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24 Hour Service Station

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Title: 24 Hour Service Station  
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Subject: Peter Hook, The Orchard (company), Andy Rourke, Pink Lincolns, Rabbit in the Moon, Freebass, John Ralston (musician), List of New Order tribute albums, List of record labels: 0–9, Pocket (musician)
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24 Hour Service Station

24 Hour Service Station
Founded 1993
Founder Marshall Dickson
Distributor(s) MVD, IODA (The Orchard), 24 Hour Distribution
Genre Various (alternative, indie, electronica, alt country, punk rock, etc.)[1]
Country of origin United States
Location Tampa, Florida
Official website

24 Hour Service Station[1] is an American independent record label founded by Marshall Dickson[2] in Tampa, Florida, in 1993.[3][4] Among its releases are Ceremony - A New Order Tribute, a charity album,[5] and albums from artists such as Freebass, Peter Hook and The Light, The Beauvilles, singer-songwriter John Ralston, and punk rock band Pink Lincolns.[5] It also operates the division 24 Hour Distribution, a global media distribution network[3] which is partnered with entities such as the Independent Online Distribution Alliance and The Orchard.



24 Hour Service Station's first signing in 1994 was Rosewater Elizabeth,[6] an up and coming ethereal group in the Tampa Bay area music scene. The label then went on to release records by Shoemaker Levy 9, Questionface, and a tribute album to The Smiths entitled Godfathers of Change. In 1997, Dickson put the label “underground” to take a different path in the music business, starting a sales and marketing career with Sony Music.


In 2007, Dickson re-launched the record label while also maintaining the helm as General Manager[7] of Reax Music Magazine.[8] The label then released the Car Bomb Driver[9] album Evacuate, and by 2008, 24 Hour Service Station had put out a total of 17 releases and signed 13 bands including History,[10] Win Win Winter,[11] and The Beauvilles.[12] Songwriter and guitarist John Wesley, who had released two albums on 24 Hour in the mid-1990s and another during the hiatus (The Emperor Falls), continued releasing music on the label during the restart. By 2009 artists such as electronics musician Pocket and Kites With Lights had signed to the label, with The Fantastiques, a band from Minsk, Belarus, following suit.

Ceremony - A New Order Tribute (2009)

Ceremony – A New Order Tribute is a 2009 compilation album of New Order covers by independent acts from the United States and Europe,[13] compiled into a double CD Digi-pack and two additional digital albums. Produced by Sonshine Ward and Marshall Dickson, it was released in February 2010 by 24 Hour Service Station, with contributions from artists such as Peter Hook of Joy Division, Kites With Lights, and Rabbit in the Moon.

Allmusic reviewer William Ruhlmann gave the digital album 3.5/5 stars, and praised in particular the tracks that strayed in style from the original New Order compositions.[14]

The album is dedicated to the founder of Factory Records and New Order producer Tony Wilson, who died in 2007 from cancer.[15] Marshall Dickson was originally inspired by Wilson to start 24 Hour Service Station. The album benefits the Salford Foundation Trust's Tony Wilson Award.[15] Artists donated time and recordings to support the charity, which "assists young people who demonstrate a special talent or ambition in the arts or creative skills."[16][16][17][18]

Recent years

In 2010 Freebass released the first of several albums on the label. The group includes Peter Hook of Joy Division & New Order, Gary "Mani" Mounfield of The Stone Roses & Primal Scream, Andy Rourke of The Smiths, Phil Murphy of Man Ray, Paul Kehoe of Monaco and Gary Briggs of Haven.[5] Peter Hook also played in two other bands that signed to the label; Man Ray with Phil Murphy, and Peter Hook and The Light.[5] Fritz von Runte, a DJ and producer based in England, does frequently work with the label.[19]

Most of the bands signing to the label remained from the Tampa, Florida region, including The Beauvilles, Non-aggression Pact, singer-songwriter John Ralston, and punk rock band Pink Lincolns.[5] Yes But No, a duo of young sisters that contributed to the Ceremony compilation, are also from the area.[20]

24 Hour Distribution

24 Hour Distribution is a global media distribution network,[3] delivering content to over 250 International digital music outlets including iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and Spotify, via a partnership with Independent Online Distribution Alliance and The Orchard.[21] Physical products are available to retailers in the United States and Canada such as Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and F.Y.E., and Independent music stores including the coalitions A.I.M.S., C.I.M.S. & Music Monitor Network, and One-Stop fulfillment including, Alliance Entertainment Corporation (A.E.C.), Baker & Taylor Inc. and Super D / Phantom. 24 Hour Distribution exports physical goods to vendors in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand.[21]

