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Halt and Catch Fire (TV series)

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Title: Halt and Catch Fire (TV series)  
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Halt and Catch Fire (TV series)

Halt and Catch Fire
Genre Period drama
Created by Christopher Cantwell
Christopher C. Rogers
Theme music composer Trentemøller
Composer(s) Paul Haslinger
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Christopher Cantwell
  • Christopher C. Rogers
  • Jonathan Lisco
  • Mark Johnson
  • Melissa Bernstein
Location(s) Georgia
Running time 42 minutes
Production company(s) AMC Studios
Original channel AMC
Original run June 1, 2014 (2014-06-01) – present
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Halt and Catch Fire is an American period drama television series created by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers, that premiered on AMC on June 1, 2014.[1][2] The series is set in the Silicon Prairie of Texas in 1983 and depicts a fictionalized insider's view of the personal computer revolution.[3][4] The show's title refers to the machine code instruction Halt and Catch Fire, which would cause the computer's central processing unit to cease functioning.[5]

On August 20, 2014, AMC renewed Halt and Catch Fire for a second season.[6]


Main cast

Recurring cast

  • Scott Michael Foster as Hunt Whitmarsh
  • Graham Beckel as Nathan Cardiff
  • Bianca Malinowski as Debbie
  • Morgan Hinkleman as Joanie Clark
  • Alana Cavanaugh as Haley Clark
  • Eric Goins as Larry
  • Pete Burris as Ed
  • Randy Havens as Stan
  • Will Greenberg as Brian Braswell
  • John Getz as Joe MacMillan, Sr.
  • Annette O'Toole as Susan Emerson
  • August Emerson as Malcolm "Lev" Levitan
  • Cooper Andrews as Yo-Yo Engberk
  • Mike Pniewski as Barry Shields
  • David Wilson Barnes as Dale Butler

Production and development

[8] AMC announced in July 2013 that it had ordered Halt and Catch Fire to a series of ten episodes.[9] The series was created by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers,[7] and Jonathan Lisco serves as the showrunner.[10] In August 2014, AMC renewed the show for a second season of ten episodes, to air in summer 2015.[11]


Season 1 (2014)

