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Jessica Kiper

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper
Jessica Kiper attending the Beverly Hills Film Festival - Beverly Hills, CA on October 21, 2010
Born Jessica Michele Kiper
(1979-02-22) February 22, 1979 (age 35)

Jessica Michele Kiper (born February 22, 1979) is an American actress and singer. Kiper was also a runner-up contestant on Survivor: Gabon,[2][3] where she placed third. She was more commonly known to the viewing audience during her run on Survivor as Sugar. She returned to Survivor to compete on the show's 20th season: Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains as part of the Heroes tribe, and was the first to be eliminated. She later appeared on season five of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew to address her struggles with addiction.[4]

Early life

Kiper was born in Florida,[1] and has lived in Rhode Island, Baton Rouge, San Francisco and Los Angeles.[5][6] During her appearances on Celebrity Rehab, which documented her recovery from addiction, Kiper indicated that her sister Rena was her "closest sister", and that they also have a younger brother.[7]



Survivor: Gabon

Kiper competed on the reality television show Survivor: Gabon, the seventeenth season of Survivor, which began airing on September 25, 2008. She was referred to throughout the season by the nickname "Sugar". The final episode of the season, broadcast on December 14, 2008, revealed that she finished third, behind winner Robert Crowley and second-place finisher Susie Smith, garnering no jury votes.

Survivor host Jeff Probst commented on Kiper, saying :"She is in an excellent spot to make it to the final vote. I'll give her credit. She has done a very good job of staying in this game and staying out of the way. She's survived a record number of days on Exile, she handled the power of the immunity idol beautifully, and she has earned her right to be in the final five."[8]

Kiper found the Hidden Immunity Idol very soon after arriving on Exile Island, beating lawyer Dan Kay who got the same opportunity the previous episode, and she played it during Episode 12 in order to save fellow contestant Matty Whitmore, thus negating two votes cast against him and ensuring the elimination of athlete Crystal Cox. She ended the series in third place, losing to teacher Robert Crowley and hairdresser Susie Smith. She was also the second choice for the 'Sprint Survivor of the Season' award, losing again to winner Crowley.

Kiper also holds a unique Survivor distinction of reaching the Gabon final with no votes ever cast against her, but also not receiving any votes to win. Thus, she never once had her name written down during the run of the game at Gabon.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Kiper was a contestant in the 20th season of Survivor, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She was a member of the Heroes tribe. She was the first to be voted out, after being perceived as weak, and her emotions and flirtatious behavior irritating her tribemates. She placed 20th respectively.

Personal life

Kiper lives in Brooklyn. She has five siblings- three older sisters and one older brother on her dad's side and one younger brother on her mom's side. She has fourteen nieces and nephews and believes family to be one of the most important things in life. She grew up with a special bond to her father, being his youngest child.[6]



Year Title Role
2007 Sex and Death 101 Precious/Carlotta Valdes
Beyond the Quest Grazyna
2005 Formosa Anne-Marie Silver
2004 The Gold Necklace Kiki
2002 Sorority Boys Tri Pi
2000 The Princess & the Barrio Boy Girl In Pool
1999 Alien Arsenal Female Student #3

Television series

Year Title Role
2012 Weeds 2 episodes, Roller Derby Referee
2011 Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Herself
2011 Law & Order: Los Angeles 1 episode: Big Rock Mesa
2010 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Herself
2008 Survivor: Gabon Herself
2003 Judging Amy Teenage Girl
2002 Gilmore Girls Shane (4 episodes)
Angel Nick
2001 Titus Prom Date
2000 Undressed Zia
1999 For Your Love Amber

Video games

Year Title Role
2011 L.A. Noire Candy Edwards


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