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Cypriot Fourth Division

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Title: Cypriot Fourth Division  
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Subject: List of association football competitions, Vīts Rimkus, List of football clubs in Cyprus, Cypriot football league system, APOP Kinyras FC
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Cypriot Fourth Division

Cypriot Fourth Division
Country  Cyprus
Founded 1985;  (1985)
Number of teams 14
Levels on pyramid 4
Promotion to Third Division
Relegation to Cypriot regional levels
Domestic cup(s) Cypriot Cup for lower divisions
Current champions MEAP Nisou (2nd title)

Cyprus Fourth Division is a professional league of Cyprus. It is the fourth major league of the island.


Fithteen clubs compete in the league, playing each other twice, once at home and once away for a total of 28 games per team. The top two clubs are promoted to the third division and the bottom three are relegated to regional levels.


The Cypriot Fourth Division Championship began in the 1985-86 season. Initially, the championship was played in three regional groups: Nicosia group, Limassol-Paphos group, and Larnaca-Famagusta group. In the 1988-89 football season there was an extra regional group in Nicosia and Larnaca. Since the 1993-94 football season, the Cypriot Fourth Division Championship is running in Pancyprian level.


The fithteen teams that participate in the Cypriot fourth division 2013-14 season are:

  • Amathus Ayiou Tychona
  • Aspida Pylas
  • Digenis Ipsona
  • Elpida Astromeriti
  • EN Ipsona
  • Enosi Kokkinotrimithias
  • Frenaros FC 2000
  • Iraklis Gerolakkou
  • Kissos Kissonergas
  • Lenas Limassol
  • Livadiakos/Salamina Livadion
  • Olympiada Lympion
  • OXEN Peristeronas
  • PO Xylotympou


The following teams have won the fourth division championship:

Nicosia Group

Season Winner
1985-86 OXEN Peristeronas
1986-87 Livanos Kormakiti
1987-88 Iraklis Gerolakkou
1988-89 AEK Kythreas
1989-90 Olympiada Neapolis
1990-91 AEK Kakopetrias
1991-92 OXEN Peristeronas
1992-93 Ethnikos Latsion

Nicosia-Larnaca Group

Season Winner
1988-89 Apollon Lympion

Limassol-Paphos Group

Season Winner
1985-86 APEI Ipsona
1986-87 AEZ Zakakiou
1987-88 ATE PEK Parekklisias
1988-89 APEP Peledriou
1989-90 Tsaggaris Peledriou
1990-91 KN Maroniton
1991-92 AEZ Zakakiou
1992-93 APEI Ipsona

Larnaca-Famagusta Group

Season Winner
1985-86 Dynamo Pervolion
1986-87 Achyronas Liopetriou
1987-88 APEAN Agias Napas
1988-89 ENAN Agias Napas
1989-90 APEAN Agias Napas
1990-91 Achyronas Liopetriou
1991-92 Livadiakos Livadion
1992-93 Fotiakos Frenarous

Pancyprian Level

Season Winner
1993-94 Elia Lythrodonta
1994-95 AEK Kakopetrias
1995-96 Iraklis Gerolakkou
1996-97 Adonis Idaliou
1997-98 SEK Ayiou Athanasiou
1998-99 ENTHOI Lakatamia
1999-00 MEAP Nisou
2000-01 Sourouklis Troullon
2001-02 AEM Mesogis
2002-03 Orfeas Nicosia
2003-04 Othellos Athienou
2004-05 Frenaros FC 2000
2005-06 Anagennisi Germasogeias
2006-07 Spartakos Kitiou
2007-08 Digenis Oroklinis
2008-09 Achyronas Liopetriou
2009-10 EN Parekklisias
2010-11 PO Ormidias
2011-12 Digenis Oroklinis
2012-13 MEAP Nisou

Performance by club

Club Winners Winning seasons
Achyronas Liopetriou 3 1987*, 1991*, 2009
APEAN Agias Napas 2 1988*, 1990*
AEZ Zakakiou 2 1987*, 1992*
OXEN Peristeronas 2 1986*, 1992*
APEI Ipsona 2 1986*, 1993*
AEK Kakopetrias 2 1991*, 1995
Iraklis Gerolakkou 2 1988*, 1996
Digenis Oroklinis 2 2008, 2012
MEAP Nisou 2 2000, 2013
Dynamo Pervolion 1 1986*
Livanos Kormakiti 1 1987*
ATE PEK Parekklisias 1 1988*
AEK Kythreas 1 1989*
APEP Peledriou 1 1989*
Apollon Lympion 1 1989*
ENAN Agias Napas 1 1989*
Olympiada Neapolis 1 1990*
Tsaggaris Peledriou 1 1990*
KN Maroniton 1 1991*
Livadiakos Livadion 1 1992*
Ethnikos Latsion 1 1993*
Fotiakos Frenarous 1 1993*
Elia Lythrodonta 1 1994
Adonis Idaliou 1 1997
SEK Ayiou Athanasiou 1 1998
ENTHOI Lakatamia 1 1999
Sourouklis Troullon 1 2001
AEM Mesogis 1 2002
Orfeas Nicosia 1 2003
Othellos Athienou 1 2004
Frenaros FC 2000 1 2005
Anagennisi Germasogeias 1 2006
Spartakos Kitiou 1 2007
EN Parekklisias 1 2010
PO Ormidias 1 2011



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