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
1 "I/O" Juan José Campanella Christopher Cantwell & Christopher C. Rogers June 1, 2014 (2014-06-01) 1.19[12]
It's 1983 in Dallas, Texas, and Joe MacMillan, a key player in the debut of the IBM Personal Computer, is questioning college students about their knowledge of several computing categories, including very-large-scale integration. One of the students, Cameron Howe, challenges him, and, later at a bar, rebuffs his sexual advances. At Cardiff Electric, a system software company, John Bosworth hires Joe, under the assumption they are not directly competing with IBM. Gordon Clark, a former system builder turned sales engineer, accompanies Joe on a sales call, and Joe blames Gordon when the sale falls through. Joe later refers to Gordon's article about untapped computer potential in Byte magazine when asking him to help reverse engineer an IBM PC. Gordon is at first reluctant to do the project, telling Joe that he has a wife and two young daughters to think about. Also, Gordon was publicly humiliated after the Symphonic, a computer he and his wife Donna built, failed to boot at COMDEX two years ago. However, Gordon comes around to Joe's proposal and over a long weekend, is able to isolate the BIOS chip and recreate the assembly language code. Dale Butler, SVP of Sales at IBM, tells Bosworth that Joe left IBM under mysterious circumstances a year ago, adding that IBM knows about the reverse-engineering project, and the two companies now have a serious problem. Joe and Gordon are confronted by Bosworth and Nathan Cardiff, the founder and owner of Cardiff Electric; the two inform Joe and Gordon that the company is being sued by IBM for several million dollars for copyright infringement of IBM's proprietary source code. After Joe reveals that he deliberately told IBM about his and Gordon's project, Cardiff and Bosworth are forced to enter the PC business, since firing Joe and Gordon is not an option because it would be an admission of guilt to IBM. Needing a programmer with no prior connections to Cardiff or IBM, Joe and Gordon convince Cameron to join the project.
2 "FUD" Juan José Campanella Christopher Cantwell & Christopher C. Rogers June 8, 2014 (2014-06-08) 0.97[13][14]
IBM's lawyers interview each compromised Cardiff Electric employee separately. Gordon tells them Bosworth and Cardiff approached him about a new PC program. After IBM's legal team leaves, Joe reveals his plans for the new Cardiff PC: building it with twice the speed at half the cost of the IBM PC. Joe is then introduced as "Senior Product Manager" of Cardiff's new PC division. To keep Cameron separated from Gordon for copyright compliance, Joe sets up a "clean room" office so she can write the BIOS code for the Cardiff PC; however, she relocates to an abandoned storeroom. Gordon is promoted from sales engineer to lead hardware engineer of the PC project and is given his own office; however, he shows concern about Cameron writing the BIOS code for the Cardiff PC, and Joe tells him that they will fire her once the BIOS code is complete and successfully tested. To put pressure on Cardiff Electric, IBM attempts to lure Cameron away by offering her triple the salary Cardiff is paying her and raiding Cardiff's customer base, taking several accounts and more than two-thirds of Cardiff's revenue. When Joe finds Cameron and a binder containing the IBM PC BIOS source code missing, he suspects that she took the binder to IBM. Joe, Gordon, and Cameron confront each other in the Cardiff parking lot and have a three-way argument; Joe and Gordon get into a physical altercation, and they suddenly stop after Joe's shirt is ripped off, revealing several deep scars on his chest. Despite the tension among the three, Gordon and Cameron support Joe's vision for a truly portable PC.
3 "High Plains Hardware" Karyn Kusama Jason Cahill June 15, 2014 (2014-06-15) 0.77[15]
Due to IBM's poaching of Cardiff's customer base, Gordon must fire employees that Cardiff can no longer afford, causing him stress at both work and home. Joe tells the remaining engineers the company will have a portable computer, weighing less than 15 pounds with two floppy disk drives and an integrated display and keyboard, by the end of the year. Joe has lunch with Nathan Cardiff to discuss Bosworth, who soon arrives to be announced as the person to handle all the company's financials. Cardiff also reveals an arranged meeting with LouLu Lutherford (Jean Smart), an heiress and potential investor. However, LouLu offers to buy 80% of the PC project for a paltry $10 million. Joe's frustration with the figure forces Bosworth to accept it, but Joe later seduces LouLu's boyfriend into kissing him and reveals it to her. She pulls out of the deal. At home, Gordon asks his wife Donna about motherboard ideas. She folds a sketch, suggesting stacked boards, thus doubling the power for the same amount of space. However, Brian Braswell, one of Gordon's engineers, kills the idea. Bosworth spots Cameron at the office and tells her she can work as late as needed, but she cannot live there, even though he apparently is temporarily doing exactly that. After getting a sizeable check, she stays at a hotel. Still struggling with the code, she goes to Joe's apartment and walks to the bedroom, while taking off her clothes.
