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Chi Mei

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Title: Chi Mei  
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Chi Mei

This article is about the plastics company. For the rebellion movement, see Chimei.
Chimei Corporation
Type Corporation
Industry Chemistry, Medical, Biotechnology
Founded January 11, 1960 (1960-01-11)
Founder(s) Wen-long Shi
Headquarters Rende District, Tainan, Taiwan
Key people Wen-long Shi (Founder)
Liao Jinxiang (Chairman)
Zhao Lingyu (General Manager)
Products Plastic, Photoelectronic, Food
References: NT$17,924,000,000

Chi Mei Corporation (traditional Chinese: 奇美實業; simplified Chinese: 奇美实业; pinyin: Qíměi Shíyè) is a plastics producer in Taiwan. It is the largest maker of ABS resin in the world, producing about 1 million tons of ABS annually as of 1999.[1] It has factories in Tainan and Zhenjiang. It also produces acrylic glass, polystyrene, thermoplastic elastomer and synthetic rubber.[2]


Chi Mei Corporation is part of a privately held holding company called the Chi Mei Group, which has numerous subsidiaries. One of them is Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), which was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Chi Mei Corporation. Chi Mei Group was the largest shareholder in publicly listed CMO. The new Chimei Innolux Corporation (Chinese: 奇美電子,CMI) is the world’s No. 2 and Taiwan’s No. 1 largest maker of TFT-LCD panels[3] and the likely owner of Westinghouse Digital Electronics. Though CEO Douglas Woo has maintained the confidentiality of the ownership of the private Westinghouse licensee, they admit a significant vertically integrated relationship exists between the two.[4]

Chi Mei has a partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan (Mitsubishi holds 27.08% of shares).[5]


The company was founded by Wen-long Shi in 1960 as Chi Mei Industrial Company Ltd., the first acrylic sheet manufacturer in Taiwan; it was renamed Chi Mei Corporation in 1992.[6]

In 2001, the Chi Mei Group along with IBM Japan set up International Display Technology, which it subsequently sold to Sony in 2005.[7][8] In 2010, Chi Mei Optoelectronics, then a subsidiary of Chi Mei Corporation, pleaded guilty to a price fixing conspiracy with respect to sales of TFT-LCDs between 2001 and 2006.[9]

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