Hampartsoum Boyadjian

Birth name Hampartsoum Boyadjian
Nickname Mourad the Great
Born 1867
Hadjin, Cilicia, Ottoman Empire
Died 24 August 1915 (aged 47–48)
Kayseri, Ankara Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Allegiance Hunchak
Years of service 1880's—1915
Battles/wars Armenian National Liberation Movement
Kum Kapu demonstration (1890)
1894 Sasun Resistance

Hampartsum Boyajian[1] (Armenian: Համբարձում Պոյաճյան Hambardzowm Pohachhan) (1867 — 1915), also known by his noms de guerre Murad and sometimes "Mets Murad"[2] ("Mourad the Great"), was an Armenians fedayi and a leading political activist of the Hnchak party.[3]


He was born in Hadjin (Cilicia). His senior brother was the famous Hunchakian leader Medzn Girayr.

Mourad joined the Hunchakian party when he was a medical student in Istanbul. In 1890, he took part in the Kum Kapu demonstration. In 1894, he was a leader of the Sasun Resistance. He exhorted the inhabitants of Sasun to fight to their last drop of blood to defend their mountains and houses.[4] Turkish authorities imprisoned and tortured him, and in 1896 Mourad was exiled to Tripoli. During his exile the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party convention elected Mourad as a member of its Central Committee. Mourad was one of the most popular figures of the Armenian Liberation movement, and several revolutionary groups worked towards his liberation.[5] In 1906 he escapes from prison and in 1908 he returned to Istanbul. He was elected member of the Ottoman parliament for the region of Adana.

Mourad, a Hunchakian who never gave up on the dream of a united and independent Armenia was labelled, like thousands of others, an undesirable by the Young Turk Government. He was among the first to be arrested in April 1915 at Red Sunday. During the eve of the Armenian Genocide, and sent to Kayseri, where he was severely tortured in prison. After a trial in July, he was hanged on 24 August 1915, with 12 fellow friends.[6][7]

From 1992 to 1994, a Medzn Mourad battalion led by Gevorg Guzelian took part in the Nagorno-Karabakh War.

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  • Metsn Murat (Hambardzum Pōyachean): Keankʻn u gortsunēutʻiwně, by Sirvard, Providence, 1955.

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