Future World Music

Future World Music, LLC
Type Limited liability company
Industry Music Production, Trailer music
Founded January 2004
Founders Armen Hambar
Headquarters La Crescenta, Los Angeles, California, USA
Key people Armen Hambar
(Composer and Producer)
Owners Armen Hambar
Website Future World Music

Future World Music is a custom music library owned by the composer and producer Armen Hambar and based in La Crescenta, Los Angeles.[1] Future World Music provides cinematic music for motion picture advertising specialized in fantasy adventure and epic action genres. The company's music has been featured in films from DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., Walt Disney Pictures, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, MGM, Columbia TriStar, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox and others.


Public Releases

  • Reign of Vengeance (2011)
  • A Hero Will Rise (2012)
  • Behold (2013)

Demonstration Albums

  • Editor's Toolkit 01 - Drones and Atmospheres
  • Editor's Toolkit 02 - Hits and Rises
  • Editor's Toolkit 03 - Percussive Builds and Backends
  • Editor's Toolkit 04 - Intros and Setups
  • Editor's Toolkit 05 - Percussive Builds and Backends II
  • Editor's Toolkit 06 - Trailer Intros, Outros and Hits
  • Volume 1 - Epic Action
  • Volume 2 - Epic Drama
  • Volume 3 - Epic Action II
  • Volume 4 - Epic Drama II
  • Volume 5 - Romantic, Holiday & Family Comedy
  • Volume 6 - Suspense Horror
  • Volume 7: Evolution (2006) - Epic Action and Adventure (Composers: Armen Hambar, Ryan Amon & Dirk Montapert)
  • Volume 8: Worlds Apart (2007) - Epic Action and Fantasy Adventure (Composer: Armen Hambar)
  • Volume 9: Water, Earth & Fire (2008) - Epic Action and Fantasy Adventure (Composer: Armen Hambar)
  • Volume 10: Immortal Empire (2009) - Epic Action and Fantasy Adventure (Composers: Armen Hambar & Ryan Amon)
  • Volume 11: Millennium (2012) - Epic Action and Fantasy Adventure (Composer: Armen Hambar)
  • Volume 12: Zero Hour (2013) - Epic Action and Sci Fi Fantasy Adventure (Composers: Armen Hambar, Aram Mandossian & Vlado Hudec)

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  1. ^ Company Profile Page from manta.com

External links

  • Official website
  • Armen Hambar's site
  • Aram Mandossian's site
  • Vlado Hudec's site

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