Among it's distribution clients are Peter Hook's label Hacienda Records UK,[22] and In a Circle Records, which handle Brooklyn Rider, Yo-Yo Ma, and The Knights.[21]

Label artists

The following artists and bands have released music on the label, as of October 2013:[23]



SKU Title Artist Year
audio.1 Faint Rosewater Elizabeth 1994
audio.2 It Swallows Me Whole Rosewater Elizabeth 1995
audio.3 Hallucinogenic Toreador Shoemaker Levy 9 1996
audio.4 Le Petit Morte Rosewater Elizabeth 1995
audio.5 Witch Nam Rosewater Elizabeth 1996
audio.6 Cynthia Shoemaker Levy 9 1996
audio.7 Godfathers of Change Tribute to the Smiths 1997
audio.8 Limbo Questionface 1996
audio.9 Thread Easy Reel Mosley 1996
audio.10 Peace… An End Blue Eyes 2008
audio.11 Tart Chopping Hits Simon Said 1997
audio.12 Spent Casings : Gesticulate Reloaded Non-aggression Pact 2009
audio.14 Evacuate Car Bomb Driver 2009
audio.15 Ghosts In The City History 2008
audio.16 A Brief History Of… Win Win Winter 2008
audio.18 Surrender [Expanded Edition] Revere 2008
audio.19 Christmas In A Thomas Kinkade Town Mike verzi feat. Michelle ivey 2008
audio.20 Whipering Sin The Beauvilles 2009
audio.21 Skinnys 21 Skinnys 21 2008
audio.28 Under The Red And White Sky John Wesley 1994
audio.29 The Closing Of The Pale Blue Eyes John Wesley 1995
audio.30 The Emperor Falls John Wesley 1998
audio.31 Chasing Monsters John Wesley 2002
audio.32 Shiver John Wesley 2005
audio.33 Oxford John Wesley 2009
audio.34 C'est La Vie XOXO 2009
audio.35 The Weight Of Your Heart Kites With Lights 2009
audio.36 Surround Him With Love Pocket featuring Robyn Hitchcock 2009
audio.37 SAMPO Pocket featuring Yuki Chikudate 2009
audio.38 Hear In Noiseville Pocket featuring Steve Kilbey 2009
audio.39 Singles - Volume 1 Pocket 2009
audio.40 Ceremony - A New Order Tribute Various 2010
audio.41 Beautiful Gray Pocket featuring Dave Smalley 2009
audio.42 Someome To Run Away From Pocket featuring Craig Wedren 2009
audio.43 My 1st Car The Fantastiques 2009
audio.44 I Wish Every Other Day Was Christmas Kites With Lights 2009
audio.45 A Force Of Nature Pocket featuring Mark Burgess 2010
audio.46 summer 88 Man Ray 2010
audio.47 Backwards From Ten Pocket featuring Danny Seim 2010
audio.48 Jars Of Fireflies Pocket featuring Tanya Donelly 2010
audio.49 Ceremony - The Digital Album Ceremony - A New Order Tribute 2010
audio.50 Ceremony - EP Yes But No 2010
audio.51 Two Worlds Collide - ep, single track mix, live tomorrow you go down" Freebass 2010
audio.52 Ceremony - Twelve Versions of Ceremony various 2010
audio.53 It's a Beautiful Life Freebass 2010
audio.54 Ceremony - A New Order Tribute - Beatport exclusive Various 2010
audio.55 The Archers Bowed And Broke Their Bows Tommy Simms / Win Win Winter 2011
audio.56 Five Single eps Pocket 2009
audio.57 s/t Ep Daddy Lion 2010
audio.58 A Momentary Lapse In The Key Of W Noah Kussack / XOXO 2010
audio.59 Brand New Kites With Lights 2010
audio.60 Instrumental EP Freebass 2010
audio.61 You don't know this... - Arthur Baker remixes Freebass 2010
audio.62 Hand In Glove - The Smiths Tribute Various 2011
audio.63 Freebass Redesigns Fritz von Runte 2010
audio.64 Tokyo Joe Man Ray 2010
audio.65 Live At The L'olympia John Wesley 2011
audio.66 Cosmonauts Kites With Lights 2011
audio.67 1102 / 2011 EP Peter Hook And The Light 2011
audio.68 YINZ - the live album Pink Lincolns 2012
audio.69 Redesigns Fritz von Runte 2012
audio.70 Jesus Christ B/W A Marigny Xmas John Ralston 2010
audio.71 Night Colours Kites With Lights 2012
audio.72 Habitat Daddy Lion 2012
audio.73 EP EP PLS PLS 2012
audio.74 Ackbar Steel Fox 2012
audio.75 Holding Hearts Kites With Lights 2013
audio.76 LP LP PLS PLS 2013

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