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Government House Leader (Quebec)

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Title: Government House Leader (Quebec)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Maurice Bellemare, Government of Quebec, National Assembly of Quebec, Michel Pagé, National question (Quebec)
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Government House Leader (Quebec)

The Government House Leader (fr: Leader du gouvernement) is a Member of the National Assembly (MNA) chosen by the Prime Minister to be in charge of strategy and procedure for the group of Members who support the government in the Assembly.[1]

The role of Government House Leader is now codified in the Standing Orders of the National Assembly.[2]

Two other MNAs are Deputy Government House Leader (fr: Leader adjoint du gouvernement). They assist the Government House Leader and replace him when required.

List of Government House Leaders:[3]

Government House Leader From Until Legislature Prime Minister
  Pierre Laporte January 21, 1965 April 18, 1966 27th Lesage
Maurice Bellemare 1966 1969 28th D. Johnson
Rémi Paul February 26, 1969 1970 28th Bertrand
Pierre Laporte May 12, 1970 October 17, 1970 29th Bourassa
Gérard D. Lévesque 1970 1976 29th, 30th Bourassa
Robert Burns December 14, 1976 October 3, 1978 31st Lévesque
Claude Charron October 3, 1978 February 23, 1982 31st, 32nd Lévesque
Jean-François Bertrand February 23, 1982 March 5, 1984 32nd Lévesque
Marc-André Bédard March 5, 1984 October 23, 1985 32nd P.-M. Johnson
Michel Gratton December 16, 1985 August 9, 1989 33rd Bourassa
Michel Pagé October 11, 1989 October 29, 1992 34th Bourassa
Pierre Paradis November 12, 1992 September 26, 1994 34th Bourassa
Guy Chevrette September 26, 1994 January 29, 1996 35th Parizeau
Pierre Bélanger January 29, 1996 August 25, 1997 35th Bouchard
Jean-Pierre Jolivet August 25, 1997 September 23, 1998 35th Bouchard
Jacques Brassard September 23, 1998 January 29, 2002 35th, 36th Bouchard
André Boisclair January 30, 2002 April 14, 2003 36th Landry
Jacques P. Dupuis April 29, 2003 February 21, 2007 37th Charest
Jean-Marc Fournier April 18, 2007 November 5, 2008 38th Charest
Jacques P. Dupuis December 18, 2008 August 9, 2010 39th Charest
Jean-Marc Fournier September 20, 2010 August 1, 2012 39th Charest
Stéphane Bédard September 19, 2012 April 26, 2014 40th Marois
Jean-Marc Fournier April 26, 2014 41st Couillard

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