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List of commercial video games with available source code


List of commercial video games with available source code

The video games in this table were originally developed proprietary as commercial closed source software product. On the end of life of these video games when no revenue was expected anymore (e.g. superseded by next generation or beyond support lifecycle), the source code was released. Instead of letting these games become unsupported Abandonware, they were opened under varying (free and non-free, commercial and non-commercial) licenses to the game communities or the public. This allows the game communities at least to provide technical support (bug fixes, compatibility adaptions to new hardware and OSs) themselves, e.g. with unofficial patches or Source ports to actual platforms. Artwork and data is seldom released under a free license as the copyright entanglements are often more complicated than with the source code. See also Category:Commercial video games with freely available source code

For Open source video game see the List of open source video games. For commercial games which were released as freeware without source code see List of commercial video games released as freeware.

   Title    First Release Source Code Release Genre Engine License Content License Original Developer Additional Information
Abuse 1995 2003 Run and gun Public domain Public domain and Proprietary* Crack dot Com Game source code was released as public domain along with the shareware-released media files.[1] *Only shareware data, excluding the sound effects, is in the public domain; the rest is proprietary.
Aliens versus Predator 2000 2001[2] FPS Own non-commercial license[3] Proprietary Rebellion Developments Source code released by Rebellion Developments 2001.
Allegiance (now FreeAllegiance) 2000 2004 real-time strategy and Space combat simulator Shared Source[4] Proprietary Microsoft Research Released by Microsoft Research under a shared source license ("MSR-SSLA") 2004.[5]
Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021 1987 2004 4x game no license given Freeware George Moromisato Developed by George Moromisato in 1987. Around 2004 the source code of the DOS version 2.00 was released.[6]
Arx Fatalis (now Arx Libertatis) 2002 2011 RPG GPL Proprietary Arkane Studios The design of Arx Fatalis was heavily influenced by Ultima Underworld. Game source released by Arkane Studios on January 14, 2011.
Asteroids 1979 1996 Arcade no license no license Atari Source code of Asteroids in the Atari 7800 version was released in physical form by Atari Sunnyvale on their closure 1996. Together with Ms. Pac Man, Dig Dug, Robotron: 2084 and eight further games reconstructed by the Atari-Museum and published later.[7][8]
AstroMenace (now OpenAstroMenace) 2007 2007 Arcade GPLv3 GPLv3 Viewizard Based on AstroMenace which was released in February 2007 as shareware for Windows and freeware for Linux.[9]
Aquaria 2010 2010 Action-adventure GPL Proprietary Bit Blot Open sourced with Humble Indie Bundle.[10]
Aztaka 2009 2011 Action role-playing game Proprietary Citérémis In 2011 Independent game developer Citérémis released a "Developer's Edition" of Aztaka for 9.99$ which included also the source code of the game.[11][12]
Savage: The Battle for Newerth 2003 2007 online Real-time strategy, First-person shooter no license/proprietary Freeware[13] S2 Games The game was turned freeware by S2 Games on September 1, 2006. In 2007 the source code became available to the game community, who now continues development.[14]
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein 1985 2005 Shooter no license given Freeware Silas Warner The reconstructed source code and the ported game was released by Silas Warner's widow in 2005.[15]
Beyond the Titanic 1986 2009 Text adventure GPL GPL Apogee Software Game source released on March 20, 2009.
Blades of Exile 1997 2007 RPG GPL GPL Spiderweb Software Source code and artwork was released by Jeff Vogel (Spiderweb Software) under a GPL license in June 2007.[16]
Blake Stone: Planet Strike 1994 2013[17] FPS GPL[18] GPL Apogee Software Released in 2013 to promote the sale of the Apogee Throwback Pack on Steam.
Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space (now Race Into Space) 2007 2013 Simulation GPLv2[19] Freeware[20] Strategic Visions/Fritz Bronner A port of Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space to modern operating systems. The license fall back to Bronner as he had an contract clause with Interplay stating that in case of Interplay went bankrupt or no distribution for some time.[20]
Catacomb 1989 2014[21] Top-down shooter GNU General Public License Proprietary Softdisk Early game by John D. Carmack.
Catacomb 3D 1991 2014[21] First-person shooter GNU General Public License Proprietary id Software Predecessor to Wolfenstein 3D.