4 "Close to the Metal" Johan Renck Jonathan Lisco June 22, 2014 (2014-06-22) 0.84[16]
Just as Cameron nears completion of the BIOS code for the new PC, disaster strikes, and she loses all her data, due to what appears (at first) to be a careless mistake, with Cameron laying her backup disks on a speaker, degaussing them. Further complicating the situation, Joe has brought in a reporter from a major business newspaper, and he witnesses the chaos with delight. Bosworth is summoned to a meeting by his boss, Nathan Cardiff, who seems to think he might be losing control of the project (to Joe). Gordon turns to Donna for help with recovering the lost BIOS code. She proposes an ingenious technical solution for recovering the data, which eventually proves successful, recovering more than 90 percent of Cameron's work. Later, a suspicious Donna confronts Joe in his office and accuses him of deliberately sabotaging Cameron's work in an effort to generate some publicity for the project. Joe reaches into a desk drawer and produces the real backup disks, proving her correct. While driving home, Joe is pulled over by the police and savagely beaten for no apparent reason. When Bosworth later arrives at the police station to pick him up, it becomes clear that the beating was a pointed message sent by Bosworth to remind Joe who's really in charge at Cardiff Electric.
5 "Adventure" Ed Bianchi Dahvi Waller June 29, 2014 (2014-06-29) 0.58[17]
After sending Cameron off on a "business trip", Joe takes advantage of her absence to hire a number of new programmers. Joe's father arrives in town unexpectedly and calls to arrange a meeting, but Joe has second thoughts, and fails to show up. Gordon realizes that a liquid-crystal display will be needed in order to meet the design goals for the new PC. Joe argues that a LCD would be cost-prohibitive; however, Gordon reveals that his father-in-law has connections with a Japanese electronics firm that manufactures the cutting-edge display and could get them at cost. After his father-in-law reluctantly agrees to broker the meeting for him, Gordon promptly proceeds to blow the deal by getting drunk at the meeting, and making disparaging comments about his father-in-law to the Japanese. In order to salvage the deal, Gordon goes to his father-in-law in desperation and confesses his indiscretion, begging him to intervene and repair the damage. Cameron and Joe argue over Joe's decision to hire Steve, the new "Software Development Manager", along with several software programmers. Cameron argues that adding more programmers to the project will slow it down; however, Joe does not budge and a furious Cameron tells him that they're finished. When she later visits Joe's apartment to retrieve her things, she finds Joe's father there, waiting for him. While talking with Joe Sr., Cameron realizes just how much like his father Joe really is. Joe calls on the Japanese businessmen the following morning, unaware that Gordon's father-in-law has already intervened. They appear satisfied, and agree to do business with Cardiff Electric. When Joe attempts to humiliate Gordon in front of his staff by relating the events of the previous evening, Gordon coolly informs him that he wasted his time: the situation had already been resolved before Joe even showed up. Cameron engineers an office coup to get rid of Steve: she installs Colossal Cave Adventure on the company's mainframe, and all of the newly hired programmers get hooked on the game. She deduces that those who cheated in order to win the game are the ones who are the most valuable to the company, stating that in order to cheat, one has to be good at solving and breaking code. Impressed with her ingenuity, Joe fires Steve and the excess programmers. Finally, Joe shows up at the Cardiff company picnic, taking out his anger and frustration on a Japanese import car with a 5 lb. sledgehammer at $5.00 a blow, as Cameron watches with fascination from the sidelines.
6 "Landfall" Larysa Kondracki Zack Whedon July 6, 2014 (2014-07-06) 0.72[18]
The prototype computer is finally finished, and boots up successfully to the cheers and applause of the assembled Cardiff employees. Cameron proposes changes to the operating system that would provide a more interactive type of experience for the user, but clashes with Gordon and Joe, who both feel that further changes would only result in unnecessary cost and complexity. After making a rash, drunken promise to Donna that he will find a wildly popular toy for their daughter (a "Cabbage Patch Kids" doll), Gordon soon discovers this will be no easy feat. After being cheated out of $80 in a parking lot transaction with a total stranger, he stalks the rain-soaked streets of Dallas on his self-imposed quest, with Hurricane Alicia approaching. He finally reaches the store, but it's closed, and in a rage he smashes the storefront window with a brick, snatching up the pair of dolls in the display. About to flee, he notes a big lightning strike around the corner, and goes to investigate. There he finds a dead woman lying in the street, apparently killed by a downed power line. Shaken and exhausted, he flees the scene. The programmers are becoming fed-up with receiving conflicting orders from Gordon and Cameron, and vent their frustration in an impromptu meeting in Cameron's office. Bosworth calls Cameron