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Lancashire Wolverines

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Title: Lancashire Wolverines  
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Subject: Wolverine (disambiguation), Hull Hornets, Southern Sundevils, Cambridgeshire Cats, Essex Spartans, Shropshire Revolution, BritBowl, Lancashire (disambiguation), South Wales Warriors, Norwich Devils
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Lancashire Wolverines

The Lancashire Wolverines are a British American football team based in Blackburn and are currently playing in the Premier Division of the BAFA National Leagues. Based at Blackburn Rugby Union Football Club, the Wolverines are an amateur team recruiting players from across the North West of England.

Academy of Football

The Lancashire Wolverines as a 18 year old+ squad are the senior team in the Lancashire Academy of Football [1] (one of only a few such complete systems in the country) which has teams at every level of the UK game from the ages of seven upwards. The teams under the academy banner are:

  • Lancashire Wolverines, adult (18+) kitted team
  • Lancaster Bombers, university kitted team
  • UCLan Rams, university kitted team
  • Lancashire Wolverine Colts, junior (16-19) kitted team
  • Preston Pythons, youth kitted team (14-16 year olds)
  • Chorley Buccaneers, cadet (7-11yr olds), junior flag teams (11-14yr olds) & youth kitted team (14-16 year olds).
  • Burnley Tornados, cadet (7-11yr olds), junior flag teams (11-14yr olds) & youth kitted team (14-16 year olds).
  • Standish Raiders, junior flag teams (11-14yr olds) & youth kitted team (14-16 year olds).

2012 Season Schedule

Sunday 15 April 2012 @ Gateshead Senators 0-13 WIN

Sunday 29 April 2012 @ Nottingham Caesars 9-8 LOSS

Sunday 6 May 2012 @ Coventry Jets 7-20 WIN

Saturday 26 May 2012 vs Shropshire Revolution 28-22 WIN

Sunday 10 June 2012 @ Merseyside Nighthawks

Sunday 17 June 2012 vs Coventry Jets

Sunday 24 June 2012 vs Gateshead Senators

Sunday 8 July 2012 @ Shropshire Revolution

Sunday 22 July 2012 vs Merseyside Nighthawks

Sunday 29 July 2012 vs West Coast Trojans

Wolverines Team history

The Wolverines first competed in British American Football from 1989 and were present until 2004 when off-field problems caused them to pull out of the league (this team is considered the old wolverines by current players and staff as they are keen to show that the new incarnation of the team, while staying true to the Wolverine style of football, is a totally revamped entity built on much stronger foundations)

They were formed from the remnants of the Wigan Wolverines, and were bolstered by the merger with the Lancashire Chieftains in 1990. The Wolverines competed in the BNGL during its six-year existence, and thereafter have been in the British American Football League. Lancashire have made the playoffs on 7 occasions, but have yet to win a Bowl. They reached the BSL Division Two final in 1998 and were promoted to Division One only to quickly return in 1999. Division one status was regained in 2002, and the Wolverines finished that season with a 3-7-0 record. A better year in 2003, resulted in a winning record in Division One with a 5-2-1 record, this season included the only ever Wolverines away victory against the Birmingham Bulls American Football Team, the game was very close with the final score 6-0 to Lancashire. Birmingham responded by handing out a 50-8 reply in the end of season playoffs. Despite location in a new venue in 2004 (the impressive Bolton Arena), the Wolverines pulled out of the league mid-season.

Back in the league, after a few years, the Wolverines went 9-1 in the 2011 season in division 2. They were beaten at the semi final stage of the post season, but regardless of this were granted promotion to Division 1 North in a league reshuffle. They are having a great first season back at this level and are currently 3-1.

Season records

2013 BAFA NL Premier Division North Conference TBC

2012 BAFA NL Division One North 7-3-0*

2011 BAFA NL Division Two 9-1-0*

2010 BAFL Division Two North Conference 6-4-0

2009 BAFL Division Two North Conference 5-4-1

2008 BAFL Division Two North Conference 6-4-0

2007 BAFL Division Two North Conference 4-6-0

2004 BSL Division One Northern Conference 3-7-0**

2003 BSL Division One Northern Conference 5-2-1*

2002 BSL Division One Northern Conference 3-7-0

2001 BSL Division Two Northern Conference 7-0-1*

2000 BSL Division Two Northern Conference 2-5-1

1999 BSL Division One Northern Conference 0-10-0

1998 BSL Division Two North Eastern Conference 9-1-0*

1997 BSL Division One Northern Conference 0-10-0

1996 BSL Division Two Northern Conference 1-9-0

1995 BAFA Division Two North/Midlands Conference 9-1-0*

1994 BAFA Division Two North/Midlands Conference 5-2-1*

1993 BNGL Premier Division Midlands Conference 9-1-0*

1992 BNGL Premier Division Northern Conference 8-2-0*

1991 BNGL Premier Division North Western Conference 4-6-0

1990 BNGL First Division North Western Conference 8-1-1*

1989 BNGL First Division Northern B Conference 4-5-1

(¹Clinched playoff spot. ²Includes games awarded after midseason pulling out from league.)

2012 Playing Roster

1. Chris Littler

2. Jonathan Stanton

3. Chris Hearle

4. Carl Rimmer

6. Greg Freeman

8. Jonathan Cuming

9. Matt King

10. Alex Edwards

11. Matt Vincent

12. Adam Purcell

13. Marcus Tippman

14. Danny Finn

15. Chris Anderson

16. Jack Barton

17. David Mead

20. Mark Smith

21. Samuel Bloomfield

22. Gary Murrell

24. Philip Riley

25. Lee Horrocks

26. Dan Ledward

27. Rob Bane

28. Sean Wilcock

29. Johnny Frayne

30. Ste Smalley

31. Paul Stewart

33. David Parker

34. Ste Czarnecki

35. Jim Lamming

36. James Lago

37. Rik Southworth

38. Matt Hill

39. Rich Eastham

40. Calum Watt

42. Johnny Glover

43. Elliott Rooney

44. Johnny Gordon

47. Jack Ginger

48. Robert Kerr

49. Chris Martin

51. Jack Daniel Watson

52. Philip Gregory

54. Ian Hargreaves

57. Rich Johnstone

58. Andy Long

63. Ken Langham

64. David Gleave

66. Ste McBrinn

67. Stephen Lythgoe

68. Christopher Bradley

71. Matthew Lago

72. Chris Plant

74. Daniel Cooper

75. Rob Meakin

78. Dan Katri

79. Chris Bain

80. Christopher Astley

81. Sam Reed

82. Tody Sirkitt

83. Neil Sullivan

84. Richard Cole

85. Stephen Donaldson-Ellison

85. Leigh Marshallsay

86. John Halliwell

87. Lee Adamson

88. Michael Jay

89. Ben Branche

90. Andy Broadhead

91. Craig Oliphant

96. Christian Facchin

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  • Team website
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