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Jade Villalon

Jade Valerie
Birth name Jade Valerie Villalon
Born (1980-08-12) August 12, 1980
San Diego, California, United States
Origin United States
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2000 - present
Labels Avex Trax (2009-present, with Eternity∞)
Universal Music Japan (2007-present, solo)
Associated acts

Sweetbox (1999-2007)
Jade Valerie (2007-present)

Eternity∞ (2009-present)
Saint Vox (2009-present)

Jade Valerie Villalon (born August 12, 1980), also known by her project and stage name Jade Valerie, is an American and European pop singer,[1] songwriter,[1] and actress.[1][2] From 1999 to 2007, she was the vocalist and lyricist of Sweetbox, releasing five original albums and a number of compilations.[1] During this time, each major release achieved either a Gold or Platinum status in Japan and Korea, also earning various awards and chart positions around the world.[1][3]

Following Villalon's departure from this project, both Villalon, and Sweetbox composer and producer Rosan Geoman, worked together once again to release albums under Villalon's own name, Jade Valerie.[1] After two album releases under this name, two additional side-projects were formed, entitled Eternity ∞ and Saint Vox, both releasing a self-titled album respectively. Saint Vox presented a collaboration effort between Villalon's vocal and lyrical work, Geoman's arrangements of both original and sampled classical pieces, and the stylings of Japanese violinist, Emiri Miyamoto.[4]


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Jade Valerie Villalon was born on August 12, 1980, and was raised in San Diego, California.


As a child, Villalon began her career by auditioning for, and acting in, television commercials and promotional material. Her first full-length acting role was at the age of seven for the Broadway Musical, Gypsy. Around this time, she was also featured in a media advertisement with Michelle Williams. At the age of seventeen, she guest-starred as Melanie, a teenager in a camp for HIV-positive teenagers, in the television program, Touched by an Angel (Episode 70: "The Pact"). After gaining recognition for her vocal performance in the episode, she appeared in various music videos for media artists, such as in TLC's “Unpretty”. Villalon also had a small appearance as an extra in the movie Sorority Boys.[1]


In Villalon's career as a vocalist, she has released nine original albums, has been presented with a number of international awards and sales certifications, has had her music featured in a number commercials and television spots, and also has lent her voice to perform the vocal songs Real Emotion and "1000 Words" on the English version of the video game Final Fantasy X-2.[1] Her albums in Sweetbox have all reached gold or platinum status in Korea, and many of her singles have ranked in the Top 10 on charts in Europe and Asia. Villalon has also written songs for a number of artists, including The Cheetah Girls and Ayumi Hamasaki, as well as for Ateed, and has had her works covered by artists such as S.H.E. and Skye Sweetnam.


In her teen years, Villalon joined the pop–rock band Gemstone, along with well-known actress Christina Vidal and musician Crystal Grant. Although no album was released for commercial sale, some of the tracks made during this period surfaced on compilations by Villalon in her later music project, Sweetbox.


After Gemstone parted ways, Villalon, age 18 at the time, partnered as a singer and songwriter with producer and songwriter, Roberto "Geo" Rosan, for the pop project Sweetbox, and became the project's first multiple-award-winning vocalist. With Sweetbox, many of the project's songs brought attention for being based on famous classical pieces, and others achieved international chart success.[5] She released five original albums under the project, Classified, Jade, Adagio, After the Lights and Addicted, as well as multiple compilations and a live DVD.

Throughout Villalon's time leading the project, she toured in many regions of Asia, with her music and voice being featured on a number of radio charts, television spots, product commercials, and video games. During this time, she was awarded as being Asia's #1 cross-over artist, with each her releases achieving Gold or Platinum status in Korea. After this success, issues started with the original owners of the Sweetbox franchise, and Villalon left the project behind to start her new pop project, under her own name, "Jade Valerie".[1]

Jade Valerie

In 2007, Villalon, along with her long-time Sweetbox partner, "Geo", left the project name of Sweetbox behind to start work on Villalon's new music project, titled under her own name, 'Jade Valerie'. Later that year, Villalon released the album, Out of the Box,[6] the title being a play on words of the departure from Sweetbox, to critical acclaim. Her 9th album, Bittersweet Symphony, reached positions such as #15 on the Oricon charts. She re-released Out of the Box in Korea, containing some of the tracks from her original album of the same name, as well as many tracks of Bittersweet Symphony. She also re-recorded the song "You Don't Know Me" with guest vocalist Kim Dong Wan, member of Korean group Shinhwa.

After her continuing success, Villalon released information that two new albums were to be expected in 2009, and that The Cheetah Girls had performed a song, on their recent album, that she written for the Disney-produced vocalist team. Later this year, it was announced that Villalon and "Geo" had teamed up with Japanese violinist, Emiri Miyamoto, for a collaboration album entitled 'Saint Vox'. In 2010, it was announced that Villalon and Geo had released a single, once again under the 'Jade Valerie' moniker, and was titled "Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong", featuring the vocals of K-pop vocalist Brian Joo, member of the group Fly To The Sky. Over a year after this release, it was published that Villalon had performed in a duet with The Gypsies, a track that will be released the latter's upcoming album.[3] In 2012, Villalon collaborated with actor Brandon Jones on a song entitled "In The Moment".


In 2009, Villalon and "Geo" confirmed they had started a new project, entitled 'Eternity∞'. Releasing the self-titled album Eternity∞ on June 3, 2009, each track sampled a famous classical piece, many using pieces previously used in Sweetbox, such as Canon in D major by Pachelbel and Solveig's Song by Grieg. The album contained singles I Will, Love, and Wonderful World, the latter being featured in a number of Korean television spots. The release was supported by a showcasing event sponsored by Elle Magazine.

Saint Vox

In 2009, Villalon stated that she was working on a project entitled Saint Vox, a collaboration between herself and the violinist Emiri Miyamoto. The self-titled album, Saint Vox, was released November 25, 2009.[7] The album featured the sampling of six famous Japanese and Korean compositions, and six songs featuring original compositions by long-time producer, "Geo". The first single, entitled "Don't Leave Me This Way", debuted on Emiri Miyamoto's radio show on October 11, 2009.


[8] Albums

-Sweetbox- (Sweetbox discography)

-Jade Valerie- (Jade Valerie Discography)

-Eternity∞- (Eternity∞ discography)

  • Eternity∞ (2009)

-Saint Vox- (Saint Vox discography)

  • Saint Vox (2009)


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