into his office for a drink and a talk. He cautions her to be careful, as there are those (at Cardiff) who would like to see her fail, as she "Represents the future." Having been invited to dinner earlier by Gordon, Joe shows up at his home, but the engineer is still out on his doll-hunting quest. Joe must then endure two boisterous children climbing all over him, as well as Donna's aggressive lobbying (on Gordon's behalf) for there to be no further changes to the new computer. While playing with the kids, Joe has a sudden revelation (and second thoughts) about the revised OS. He stops off to see Cameron on his way home, and asks to see her work. When she demonstrates the "friendly," interactive functionality she's designed in, Joe is impressed, and he tells her so. He also finally reveals the truth of how he came by the terrible scars he bears. They appear to reconcile.
7 "Giant" Jon Amiel Jamie Pachino July 13, 2014 (2014-07-13) 0.83[19]
Cardiff's accountant, Alan, tells Bosworth that the PC division's deficit will take the rest of the company down by the end of next week. Bosworth tells him to keep the news to himself. In the Kill Room, Joe turns up the voltage on a live current, shocking himself, and reaches for Cameron. She touches his hand, allowing the current to flow through her. They have sex, and he then takes a private call. At a QA meeting, the engineers complain that Cameron's expanded OS has increased the machine's weight and boot time. Joe tells Bosworth that he has hired a new designer to work on the casing. Simon Church and his designs are introduced. Joe announces the name of the PC—"The Contrail", much to Gordon's dislike, who sarcastically suggests that the machine be called the "Cardiff Giant", and Joe unwittingly accepts his suggestion. Donna and Hunt present an analysis report to Texas Instruments executives. She suggests they drop the TI-99 from their product list. Hunt later congratulates her for suggesting the idea, adding that she should be bolder more often, which eventually causes her embarrassment when she tries to kiss him. Joe tells Cameron that he and Simon had a brief fling ten years ago. At a strip club, he and Bosworth tries to woo back Kenny, who doubles his original price, while Cameron tracks down Simon to get him back. Simon warns her that Joe will get bored of her, as he did with Simon. Kenny agrees to help, but Bosworth punches him for insulting Joe for not noticing the strippers. They decide to use Simon, whom Joe finds with a drunken Cameron. Simon later tells Joe that he is sick, but agrees to design the case. They kiss, and Cameron misinterprets it, nearly riding off in the cab. Joe catches it and cannot answer her when asked if he will get bored of her. At home, Gordon tells his children the story of the Cardiff Giant, and his obsession causes him to dig a pit in his backyard.
8 "The 214s" Daisy von Scherler Mayer Davhi Waller & Zack Whedon July 20, 2014 (2014-07-20) N/A
Joe makes preparations to go to COMDEX without Gordon, believing that the latter's presence could deter buyers who remember the Symphonic debacle from two years ago. The next morning, Bosworth finds Nathan Cardiff in his office, saying that he is considering cutting his losses on the PC project and closing the company. The FBI show up and arrest Bosworth for embezzlement and shuts down Cardiff Electric, declaring that all computer equipment would be seized as evidence. Gordon enters the Kill Room and hastily disassembles the Giant prototype to keep the FBI from seizing it. Meanwhile, at TI, Donna learns that her boss Hunt had resigned. At Gordon's garage, Cameron reveals that she was the one who hacked the bank's mainframe and stole Nathan Cardiff's money, claiming that they would've made the money back in sales. Cameron learns of Joe's engineered sabotage of her BIOS work when Gordon rants about how Joe comes out on top on Cardiff's misfortunes, further increasing the tension among the three. While trying to get pre-orders for the Cardiff Giant, Joe learns of a rumor that IBM would be developing a portable PC. Furious, Joe flies to New York to confront his father, and he reveals that the rumors are indeed true; however, the project wasn't planned to spite Joe. Joe, Sr. offers Joe a chance to return to IBM; Joe agrees with the stipulation that he oversees the portable PC project. When Joe returns to Dallas, Cameron and Gordon go to his apartment about going to COMDEX; however, Joe reveals his prior actions, and Gordon calls him a coward for it. Gordon tells Joe that the embezzlement scandal could be seen as an asset, stating that people will be curious to see the trainwreck that is Cardiff. Joe is convinced to stay on; however, he reveals that he doesn't have the money to make the trip. Cameron convinces Joe to sell his Porsche, and the three plus Donna drive to Las Vegas in Donna's station wagon.
9 "Up Helly Aa" Terry McDonough Jason Cahill July 27, 2014 (2014-07-27) 0.55[20]
