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Linda Rosa, California

Linda Rosa, or Linda Rose, is a former populated place, formerly in San Diego County, now in Riverside County, California. The town site of Linda Rosa was located southwest of the old town of Murrieta, California on the west side of Murrieta Creek.[1] Linda Rosa is a name derived from Spanish meaning "pretty rose".[2]

Linda Rosa was one of the many land development schemes of the 1880s in Southern California. In 1887 the Santa Rosa Land & Improvement Company, belonging to the Englishman, Parker Dear, owner of the Rancho Santa Rosa subdivided a portion of the rancho southwest of Murrieta along the California Southern Railroad line. Dear laid out the streets and built a large hotel for visitors and land buyers to stay in.[3] Linda Rosa Fruit Canning and Preserving Company was formed on June 30, 1888 to grow and can fruit and vegetables.[4] Linda Rosa had its own post office, Linda Rose, from November 20, 1888 to March 20, 1890 when the boom went bust, the town lots failed to sell and the office was closed and mail service was moved to Temecula Station.[5][6] The hotel was torn down and used build a house.[3] With the failure of his development, Parker Dear went bankrupt and lost the rancho to his bank in 1893.


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  • Map of Linda Rosa San Diego County, California, Santa Rosa Land & Improvement Co. A. Hart, President., (1887); "Situated on California Southern R.R. 60 miles from San Diego. 119 miles from Los Angeles. The future manufacturing and agricultural Center of Southern California." from Huntingon Digital Library website

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