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2009–10 Magyar Kupa

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Title: 2009–10 Magyar Kupa  
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Subject: Péter Czvitkovics, 2010–11 UEFA Europa League, 2009–10 Nemzeti Bajnokság I, József Varga (footballer born 1988)
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2009–10 Magyar Kupa

The 2009–10 Magyar Kupa (English: Hungarian Cup) was the seventieth season of Hungary's annual knock-out cup football competition. It started with the first match of Round 1 on 5 August 2009 and ended with the Final held on 8 May 2010 at Stadium Puskás Ferenc, Budapest. The winners earned a place in the second qualifying round of the 2010–11 UEFA Europa League. Budapest Honvéd were the defending champions.

Round 1

Matches were played between 5 and 9 August 2009 and involved the teams qualified through the local cup competitions during the previous season and the Nemzeti Bajnokság III teams.

1Police–Ola LSK advanced to the next round because Ják SE used an ineligible player.

Round 2

Matches were played between 19 and 26 August and on 23 September 2009 and involved the winners of Round 1 and the 2009–10 Nemzeti Bajnokság II teams.

Round 3

Matches were played between 9 and 29 September 2009. The winners of Round 2 were joined by the majority of the 2009–10 Nemzeti Bajnokság I teams; sides involved in a European cup competition were given a bye to the next round.

Team #1 Score Team #2
Lébény SE 0–6 Gyirmót SE
Lövő SE 1–8 FC Ajka
Győri ETO II 0–2 Lombard Pápa
Mosnmagyaróvári TE 1904 0–7 Győri ETO
Győrszemere KSK 1–5 FC Tatabánya
Kinizsi SC Szabadegyháza 0–3 Kaposvölgye VSC
Pálhalmai SE 2–1 BFC Siófok
Kozármisleny SE 0–1 Paksi SE
Hévíz FC 0–3 Zalaegerszegi TE
Zalaegerszegi TE II 1–5 Pécsi MFC
Tököl KSK 2–1 Barcsi SC
Videoton–Puskás Akadémia 0–3 Videoton
Ceglédi VSE 1–0 Békéscsaba Előre SE
Veszprém FC 1–2 Kaposvári Rákóczi
Bajai LSE 2–1 Makó FC
Orosháza FC 0–3 Kecskeméti TE
Harta SE 1–7 Szolnoki MÁV
Mátészalkai MTK 0–6 Mezőkövesdi SE
Putnok VSE 2–3 DVSC–DEAC
Nyírmadai ISE 2–0 Nyíregyháza Spartacus
Mándok KSE 1–2 Diósgyőr
Nyírbátor FC 2–1 (aet) Baktalórántháza VSE
Vecsési FC 0–5 MTK Budapest
Dunakanyar-Vác 2–0 Budaörsi SC
MTK Budapest II 2–0 Ferencváros
Turai VSK 5–4 (aet) Vasas
Balassagyarmat SE 1–7 REAC
Jánoshidai SE 0–2 Szigetszentmiklósi TK

Round 4

Matches were played between 29 September and 7 October 2009 and involved the winners of Round 3.

Team #1 Score Team #2
FC Tatabánya 1–2 Lombard Pápa
FC Ajka 1–5 Győri ETO
Bajai LSE 0–1 Haladás
Pécsi MFC 0–1 aet Zalaegerszegi TE
Kaposvölgye VSC 1–0 Paksi SE
Pálhalmai SE 1–4 Videoton
Gyirmót SE 1–1 aet
4–5 pen
Kaposvári Rákóczi
Turai VSK 0–6 MTK Budapest
Dunakanyar-Vác 0–2 Budapest Honvéd
MTK Budapest II 0–4 Újpest
Ceglédi VSE 1–3 Kecskeméti TE
Tököli KSK 0–1 Szigetszentmiklósi TK
REAC 1–4 Szolnoki MÁV
Nyírbátor FC 0–4 Diósgyőr
Nyírmadai ISE 2–8 Debreceni VSC
Mezőkövesdi SE 4–2 DVSC–DEAC