When Joe, Cameron, Gordon, and Donna arrive in Las Vegas, they learn they do not have any hotel rooms or exhibit space because of Cardiff Electric's assets being frozen due to the criminal investigation against Bosworth. Studying the convention brochure, Gordon hatches a scheme in order to get booth space and a room. Joe and Gordon manage to secure a suite with Gordon sinking another company's lackluster presentation while Joe poses as an IBM rep to backup Gordon's bluff. Despite having to overpay for a undersized booth in a less than ideal location, Cameron uses guerrilla marketing tactics to successfully draw attention to the Cardiff Giant; however, Gordon and Donna discover that the computer is not booting. When convention-goers come to Cardiff's suite to see the Giant, Joe distracts them with booth babes from a neighboring porn convention. Eventually, Donna and Gordon get the Giant working again. The next day, while exploring the COMDEX floor, the Cardiff Electric team notices a large gathering at a particular booth; Donna realizes that her former boss Hunt was selling the Slingshot, an inferior knockoff of the Giant. At their hotel suite, Gordon demands an explanation from Donna, accusing her of having an affair with Hunt which led to the creation of the Slingshot. Joe informs Gordon that the Slingshot is faster and cheaper than the Giant and will be on the shelves by Christmas, and if they don't do something fast, Cardiff is done. As an attempt to improve the machine's speed and reduce its cost, Gordon removes the daughterboard dedicated to Cameron's operating system. When Cameron discovers this, she protests, upset that Gordon stripped out what made the machine unique; however, Joe sides with Gordon, saying that it was necessary in order for Cardiff to survive. Despite having to strip out Cameron's OS, Joe successfully pitches the Giant, defeating Hunt's Slingshot and securing a large pre-order from a computer retailer. As Cardiff celebrates their hollow victory, Joe stumbles upon a gathering in another room where the Apple Macintosh is being demonstrated, and he merely states "It speaks", realizing that the Macintosh is the future of computing.
10 "1984" Juan José Campanella Christopher Cantwell & Christopher C. Rogers August 3, 2014 (2014-08-03) 0.57[21]
Nathan Cardiff berates Joe and Gordon for taking the Giant to COMDEX without his permission; however, Joe responds to Cardiff's complaint by stating that the Giant made the company a substantial profit as he boldly predicted. He and Gordon manage to persuade Cardiff to cede a percentage of the company and operational control to them. At Texas Instruments, Donna is fired from her job after she deliberately tanks her performance review, likely as a way to appease Gordon for her indiscretions with Hunt. While QA testing the first production run of Giants, the engineers discover a bug in one of the machines, and Joe uses this as an opportunity to delay shipping and to ask the software programmers to create a killer application to bundle with the Giant. Gordon suspects that the bug is another one of Joe's engineered crises, and Donna convinces him that Joe has to be ousted from Cardiff Electric in order for Gordon to be successful in his new post. Gordon plans to force Joe out of the company by threatening to turn Cameron in to the FBI for her role in embezzling Cardiff's money. After parting ways with Joe and Cardiff Electric, Cameron creates a new startup company called "Mutiny", intending to connect people with computers across phone lines. Cameron recruits Lev and Yo-Yo, her former Cardiff co-workers, and also tries to bring on Donna. While Donna is impressed with Cameron's work and ambition, she initially declines the job offer, assuming that she was a "revenge hire". When Joe decides to drop his plans for a killer app, Gordon drops his plan to oust Joe. Gordon hosts a party in the Cardiff Electric offices to christen the first shipment of Giants. After the party, Joe steals the freight truck, driving it to a remote area and then torches the truck and its cargo. Gordon invites Donna to work as head engineer at Cardiff; however, Donna declines, deciding to work with Cameron at Mutiny. Gordon is unsure of what to do next after Joe abruptly leaves Cardiff, going on a quest to "find himself".


The pilot was screened at the South by Southwest festival on March 8, 2014;[22] it was also made available online for streaming on AMC's Tumblr page beginning May 19, 2014 and is the first TV series to premiere on Tumblr.[23]


The series has received generally positive reviews from critics and has a Metacritic rating of 69 out of 100, based on 30 reviews.[24] Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports a 78% "certified fresh" rating for the first season, based on 40 critics, with the consensus: "A refreshingly well-acted period drama, Halt and Catch Fire convincingly portrays the not-too-distant past."[25] Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe expressed promise after the series premiere, writing "it's easy to see why the network chose it. Set in Dallas in 1983, it has a distinctive visual style—something AMC, with the cinematic Breaking Bad and the elegant Mad Men, wants to make part of its brand identity". Speaking of the show's dynamic characters, Gilbert added, "Gordon is the Steve Wozniak to Joe's Steve Jobs, in a way. Add to that dynamic immature 22-year-old coding expert Cameron Howe (Mackenzie Davis)...and you've got a chemical mixture on the verge of exploding".[26]

Halt and Catch Fire was listed with six others for the Critics' Choice Television Award as one of the Most Exciting New Series of the year.[27]


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