Call to Power II 2000 2003 turn-based strategy game Non-commercial own license[22] Proprietary Activision Civilization clone. Source opened to the apolyton community to allow support with Community patches.[23]
Canabalt 2009 2010 Cinematic platformer Engine MIT license,[24] game code own proprietary license[25] Proprietary/Freeware Adam Saltsman Released by Adam Saltsman in 2010.[26]
Clonk 1994 2010 Action, RTS, Platform ISC CC-BY RedWolf Design Successor of the Clonk shareware series.
Colobot 2001 2012 Educational game, RTS GPLv3 GPLv3 Epsitec SA Game source released on March 26, 2012.[27]
Colossal Cave Adventure 1976 2007 Text Adventure no license given[28][29] no artwork Will Crowther
Conquest: Frontier Wars 2001 2013 Space Real-time strategy Proprietary Fever Pitch Studios On December 9, 2013, the source code was bundled with every copy of the game purchased on[30][31]
CoreBreach 2011 2012 Racing game GPL (game)/ MIT (3d engine)[32] Freeware (demo)/ proprietary CoreCode Futuristic "anti-gravity" racing game with combat. Source was released after a sales quota was met.[32]
Dark Reign 2 2000 2011 RTS LGPL Proprietary Pandemic Studios Released by a former developer of Pandemic Studios to prevent that the game become unsupported Abandonware.[33][34] Legal status unclear.
DarkSpace 2001 2009 MMO, Real-time strategy multiple, own licenses.[35] Proprietary Palestar DarkSpace's Engine called Medusa released by Palestar under multiple licenses.[36]
Descent (now D2X-XL)[37] 1995 1997/1999 space 3D first-person shooter own license[38] Proprietary Parallax Software Game source released by Parallax Software on 1997 (Descent 1)[39] and 1999 (Descent 2).[40]
Dink Smallwood 1997 2003/2008 Action RPG Zlib inspired own license[41] Zlib/Proprietary (Sound)[42] Robinson Technologies Source published on July 17, 2003 from Seth Robinson.[43] 2008 Artwork published (without some sounds) under a Zlib license.[44]
Doom 1993 1997/1999 FPS GPL Proprietary Id Software Game source released on 1997, placed under GPL on 1999.
Doom II: Hell on Earth 1994 1997/1999 FPS GPL Proprietary Id Software Game source released on 1997, placed under GPL on 1999.
Doom 3 2004 2011 FPS GPL Proprietary Id Software Game source released on November 22, 2011.[45]
Dragonfire 1982 2003 action without license without license Imagic Source code of this Imagic Atari 2600 game was released by developer Bob Smith on May 24, 2003.[46]
Duke Nukem 3D 1996 2003 FPS GPL Proprietary 3D Realms Game source released on April 1, 2003.
Eat The Whistle 1998 2002 Sports game GPLv2[47] GPLv2 Hurricane Studios A football Simulation video game released for the Amiga. In 2002 released under the GPL and ported to many other platforms.[48]
Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche vs. KA-52 Hokum 2000 2003 Helicopter Flight simulator own license[49] Proprietary Razorworks Game source was released somewhen 2003 by Razorworks.[50]
Enemy Nations 1997 2005[51]/2006[52][53] RTS own non-commercial license[54] non-commercial Freeware[54] Windward Studios Game source and artwork was released by Windward Studios under a non-commercial license around 2005/2006.
Falcon 4.0 1998 2000 Combat flight simulator Proprietary (leaked code) / questionable BSD license (FreeFalcon community development branch) Proprietary MicroProse A 2000 source code leak[55] by a former developer allowed unofficial community development, including upgrades, improved graphics, and bug fixes. In 2013 the source code of one of the community development branches was released to a GitHub repository under a BSD license.[56] As Atari currently owns the intellectual property and Graphsim has the exclusive right to publish, the legality of this source code is highly questionable.
Fish Fillets (now Fish Fillets NG) 1998 2002 Puzzle GPL GPL Altar Games Released commercially as Fish Fillets in 1998. Source released in 2002 under the GPL.
