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Ise Expressway

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Title: Ise Expressway  
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Subject: Mie Prefecture, Taki, Mie, Japan National Route 1
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Ise Expressway

Ise Expressway
;">Route information
Existed: 1975[1] – present
;">Major junctions
From: Ise-Seki Interchange in Meihan Highway
To: Ise Interchange in National Route 23
;">Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

The Ise Expressway (伊勢自動車道 Ise Jidōshadō?) is a national expressway in Mie Prefecture, Japan. It is owned and operated by Central Nippon Expressway Company.


Officially, the route is designated as the Kinki Expressway Ise Route, however this designation does not appear on any signage.[2]

The expressway runs from north to south through central Mie Prefecture, beginning at a junction with the Meihan Highway. It passes to the west of the cities of Tsu and Matsusaka before coming to a junction with the Kisei Expressway. Here the Ise Expressway turns east and eventually terminates in the city of Ise. From the terminus the Ise Futami Toba Toll Road continues east on the same roadway.

The first section was opened to traffic in 1975. Direct access to the Higashi-Meihan Expressway was established in 2005.[1] Prior to the completion of this junction users could only travel between the two expressways via the Meihan Highway.

The exit numbering system is continuous with the Higashi-Meihan. The entire route is 4 lanes with the exception of the short (1.8 km) section between Ise-nishi Interchange and Ise Interchange.

List of interchanges and features

No. Name Connections Dist. from
Dist. from
Notes Location
(all in Mie)
Through to Higashi-Meihan Expressway
34 Ise-Seki IC Meihan Highway 0.0 67.7 Ise-Seki IC ←→ Higashi-Meihan: No Access Tsu
35 Geinō IC Pref. Route 10 (Tsu Seki Route) 5.2 62.5
SA Anō SA 8.7 59.0
36 Tsu IC Pref. Route 42 (Tsu Geinō Ōyamada Route) 13.7 54.0
BR Anōgawa Overpass
BR Iwatagawa Overpass
37 Hisai IC National Route 165 20.0 47.7
BR Kumozugawa Bridge
37-1 Ichishi-Ureshino IC Pref. Route 67 (Ichishi-Ureshino Route) 25.8 41.9 Matsusaka
PA Ureshino PA 28.3 39.4
38 Matsusaka IC Pref. Route 58 (Matsusaka Ichishi Route)
Pref. Route 59 (Matsusaka Daini Kanjō Route)
32.2 35.5
TN Matsusaka Tunnel Length - 919 m
BR Kushidagawa Bridge
TN Taki Tunnel Length - 700 m Taki
39-1 Seiwa-Taki JCT Kisei Expressway 46.1 21.6
39 Seiwa-Taki IC National Route 42
PA Taki PA 52.0
40 Tamaki IC Pref. Route 65 (Watarai Tamaki Route) 56.4 11.3 Tamaki
BR Miyagawa Bridge
TB Ise Toll Gate
41 Ise-nishi IC Pref. Route 32 (Ise Isobe Route) 65.9 1.8 Ise-bound exit, Tsu-bound entrance only
TN Ise Tunnel Length - 70 m
42 Ise IC National Route 23 67.7 0.0
Through to Ise Futami Toba Toll Road


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