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Arthurian literature

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Title: Arthurian literature  
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Subject: Holy Grail, Mordred, Black knight, Excalibur (film), Medieval literature, Raoul de Houdenc, Breton literature, Middle English literature, Roger Sherman Loomis, Claudas
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Arthurian literature

This is a Bibliography of works about King Arthur, his related world, family, friends or enemies.

6th century

9th century

10th century



11th century


  • The Legend of St. Goeznovius circa 1019
    (Saxon resurgence when Arthur is "recalled from the actions of the world" may be reference to his immortality.[2] Vortigern mentioned)


12th century



French and Anglo-Norman

(Robert de Borons verse Josephe d'Arimathie and 300 lines of Merlin are extant. A prose version of Josephe d'Arimathie, Merlin, Perzival trilogy, supposedly by Robert exists in two MSS.)
  • Lai du Cor by Robert Biket. (Caradoc succeeds in drinking from horn, proves wife's chastity.)
  • Mantel Mautaillé. (Caradoc's wife passes chastity test by wearing ill-fitting mantel.)


13th century

French, Anglo-Norman or Provencal

  • Roman de Fergus by Guillaume le Clerc 1190s/1200s
  • Jaufré circa 1180 or 1225 (Occitan verse)
  • Vengeance Raguidel circa 1200-1225 by Raoul (sometimes identified as Raoul de Houdenc)[16]
  • Lancelot-Grail Anonymous circa 1210s-1230s
    • Estoire del Saint Grail
    • Estoire de Merlin
    • Lancelot propre
    • Queste del Saint Graal
    • Mort Artu
  • Perlesvaus Anonymous, circa 1210s
  • Prose Tristan by "Luce de Gat" (1230s) and "Helie de Boron" (circa 1240)
  • Roman de Silence by Heldrius de Cornwall circa 1260s
  • Post-Vulgate Cycle Anonymous (begun 1230s, finished 1240s)
  • L’âtre périlleux Anonymous (circa 1250)
  • Roman de Roi Artus aka Compilation by Rusticiano (Rustichello da Pisa); Franco-Italian, circa 1290s -1300
    • Gyron le courtois (A portion of the Compilation published 1501?)
    • Meliadus de Leonnoys (Another portion, published 1528 by Galliot du Pré, 1532 by Denys Janot)



  • Brother Robert's prose renditions
    • Tristrams saga ok Ísöndar 1226 (Norse reworking Tristan by Thomas of Britain)
    • Ivens Saga 1226 (Norse reworking of Chrétien de Troyes' Yvain, the Knight of the Lion)
    • Erex Saga, perhaps originally by Robert. (Text probably changed in MS. transmission. A Norse reworking of Chrétien's Erec and Enide)
    • Möttuls saga, adaptation of the "ill-fitting mantle" story.
  • Strengleikar (Translations of lais mostly by Marie de France)
    • "Geitarlauf" (Translation of Chevrefoil)
    • "Januals ljóð" (Translation of Lanval)


  • Brut by Layamon (English reworking of Geoffrey of Monmouth)
  • Sir Tristrem circa 1300 (English reworking of Tristan by Thomas of Britain)
  • Arthur and Merlin circa 1300


  • The Lancelot-Compilatie (an adaptation of the Lancelot-Grail and other romances, 10 in all:[17])
    • Lanceloet
    • Perchevael
    • Morien (Moriaen)
    • Queeste vanden Grale
    • Wrake van Ragisel (Adaptation of Vengeance Raguidel)
    • Ridder metter mouwen ("The Knight with the Sleeve" )
    • Walewein ende Keye
    • Lanceloet en het hert met de witte voet ("Lancelot and the Stag with the White Foot")
    • Torec, by Jacob van Maerlant
    • Arturs doet


  • Melech Artu A Hebrew reworking of the Historia Regum Brittanie


14th century



(All dates for the Welsh compositions are controversial)


  • Tavola Rotonda Anonymous



15th century




  • Skikkju Rimur, (a rendition of the "ill-fitting mantle" story)

16th century



  • Tristan Romance, preserved in fragmentary form in several MSS.


  • Povest Trychane 1560s

17th century


  • The Birth of Merlin, or, The Childe Hath Found His Father by William Rowley (?1620; first published 1662)
  • Works of Richard Blackmore
    • Prince Arthur: An Heroick Poem in Ten Books (1695)
    • King Arthur: An Heroick Poem in Twelve Books (1697)


  • Widwilt (Yiddish reworking of Le Bel Inconnu)

18th century

  • Warton, Thomas (1728–1790)
    • "The Grave of King Arthur" (1777)
    • "On King Arthur's Round-table at Winchester" (1777)
  • Vortigern and Rowena by W. H. Ireland (1799) (A Shakespearian forgery)

19th century

20th century

21st century

**Dragon's Child (2009)
**Warrior of the West (2009)
**The Bloody Cup (2010)[19]


  • Artorius by John Heath-Stubbs
  • Arthur's Britain by Leslie Alcock
  • The Quest for Arthur's Britain by Geoffrey Ashe
  • The Medieval Quest for Arthur by Robert Rouse and Cory Rushton
  • King Arthur: The True Story by Graham Phillips and Martin Keatman
  • Pendragon: The Origins of Arthur by Steve Blake and Scott Lloyd
  • The Arthurian Tradition by John Matthews
  • The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650 John Morris
  • King Arthur: Lord of the Grail by Kaye D. Hennig
  • The Battle of Caerlon by Joel Gates
  • On the Trail of King Arthur by Robin Crichton
  • Camelot, Inc.: Leadership and Management Insights from King Arthur and the Round Table by Paul Oestreicher


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