FreeSpace 2 (now FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project) 1999 2002 Space Sim Non-commercial/Proprietary Proprietary Volition, Inc. Game source released by Volition, Inc. on April 25, 2002.[57]
Gish 2010 2010 Action GPL Proprietary Cryptic Sea Source opened with Humble Indie Bundle by Wolfire Games.[58][59]
Glitch 2009 2013 MMO client and other parts under CC0 CC0 Tinyspeck In 2013, one year after the MMO was shut down, most of the artwork and parts of the code were released under a CC0 license.[60][61]
Gothic 3 2006 2007 RPG Proprietary Proprietary JoWood Source code was opened by JoWood for the members of "Community patch project" from the game community in 2007.[62]
Gravity Force 2 1994 2008 Multidirectional shooter no license given no license given Jens Andersson & Jan Kronqvist On September 21, 2008 the developers of the Amiga shareware title Gravity Force 2 released the source code for "nostalgic interest" without specified license.[63]
Heretic 1994 1999/2008 FPS GPLv2 Proprietary Raven Software Game source released on 1999, put under GPL on September 4, 2008.
Hexen 1996 1999/2008 FPS GPLv2 Proprietary Raven Software Game source released on 1999, put under GPL on September 4, 2008.
Hexen II 1997 2000 FPS GPL Proprietary Raven Software Game source released in 2000.
Homeworld 1999 2003 Space Real-time strategy Non-commercial license[64] Proprietary Relic Entertainment Game source released 2003.[65]
HoverRace 1996 2008 Racing originally time limited license / later non-commercial GrokkSoft HoverRace SourceCode License.[66][67] GrokkSoft Was first published under a time-limited license. On 2008 re-newed with an infinite duration license.[68]
Hovertank 3D 1991 2014[21] First-person shooter GNU General Public License Proprietary id Software First 3D game by id Software and John D. Carmack.
Iron Seed 1994 2013 Space trading and combat simulator GPL Proprietary Channel 7 Released as freeware by the authors to promote the development of Iron Seed 2 in the 2000s. Source opened under the GPL by the developers in 2013.[69]
Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire (now JA2-Stracciatella) 2004 2004 Tactical role-playing game Own license Proprietary iDeal Games Source code was bundled and released with JA2: Wildfire 2004.[70]
Kiloblaster 1992 2008 Arcade Own license[71] Freeware (with additional restriction) Epic MegaGames Allen Pilgrim declared the registered version freeware and released also the source code on August 4, 2008.[72]
Kumquat & Cantaloupe 1996 2012 Maze undefined Freeware Dave Schofield The Amiga games Kumquat & Cantaloupe, originally released as shareware titles, were re-released as freeware with source code included by the author in November 2012.[73][74]
Kroz 1987 2009 Maze GPL GPL Apogee Software Game source released on March 20, 2009.
Lugaru 2005 2010 Action-adventure game GPLv2 Proprietary Wolfire Games Open sourced with the first Humble Indie Bundle by Wolfire Games.[75]
Maelstrom 1992 1995/2010 Shoot 'em up GPL CC-BY Ambrosia Software Asteroids clone. 1995 source released under GPL. In 2010 Andrew Welch and Ian Gilman released the game's contents under a Creative Commons license.[76]
Marathon 2: Durandal (now Aleph One) 1995 2000 FPS GPL Proprietary Bungie Software Released by Bungie on January 17, 2000.[77]
MechCommander 2 2001 2006 Real-time tactics Shared Source Limited Permissive License[78] Proprietary Microsoft Source opened under a Shared Source license by Microsoft in August 2006.[79]
Meridian 59 1995 2012 MMORPG GPLv2 (compression library and audio library not included) Freeware Archetype Interactive As of February 2010 Meridian 59 has been turned over to the original technical developers, Andrew and Chris Kirmse. On September 15, 2012 they released the game to the public as Freeware and most of the source code under the GPLv2 license.[80]
Miner Wars 2081 2012 2013 Space Shooter own proprietary license[81] Proprietary Keen Software House 6DOF action-survival space-shooter simulation-game set in the year 2081. Full game and engine source code released under a restrictive license.
