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Info URI scheme

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Title: Info URI scheme  
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Subject: File URI scheme, Content reference identifier, Digital object identifier, View-source URI scheme, Rsync
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Info URI scheme

In computer science, info: is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme for information assets with identifiers in public namespaces that allows legacy namespaces such as Library of Congress Identifiers and Digital object identifiers to be represented as URIs. It acts as a bridging mechanism for older information identifiers to be used in the more generalised and standard URI allocation. [1]


Syntactical specifications

The URI specifications defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) separates the info URI scheme’s syntax into two sections: part A, which contains syntactical elements specific to the info scheme, and part B, which follows standard URI definitions. The important info scheme‐specific Part A uses the following URI components:[2]
component name component value
info-URI info-scheme ":" info-identifier [ "#" fragment ]
info-scheme "info"
info-identifier namespace "/" identifier
namespace scheme
identifier *( pchar / "/" )

Other specifications

The info URI scheme supports hierarchical processing with a forward slash character ‘/’ (also commonly seen in Uniform Resource Locators), although the character should not be treated as a strict hierarchical delimiter. Its scheme-specific part is an auto-identifier, which is constructed by appending an “identifier” component to a “namespace” component separated by a forward slash.[2]

Namespace authority and the “info” registry

To handle info URI maintenance, the IETF established an “info” URI scheme [2]

Selected namespaces
Namespace Resource
info:arxiv/ arXiv identifiers
info:bibcode/ Astrophysics Data System bibcodes
info:ddbj-embl-genbank/ Sequence records in DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank
info:doi/ Digital Object Identifiers
info:fedora/ Fedora Digital Objects and Disseminations
info:inchi/ IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI)
info:lanl-repo/ Identifiers used in the Repository of the LANL Research Library
info:lc/ Library of Congress Identifiers
info:lccn/ Library of Congress Control Numbers
info:ncid/ National Institute of Informatics NACSIS-CAT Identification Numbers
info:netref/ NISO Standard for Network Reference Services
info:nla/ National Library of Australia's digital & digitised collections
info:oclcnum/ OCLC Worldcat Control Numbers
info:ofi/ Registry Identifiers used by the NISO OpenURL Framework Registry
info:pmid/ PubMed records
info:rlgid/ Research Libraries Group Database Record identifiers
info:sici/ Serial Item and Contribution Identifiers
info:sid/ Source Identifiers used in the NISO OpenURL Framework
info:srw/ Search/Retrieve Web Service

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