Round 5

The sixteen winners of the previous round were drawn into eight two-legged matches. The first-leg matches were played between 20 and 22 October 2009, the return legs took place on 27–28 October 2009. The winners on aggregate advanced to the next round.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Haladás 1–3 Zalaegerszegi TE 0–2 1–1
Győri ETO 3–1 Kaposvári Rákóczi 1–1 2–0
Videoton 3–0 Lombard Pápa 3–0 0–0
Kecskeméti TE 4–11 Újpest 2–5 2–6
Szolnoki MÁV 4–4 (a) Budapest Honvéd 4–1 0–3
Kaposvölgye VSC 4–5 Szigetszentmiklósi TK 2–2 2–3
MTK Budapest 6–0 Diósgyőr 3–0 3–0
Mezőkövesdi SE 4–8 Debreceni VSC 1–4 3–4


As in the previous round, ties were played over two legs. The winners advanced to the semi-finals.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Szigetszentmiklósi TK 1–6 Zalaegerszegi TE 0–3 1–3
Videoton 0–2 Újpest 0–1 0–1
Budapest Honvéd 2–1 Győri ETO 1–1 1–0
Debreceni VSC 2–2 MTK Budapest 2–0 0–2
11 November 2009
13:00 CET (UTC+01)
Szigetszentmiklósi TK 0–3 Zalaegerszegi TE
Pavićević Goal 6'27'
Rajcomar Goal 80'
Sporttelep, Szigetszentmiklós
Attendance: 150
Referee: János Takács
17 November 2009
13:00 CET (UTC+01)
Zalaegerszegi TE 3–1 Szigetszentmiklósi TK
Kamber Goal 33'
Máté Goal 62'
Pavićević Goal 89'
Riedl Goal 30'
ZTE Arena, Zalaegerszeg
Attendance: 100
Referee: J. Zoltán Kovács

Zalaegerszegi TE advanced 3–1 on aggregate.

17 November 2009
18:00 CET (UTC+01)
Videoton 0–1 Újpest
Kabát Goal 43'
Stadion Sóstói, Székesfehérvár
Attendance: 1,648
Referee: Péter Solymosi
25 November 2009
18:00 CET (UTC+01)
Újpest 1–0 Videoton
Sándor Goal 74' Horváth Red card 40'
Szusza Ferenc Stadium, Budapest
Attendance: 1,976
Referee: Viktor Kassai

Újpest advanced 2–0 on aggregate.

17 November 2009
18:00 CET (UTC+01)
Budapest Honvéd 1–1 Győri ETO
Moreira Goal 65' Aleksidze Goal 70'
Bozsik Stadion, Budapest
Attendance: 800
Referee: Zsolt Szabó
25 November 2009
17:00 CET (UTC+01)
Győri ETO 0–1 Budapest Honvéd
Diego Goal 9'
ETO Park, Győr
Attendance: 1,000
Referee: Péter Solymosi

Budapest Honvéd advanced 2–1 on aggregate.

13 December 2009
17:30 CET (UTC+01)
Debreceni VSC 2–0 MTK Budapest
Feczesin Goal 45'
Czvitkovics Goal 50'
Stadion Oláh Gábor Út, Debrecen
Attendance: 2,000
Referee: István Vad
17 December 2009
17:30 CET (UTC+01)
MTK Budapest 2–0 Debreceni VSC
Pál Goal 77'
Zsidai Goal 80'
Pál Penalty scored
Zsidai Penalty scored
Melczer Penalty scored
Hidvégi Penalty scored
Nikházi Penalty missed
4–5 Penalty scored Czvitkovics
Penalty scored Laczkó
Penalty scored Fodor
Penalty scored Feczesin
Penalty scored Mijadinoszki
Stadion Hidegkuti Nándor, Budapest
Attendance: 300
Referee: Mihály Fábián

Aggregate score 2–2, Debreceni VSC advanced on penalty shootout.


