Gloria Estefan singles discography

Gloria Estefan singles discography

Gloria Estefan performs for the crew and their families during a special event to celebrate the United Through Reading program.
Singles 49
Promotional singles 18
Other appearances 8

The discography of singles, promo singles, remixes and Latin tracks for Cuban-American recording artist, Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine consists of forty-nine singles (solo), eighteen promotional singles (solo) and eight other guest or special appearance singles as a solo artist. Although Miami Sound Machine was no longer featured in the credits from 1989 onwards, they remain Estefan's backing group until this day, though the line-up has changed numerously.

With a second decade of sizeable hits, Gloria continued her career as a solo-artist. Her most successful songs being "Don't Wanna Lose You", Billboard number 1, "Get On Your Feet," "Conga," (with Miami Sound Machine) considered her signature song, "Here We Are," another top 10 hit, and "Coming Out Of The Dark," yet another number-one hit for Estefan,

Her Latin career is as successful as her Anglo-career. She has released many songs which were hits on the United States Latin radio stations. Estefan is the female artist with most number-one hits on the Hot Latin Songs chart of Billboard magazine, having a total of fourteen hits spending a combined forty weeks at #1. Among the most successful Latin singles are: "Mi Tierra," "Si Voy A Perderte," "Con Los Años Que Me Quedan," "Abriendo Puertas," "Tres Deseos," "No Me Dejes de Querer"and "Tradición", which also became Gloria's first number-one hit on the Hot Dance Club Songs being the first song on Spanish language to do it so.

This is a discography about Gloria Estefan singles chart performances, to see Estefan's albums performance please go to Gloria Estefan albums discography.

Miami Sound Machine

Miami Sound Machine singles discography
Singles 27
Promotional singles 6
Other appearances 2


Miami Sound Machine was fronted by Gloria Estefan during 1977 through 1988. In the later years, releases were credited to just Estefan as a solo artist, but the musicians who comprised Miami Sound Machine continued to perform with her.

In the early years, the band wasn't very successful globally because Estefan sang most of the songs in Spanish. The first single to make a sizeable dent in popularity was "Dr. Beat" in 1984. That was followed by "Mancunian Rumba" in 1985, a single first released in 1983, but re-released to capitalize on the success of "Dr. Beat". It was a big hit in Europe and a club hit in the US.

The group's breakthrough single in the US came in 1985 with the release of the lead single from their second studio-album Primitive Love. "Conga" made the Top Ten on the Billboard Hot 100 and was also a dance hit globally.

Other big singles came with the release of the group's third studio album, Let It Loose. This was not only their biggest-selling album, but included their first number-one song in many places. In the US, the band's fourth single, "Anything For You", became their first-number one song on the Billboard Hot 100. Another song, "Can't Stay Away From You", became a number-one hit in the Netherlands, their first-number one song outside the United States.

The band enjoyed continued success with their singles until the last released, "1-2-3", which was a Top Ten in many places where it was released, including in the United States. Following that release, the band, which at that time was named Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine, was dropped from billing though its members continued to record and perform with Estefan, now billed as a solo artist.


Other songs

  • "Renacer" - from Live Again/Renacer, released as a single in Peru in 1977.
  • "Usted abusó" - from Miami Sound Machine, released as a single in Peru in 1978.
  • "Me enamoré" - from Otra Vez, released as a single in Peru and Argentina in 1981.
  • "Dingui-Li-Bangui" - from Rio, released as a single in Peru in 1982.
  • "Toda tuya" - from Rio, released as a single in Costa Rica in 1982.
  • "Los ojos del amor" - from A Toda Maquina, released as a single in Peru in 1983.
  • "I Need Your Love" released as a promotional single to the Philippines in 1984.
  • "Hot Summer Nights" - recorded for the Top Gun soundtrack, released as a single in Holland in 1986.

Additional Info

"Conga", "Bad Boy" and "1-2-3" also made the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts, at #60, #74 and #54 respectively.

Gloria Estefan


Additional Info

"Coming Out of the Dark" also made the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts at #60.




As a featured artist or Special performances

Promotional Singles




Other songs

  • "Go Marlins" - released as a limited edition single in Florida in 1997 when the Florida Marlins major league baseball team won their first World Series. The song was the same tune as the single "Higher" but with new lyrics.
  • "Miami (Miami Mix)* feat. Miami Sound Machine - Part of the CD single of Will Smith's song "Miami" as a remix to the song.
  • "Young Hearts Run Free" from the TV series Desperate Housewives soundtrack.

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