Monster RPG 2 2010 2012 JRPG "Give it Your Own License" License (Public Domain)[82] Proprietary nooskewl After a successful Indiegogo campaign release by nooskewl under a Public Domain like license on November 11, 2012[83]
MiG Alley 1999 2001 Flight simulation own license Proprietary Rowan Software/Empire Interactive Source opened by Rowan Software/Empire Interactive in 2001.[84]
Myth (series) 1998 2001 Real-time tactics source opened without defined license Proprietary Take 2 Interactive/MumboJumbo Source opened by Take 2 Interactive/MumboJumbo to the game community in 2001.[85][86]
Myst Online: Uru Live 2007 2010 MMORPG GPLv3 Proprietary Cyan Worlds "Myst Online: Uru Live" struggled to attract subscribers and was canceled after its first year. Cyan release the game as an open source game in 2010.[87]
Natural Selection 2002 2014 FPS GPLv2 (most code) / custom (external libraries)[88] Proprietary Unknown Worlds Entertainment In January 2014 Unknown Worlds released the source code for download on GitHub.[89]
NoGravity 1996 2005 Arcade GPL Proprietary realtech VR Source code released by realtech VR on February 16, 2005.[90]
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way 2002 2011 FPS GPLv2[91] Proprietary Monolith Productions Source code released by Monolith Productions/Sierra Entertainment as part of a modding toolkit[92]
Penumbra: Overture 2007 2009 Survival horror with FPS aspects GPL Proprietary Frictional Games Developed by Swedish[93] developer Frictional Games, the game blends the genres of survival horror, first-person shooter, and adventure. Open sourced with Humble Indie Bundle.[94]
Prince of Persia 1989 2012 Cinematic platformer Proprietary Proprietary Jordan Mechner Apple II source code was long-thought-lost, but was found again and released in 2012.[95]
Project: Starfighter 2001 2008 Shoot 'em up GPL[96] Proprietary[97] Parallel Realities
Quake 1996 1999 FPS GPL Proprietary Id software Game source released on 1999.
Quake II 1997 2001 FPS GPL Proprietary Id software Game source released on December 21, 2001.
Quake III Arena 1999 2005 FPS GPL Proprietary Id software Game source released on August 19, 2005.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2001 2010 FPS GPL Proprietary Id software The source code for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) on August 12, 2010.[98]
Revenge of the Titans 2010 2011 Tower Defense, RTS Custom all-permissive[99] Proprietary Puppy Games Java based game. Source code was released by Puppy Games with the success of the second Humble Indie Bundle.[100]
Rise of the Triad 1995 2002 FPS GPL Proprietary Apogee Software/3D Realms Game source released on December 20, 2002.
Rowan's Battle of Britain 2000 2001 Flight simulation own license Proprietary Rowan Software/Empire Interactive Source opened by Rowan Software/Empire Interactive in 2001.[84]
Shadowgrounds 2005 2011 Shoot 'em up own non-commercial license[101] Proprietary Frozenbyte Game source released with a Humble Indie Bundle by Frozenbyte on April 22, 2011.[102]
Shadow Warrior 1997 2005 FPS GPL Proprietary 3D Realms Game source released on April 1, 2005.
Seven Kingdoms 1996 2008 RTS GPL GPL and Proprietary* Enlight Source code released by Enlight in November, 2008. *Music is proprietary[103][104]
Seven Kingdoms II 1999 2009 RTS GPL Proprietary Enlight Source code released in August, 2009.
Siege of Avalon 2000 2003 RPG LGPL Proprietary Digital Tome Source code released June 23, 2003.[105]
SimCity (Micropolis) 1989 (as SimCity) 2008 (as Micropolis) City-building game GPLv3[106] GPLv3 Maxis (Will Wright/Don Hopkins) Source code released by Don Hopkins under GPL in 2008. For trademark reasons released under the original working title Micropolis, also known as OLPC SimCity.[107]
Spear of Destiny 1992 1995 FPS ID SOFTWARE LICENSE[108] Proprietary id Software The source code of Wolfenstein 3D, which also covered Spear of Destiny, was released on July 21, 1995.
Star Control II (now The Ur-Quan Masters) 1992 2002 Action RPG GPL Cc-by-nc-sa Toys for Bob (Fred Ford / Paul Reiche III) Source code of the 3DO version GPL-released in 2002.