Ties in the semi-finals were also played over two legs.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Budapest Honvéd 2–3 Debreceni VSC 1–1 1–2
Újpest 0–1 Zalaegerszegi TE 0–1 0–0
23 March 2010
18:00 CET (UTC+01)
Budapest Honvéd 1–1 Debreceni VSC
Abraham Goal 89' Szilágyi Goal 81'
Bozsik Stadion, Budapest
Attendance: 1,000
Referee: Zoltán Iványi
13 April 2010
18:00 CET (UTC+01)
Debreceni VSC 2–1 Budapest Honvéd
Laczkó Goal 34', Goal 85' Abraham Goal 84'

Debreceni VSC advances 3–2 on aggregate.

24 March 2010
18:00 CET (UTC+01)
Újpest 0–1 Zalaegerszegi TE
Vaskó Red card 61' Balázs Goal 88'
Szusza Ferenc Stadium, Budapest
Attendance: 1,500
Referee: István Vad
14 April 2010
18:00 CET (UTC+01)
Zalaegerszegi TE 0–0 Újpest
ZTE Arena, Zalaegerszeg
Attendance: 5,855
Referee: Péter Solymosi

Zalaegerszegi TE advances 1–0 on aggregate.


The match was played on 26 May 2010.

26 May 2010
19:00 CET (UTC+01)
Debreceni VSC 3–2 Zalaegerszegi TE
Coulibaly Goal 24' Goal 68'
Yannick Goal 30'
Report Pavićević Goal 41'
Rudņevs Goal 70'
Stadium Puskás Ferenc, Budapest
Attendance: 5,000
Referee: István II Vad (Budapest)
GK 87 Hungary István Verpecz
DF 22 Hungary Csaba Bernáth (c)
DF 16 Hungary Ádám Komlósi Booked 12'
DF 24 Republic of Macedonia Mirsad Mijadinoski
DF 86 Hungary Zsolt Laczkó Booked 32'
MF 55 Hungary Péter Szakály
MF 27 Hungary Ádám Bódi Substituted off 90'
MF 25 Hungary Zoltán Szélesi
MF 77 Hungary Péter Czvitkovics Substituted off 82'
FW 20 Cameroon Mbengono Yannick Substituted off 44'
FW 39 France Adamo Coulibaly
GK 1 Montenegro Vukašin Poleksić
DF 21 Hungary Marcell Fodor
MF 30 Hungary Zoltán Kiss Substituted in 82'
MF 7 Hungary Tibor Dombi
MF 33 Hungary József Varga Substituted in 90'
FW 23 Hungary Péter Szilágyi
FW 15 Hungary László Rezes Substituted in 44' Booked 71'
Hungary András Herczeg
GK 1 Hungary Géza Vlaszák
DF 2 Hungary Gergely Kocsárdi (c) Substituted off 77'
DF 22 Slovenia Matej Miljatovič
DF 3 Serbia Milan Bogunović
DF 16 Hungary Péter Máté Booked 63'
MF 20 Slovakia Marián Sluka Substituted off 61'
MF 21 Hungary András Horváth
MF 19 Bosnia and Herzegovina Đorđe Kamber
MF 7 Hungary Gyula Illés
FW 11 Latvia Artjoms Rudņevs
FW 6 Montenegro Darko Pavićević
GK 23 Hungary Gábor Sipos
DF 8 Slovenia Leon Panikvar
DF 4 Serbia Nenad Todorović
MF 15 Hungary Márk Petneházi
MF 13 Hungary Zsolt Barna
FW 25 Netherlands Prince Rajcomar Substituted in 77'
FW 17 Hungary Zsolt Balázs Substituted in 61'
Hungary János Csank

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