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Kevin Major

Kevin Major (born September 12, 1949) is a Canadian author who lives in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador with his wife.[1] He writes for both young people and adults, including fiction, literary non-fiction, poetry, and plays.

Major was born and raised in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador. He later moved to St. John's where he attended Memorial University. Before becoming a writer, he taught school in several parts of the province, including the Eastport Peninsula in Bonavista Bay.[1] His early novels are known for exploring issues of adolescence and the family. They were usually set on the Island of Newfoundland. In 1992 he was awarded the Vicky Metcalf Award for his body of work.


  • 1978 – Hold Fast ISBN 0-88899-579-2 (nominated: Books in Canada First Novel Award; winner: Governor General's Award, Book-of-the-Year CACL, Ruth Schwartz Award; placed on Hans Christian Honour List)
  • 1980 – Far From Shore ISBN 0-88899-568-7 (winner: Canadian Young Adult Book Award)
  • 1984 – Thirty-Six Exposures ISBN 0-385-25464-4
  • 1987 – Dear Bruce Springsteen ISBN 0-385-29584-7
  • 1989 – Blood Red Ochre ISBN 0-7704-2717-0 (nominated: Book-of-the-Year CACL, Geoffrey Bilson Award)
  • 1991 – Eating Between the Lines ISBN 0-7704-2705-7 (nominated: Ruth Schwartz Award; winner: Book-of-the-Year CACL, Ann Conner-Brimer Award)
  • 1993 – Diana: My Autobiography ISBN 0-7704-2702-2
  • 1995 – No Man's Land ISBN 1-894463-71-4 and 2005 – No Man's Land: A Play ISBN 1-894463-71-4
  • 1997 – Gaffer: A Novel of Newfoundland ISBN 0-385-25667-1
  • 1997 – The House of Wooden Santas ISBN 0-88995-166-7 (winner: Mr. Christie Award, Ann Conner-Brimer Award)
  • 2000 – Eh? to Zed: A Canadian Abecedarium ISBN 0-88995-222-1 (nominated: Mr. Christie Award, Ann Conner-Brimer Award, Ruth Schwartz Award)
  • 2001 – As Near to Heaven by Sea: A History of Newfoundland and Labrador – ISBN 0-14-027864-8 (nominated: Pearson Writers' Trust Non-Fiction Award)
  • 2003 – Ann and Seamus ISBN 0-88899-561-X (nominated: Governor General's Award, Mr. Christie Award, Ruth Schwartz Award and five others; made into a folk opera of the same name)
  • 2003 – "The House of Wooden Santas" ISBN 0-88995-249-3
  • 2003 – "Hold Fast" ISBN 0-88899-579-2
  • 2005 – Aunt Olga's Christmas Postcards ISBN 0-88899-593-8 (winner: Ann Conner-Brimer Award)
  • 2007 – Gros Morne Time Lines ISBN 1-894521-14-5 (with Tara Bryan & Anne Meredith Barry)
  • 2010 – "New Under the Sun" ISBN 978-1-897151-85-3


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