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 2002 2013 First/Third person shooter GPLv2 Proprietary Raven Software Release of the source code by Raven Software and Activision coincided with the closing of LucasArts by Disney.[109]
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 2003 2013 First/Third person shooter GPLv2 Proprietary Raven Software Release of the source code by Raven Software and Activision coincided with the closing of LucasArts by Disney.[109]
Starshatter: The Gathering Storm 2004 2011 Space combat simulator New BSD License Freeware Destroyer Studios/Matrix Games Source code released by Destroyer Studios/Matrix Games on December 14, 2011.[110][111]
Strange Adventures in Infinite Space 2002 2005/2009 Space Roguelike GPL Freeware Digital Eel Source was release under GPL by Digital Eel in 2005.[112] Content became freeware 2009.
Stellar Frontier 1997 2008 Space simulation STARDOCK SHARED SOURCE STELLAR FRONTIER LICENSE (non-commercial license)[113] STARDOCK SHARED SOURCE STELLAR FRONTIER LICENSE (non-commercial license) Stardock Stellar Frontier was developed by Doug Hendrix in 1995 and was later licensed and published by Stardock. On August 4, 2006, Stardock Systems closed the official master server. On November 18, 2008, the game source code was released under an own non-commercial license.[114]
Supernova 1987 2009 Text adventure GPL GPL Apogee Software Game source released on March 20, 2009.
Sopwith 1984 2000 Shoot 'em up GPL GPL David L. Clark The C and x86 assembly source code to Sopwith was released in 2000,[115] at first under a non-commercial use license, but later under the GNU GPL at the request of fans.[116]
To Heart 2 2004 2006 Visual novel GPL Proprietary Aquaplus Its source code was released by Aquaplus under the GNU General Public License on December 22, 2005 along with the source code for Arurū to Asobo!!, Tears to Tiara, and Kusari.[117][118] This decision was made due to the inclusion of Xvid derived code; Xvid being distributed under the same license.[117][118] The source code for all four games is distributed upon request in CD-R format.[117]
Tribes 2 2001 2012 FPS Torque engine under MIT, rest is proprietary Freeware Dynamix Many commercial titles were developed using the Torque engine.[119] GarageGames released Torque 3D under the MIT License on September 20, 2012.[120] The Tribes 2 source code beside the Torque engine is not available.[121]
Tyrian (now OpenTyrian) 1995 2007 Scrolling shooter GPLv2 Freeware/CC-BY 3.0 US[122][123] World Tree Games Productions/Epic MegaGames (Jason Emery/Daniel Cook) The OpenTyrian team ported the closed-source Pascal code of Tyrian to C with permission of Jason Emery on February 2007. The graphic artist Daniel Cook released the artwork shortly after.
Unreal 1998 2008 FPS source opened without defined license Proprietary Epic Megagames Access to source-code granted by Epic Megagames for the game community around 2008.[124]
Uplink 2001 2003 Hacking simulation Proprietary Proprietary Introversion Software Mid-2003 Introversion Software started selling the source code for $45. Usage beside modding and fixing of the game are not permitted by the license.[125] Source code of the games Darwinia + Multiwinia and DEFCON was later sold too.[126]
Warlords Battlecry III 2004 2006 RTS Own proprietary license Proprietary Infinite Interactive/Enlight Software On 24 May 2006 the Warlords Battlecry III source code has become available to the public. Members of the community (who signed a NDA) have been entitled distributors, which have the legal permissions to allocate copies of the Warlords Battlecry III source code.[127][128] The source code release resulted in the development of several community made Fan patches[129][130] and mods.
Warzone 2100 1999 2004/2008 RTS GPLv2 GPLv2, CC Pumpkin Studios/Eidos Interactive 3D real-time strategy game with a unit design system. First source part was released by Pumpkin Studios/Eidos Interactive in 2004 and the rest was released in 2008.[131]
Wolfenstein 3D 1992 1995 FPS ID SOFTWARE LICENSE[108] Proprietary id Software The source code of Wolfenstein 3D, which also covered Spear of Destiny, was released on July 21, 1995.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2003 2010 FPS GPLv3 Proprietary Splash Damage/id Software Game source released on August 12, 2010.
Word Whiz 1988 2009 Educational game GPL GPL Apogee Software Game source released on March 20, 2009.
Xargon 1993 2008 Platformer own license[71] Freeware (with additional restrictions) Epic MegaGames Game source released in 2008 by the programmer Allen Pilgrim.[132]

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