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Juste Debout

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Title: Juste Debout  
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Juste Debout

Juste Debout ("just standing") is an international and annual dance competition founded in 2001 by Bruce Soné in France which focuses on street dance styles. The four main categories are hip hop new style, house, locking and popping.


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  • Juste Debout 2011 Preselections 4
  • Juste Debout 2011 Finals 5
  • Juste Debout 2012 Preselections 6
  • Juste Debout 2012 Finals 7
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Semifinal Juste debout Scandinavia 2008.

Juste Debout was initially held in 2002 in Paris, France, and has since then returned each year around February. The 2006 edition was the first to feature a number of linked events (so called pre-selections) in countries outside of France, with the finals being held in Paris. This allowed Juste Debout to reach a larger and more international audience.

Juste Debout 2007 was held on February 25 in Paris and featured international pre-selections starting as early as January in countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.[1] Jsmooth & Future from the dance crew MGF (Machine Gone Funk) in the USA won the Juste Debout Popping contest 2007. Manu & loïc from France won the Locking. Stéphanie & Dedson from Denmark and France won Hip-hop. Lastly, Hiro & Meech from Japan and France won the House dance contest.

Juste Debout 2009 was held on March 1 in the Bercy stadium in Paris. Kite & Fishboy (Former Action), won a close fought, all-Japanese final with last years winners Kei & Gucchon (Co-Thkoo). Dy & Steve won the Hip-hop against crowd's favourite Maika (10 y.o) & Kazane (12 y.o).


The main events of Juste Debout consists of two on two battles in which two dancers work as a team trying to outperform the opposite couple in a specific dance style category. The music is chosen by the Juste Debout DJs and the dancers are not told of the songs in advance.

Normally, only one person dances at a time and the two teams take turns showing off. A battle finishes when each dancer has performed two times, resulting in a total of eight rounds, usually around a minute long each. Sometimes a team chooses to spontaneously replace or extend one of their rounds with a choreographed routine performed together for added effect, which is allowed. After each battle, a group of four judges decides the winning team, which moves them closer to the finals. In the end, a winning couple is chosen for each of the four dance style categories.

Outside of battles, the Juste Debout events often include a number of shows from both the judges and invited guests, as well as dance parties that are open for all to join.

Juste Debout 2010 Finals

Winners of Juste Debout 2010

  • House : Yugson & Mal (FRA)
  • Hip Hop New Style : Martha & Niki (SWE)
  • Locking : Aya and Bing Bing (CHI)
  • Popping : Nelson & Dey (FRA)
  • Top Rock : Bboy YNot[USA]
  • Experimental : Scopion

Judges [2]

  • House: E-Joe Wilson (USA)
  • Hip Hop New Style: Sho-Tyme (USA)
  • Locking: Gemini (FRA)
  • Popping: Gucchon (JPN)

Juste Debout 2011 Preselections

Preselections were held in 12 different countries all over the world. Those who won the categories of the preselections where invited to compete at the final battle of Juste Debout in Paris, France.

  • Japan (Tokyo) 11.1.2011
  • China (Wuhan) 15.1.2011
  • Singapore (Singapore) 22.1.2011
  • Sweden (Stockholm) 28.1.2011
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam) 30.1.2011
  • USA (New York City) 5.2.2011
  • Finland (Helsinki) 12.2.2011
  • Switzerland (Geneva) 13.2.2011
  • Greece (Athens) 19.2.2011
  • UK (London) 20.2.2011
  • Germany (Düsseldorf) 26.2.2011
  • France (Paris) 12.3.2011

Juste Debout 2011 Finals

Winners of Juste Debout 2011 [3]

  • House: TOYIN & TASHA (Preselection USA)
  • Hip Hop New Style: LES TWINS (Preselection Japan)
  • Locking: HURRICANE & FIRELOCK (Preselection USA)
  • Popping: CO-THKOO (Preselection Japan)
  • Top Rock: MATHIAS (Preselection France)
  • Experimental: ANDREAS (Preselection France)

Judges [3]

  • House: Brooklyn Terry (USA)
  • Hip Hop New Style: Meech (FRA)
  • Locking: Khan (KOR)
  • Popping: Legend (USA)

Dj's [3]

  • Locking: DJ LUCKYLOCK
  • Experimental: DJ KC THE FUNKAHOLIC

Juste Debout 2012 Preselections


  • Japan (Tokyo) 5.1.2012
  • China (Wuhan) 8.1.2012
  • Singapore (Singapore) 14.1.2012 - 15.1.2012
  • Canada 21.1.2012
  • Sweden (Stockholm) 28.1.2012
  • USA (New York City) 22.1.2011
  • Spain 29.1.2011
  • Finland (Helsinki) 4.2.2012
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam) 5.2.2012
  • Switzerland (Geneva) 12.2.2012
  • Ireland 11.2.2012
  • Rome (Italy) 18.2.2012
  • Poland 19.2.2012
  • UK (London) 25.2.2012
  • Germany (Düsseldorf) 26.2.2012
  • France (Paris) 10.3.2011

Juste Debout 2012 Finals

  • House: Mamson & Babson
  • Hip Hop: Salas & Ben
  • Locking: Markus & Alex A - Train
  • Popping: Popping J & Crazy Kyo[5]
  • Top Rock: Samo
  • Experimental: Drosha

Judges [6]

  • House: Caleaf Sellers(USA)
  • Hip Hop New Style: Niako (FRA)
  • Locking: P-Lock (FRA)
  • Popping: Kei(JPN)


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