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Abkhazia is a de facto independent state[1][2][3][4][5][6] located in Eurasia whose de jure sovereignty is only recognized by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nauru and the disputed states of South Ossetia and Transnistria. The rest of the world's states consider Abkhazia to be de jure part of Georgia.[7] Abkhazia is located in the western Caucasus, on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. On the north, it borders the Russian Federation, on the east Georgia's Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.

General reference

Geography of Abkhazia

Main article: Geography of Abkhazia

Environment of Abkhazia

Regions of Abkhazia

Administrative divisions of Abkhazia

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Districts of Abkhazia
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Municipalities of Abkhazia
Cities of Abkhazia
Towns of Abkhazia
Other settlements (villages)

Demography of Abkhazia

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Government and politics of Abkhazia

Main article: Government of the Republic of Abkhazia and Politics of Abkhazia

Abkhazia is de facto independent, but most of the world's governments consider Abkhazia to be a de jure part of Georgia, and not an independent country.

Branches of government

Executive branch of the government of Abkhazia

  • Head of state: President of Abkhazia, Alexander Ankvab
  • Head of government: Prime Minister of Abkhazia, Leonid Lakerbaia
  • Cabinet of Abkhazia
    • Prime MinisterLeonid Lakerbaia
    • First Vice Premier – Indira Awardan
    • Vice Premier – Alexander Stranichkin
    • Vice Premier – Vladimir Delba
    • Chief of the Cabinet Staff – Marina Ladaria
    • Minister of DefenceMirab Kishmaria
    • Minister of Finance – Vladimir Delba
    • Minister for Foreign AffairsViacheslav Chirikba
    • Minister of Internal Affairs – Otar Khetsia
    • Minister of Justice – Yekaterina Onishchenko
    • Minister of Economy – David Iradyan
    • Minister for Taxes and Fees – Rauf Tsimtsba
    • Minister of Agriculture – Beslan Jopua
    • Minister of Labour and Social Security – Olga Koltukova
    • Minister of Health – Zurab Marshan
    • Minister of Education – Daur Nachkebia
    • Minister of Culture – Badr Gunba
    • Chairman of the State Customs Committee – Said Tarkil
    • Chairman of the State Committee for Management of State Property and Privatization – Konstantin Katsia
    • Chairman of the State Committee for Resorts and Tourism – Tengiz Lakerbaia
    • Chairman of the State Committee on Youth and Sport – Shazina Avidzba
    • Chairman of the State Committee for Repatriation – Zurab Adleiba
    • Chairman of the State Committee for Ecology and Nature – Roman Dbar

Legislative branch of the government of Abkhazia

Judicial branch of the government of Abkhazia

Main article: Court system of Abkhazia
  • Supreme Court of Abkhazia – highest judicial body in Abkhazia
  • Military Court (Abkhazia)
  • Arbitrary Court (Abkhazia)
  • Council of Justice (Abkhazia)

Foreign relations of Abkhazia

International organization membership

Law and order in Abkhazia

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Military of Abkhazia

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Local government in Abkhazia

Main article: Local government in Abkhazia

History of Abkhazia

Main article: History of Abkhazia, Timeline of the history of Abkhazia, and Current events of Abkhazia
  • Military history of Abkhazia

Culture of Abkhazia

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Art in Abkhazia

Sports in Abkhazia

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  • Football in Abkhazia
  • Abkhazia in the Olympics

Economy and infrastructure of Abkhazia

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Education in Abkhazia

Main article: Education in Abkhazia

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Abkhazia portal
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