WBC Silver Flyweight Champion (Interim)
IBO Super Flyweight Champion (Minor)
Jun 19, 2010 0 Lost[48]
Drian Francisco WBA Super Flyweight Interim Champion (Interim) Nov 30, 2010 0 Lost[49]
Sylvester Lopez WBC Silver Super Flyweight Champion (Interim) Sep 24, 2011 0 Lost[50]
Denver Cuello WBC Silver Minimumweight Champion (Interim) Oct 15, 2011 0 Incumbent[51]
37 Sonny Boy Jaro[L] WBC Flyweight Champion (Major)
The Ring World Flyweight Champion (Lineal)
Mar 02, 2012
Mar 02, 2012
38 Merlito Sabillo[C] WBO Minimumweight Interim Champion(Interim)
WBO Minimumweight Champion (Major)
Mar 09, 2013
April 2013
39 Rey Loreto IBO Light Flyweight Champion (Minor) Feb 01, 2014 0 Present
40 Bruno Esacalante IBA Super Flyweight Champion (Minor) Dec 07, 2013 0 Present
41 Randy Petalcorin WBA Interim Ligt Flyweight Champion (Minor) Aug 26, 2014 0 Present

|align=left bgcolor="#EDDA74"| Harmonito Dela Torre | WBF World Super Featherweight Champion (Minor) |Sept 13, 2014 |0 |Present
Incumbent[56] |-align=center | |align=left bgcolor="#EDDA74"| Minor) |April 11, 2015 |0 |Present
Incumbent |-align=center |}

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Current titleholders

Name Organization Division Date won
Donnie Nietes World Boxing Organization Light flyweight October 8, 2011
Johnriel Casimero International Boxing Federation Light flyweight July 19, 2012
Merlito Sabillo World Boxing Organization Minimumweight April 2013
Denver Cuello World Boxing Council Silver Minimumweight October 15, 2011
Merlito Sabillo World Boxing Organization Minimumweight April 2013
Rey Loreto International Boxing Organization Light Flyweight February 2014
Bruno Escalante International Boxing Association Super Flyweight 7 December 2013

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