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Alan Truscott

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Title: Alan Truscott  
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Alan Truscott

Alan Fraser Truscott (16 April 1925 – 4 September 2005) was a bridge player, writer, and editor. He wrote the daily bridge column for The New York Times for 41 years, from 1964 to 2005, and served as Executive Editor for all six editions of The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge from 1964 to 2002.[1]


  • Britain 1
  • America 2
  • Buenos Aires affair 3
  • Bridge accomplishments 4
    • Honors 4.1
    • Winner 4.2
    • Runners-up 4.3
  • Publications 5
  • References 6
  • External links 7


Truscott was born in Torquay in Devonshire, England. As European champions that British team finished third in the 1962 Bermuda Bowl held in New York City. The 1961 European Teams was his only international championship outside the British Isles.


According to Maureen Hiron, bridge columnist for The Independent of London, in New York City "he fell in love with one of the scorers, in particular, and America in general, and decided to cross the Atlantic."

Richard L. Frey, the American Contract Bridge League publications director, recruited Truscott to help edit the ACBL's membership magazine and its Official Encyclopedia of Bridge, whose first edition was underway. Truscott moved to New York City, then the ACBL headquarters, and succeeded Albert Morehead as bridge editor of The New York Times 1 January 1964. Frey, Truscott, and the editorial board led by Morehead completed the first Encyclopedia later that year.

Alan Truscott had three children Frances, Fraser and Philip with his first wife Gloria Gilling. That marriage was dissolved 1971 (Hiron) and in 1972 he married the American bridge expert and internationalist Dorothy Hayden, born Johnson, a former math teacher and actuary, who had four children from two previous marriages.(Alder)

Dorothy Truscott continued to compete at the highest levels after their marriage, winning all four of her world championships and achieving the world number one rank among women.(Alder) She had written "two best-selling bridge books" in 1969 and 1970 and they later wrote two books together.

Alan Truscott wrote thirteen books himself. He died of cancer at their vacation home in New Russia, New York, near Lake Champlain.[3] Mrs. Truscott died the following year.

Buenos Aires affair

As New York Times correspondent, Truscott covered the 1965 contract bridge world championship Bermuda Bowl in Buenos Aires and became a chief witness in a cheating scandal where Terence Reese and Boris Schapiro, representing Europe, were accused of using their fingers to pass information about their cards. The initial accusers were the American partnership of B. Jay Becker and Dorothy Hayden; the two confided their suspicions to Truscott, a close friend of Hayden's (and later her husband), and to John Gerber, then captain of the USA team. After an investigation, Reese and Schapiro were judged guilty by the World Bridge Federation authorities at the tournament in Buenos Aires. The British Bridge League (BBL) convened its own inquiry, and next year judged them not guilty by the "reasonable doubt" standard.

Both Truscott and Reese published books on the affair, The Great Bridge Scandal[4] and The Story of an Accusation.[5]

New York Times articles

Even after 1980, there was significant coverage of the Buenos Aires affair in the New York Times bridge columns by Truscott and his successor Phillip Alder.

  • Alder, Phillip. "Cheating Scandal From '65 Rears Head Again" — David Rex-Taylor's communication on 40th anniversary. New York Times, 20 Jun 2005. Retrieved 2010-12-22.
  • Truscott, Alan. "BRIDGE; Schapiro's Death Recalls An Accusation of Cheating" — Schapiro died "at the beginning of this month" at 93. New York Times, 14 Dec 2002. Retrieved 2010-12-22.
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  • Truscott, Alan. "Bridge" — Reese died two weeks ago at 82. New York Times 12 Feb 1996. Retrieved 2010-12-22.
  • Truscott, Alan. "Rixi Markus, 81, Bridge Grandmaster and Author" — Markus supported Reese and Schapiro. New York Times, 6 Apr 1992. Retrieved 2010-12-22.

Bridge accomplishments


  • ACBL Hall of Fame, Blackwood Award 2001[6]


  • North American Bridge Championships (3)
    • Mixed Pairs (1) 1989
    • Master Mixed Teams (1) 1985
    • North American Swiss Teams (1) 1987
  • European Championships (1)
    • Open Teams (1) 1961
  • British Championships (2)
    • Masters Individual (2) 1953, 1958



  • Index of New York Times articles by Alan Truscott. When first linked here, that listed 6587 hits for "bridge" from 19 February 1981 to 5 March 2005; it lists 6532 hits for "Alan Truscott" and 6272 for "by Alan Truscott". Phillip Alder continues the "Bridge" column so its number of hits continues to increase. Truscott estimated that his byline appeared more than 12000 times. That implies about half before 1981, which suggests a 7-days-weekly column.
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External links

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Games columns about Truscott

Bridge columns featuring Alan Truscott by his successor Phillip Alder:

  • Alder, Phillip."Bridge; A Life of Cards Began With a Missed Slam at 15" — biography with Alder's illustration of restricted choice, one subject of Truscott's original writings. The New York Times, 8 September 2005.
  • Alder, Phillip."BRIDGE; Playing in a European Fishbowl To Faintly Heard Applause" — biographical leftovers with one deal played by Truscott. The New York Times, 10 September 2005.

Chess column by his fellow Robert Byrne:

  • Byrne, Robert."Chess; Wary of 'Hotshot' Youngsters? Then Steer Clear of Radjabov" — friendly remarks by fellow columnist and recreational tennis player, with chess column that does not feature Truscott. The New York Times, 18 September 2005.
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