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The Principality of Liechtenstein is a tiny, doubly landlocked alpine country located in Western Europe, bordered by Switzerland to its west and by Austria to its east.[1] Mountainous, it is a winter-sport destination. It is also a tax haven. Despite this, it is not heavily urbanised. Many cultivated fields and small farms characterise its landscape both in the north (Unterland) and in the south (Oberland). It is the smallest German-speaking country in the world.

General reference

Geography of Liechtenstein

  Switzerland 41 km
 Austria 35 km
  • Coastline: none[2]

Environment of Liechtenstein

Natural geographic features of Liechtenstein

Regions of Liechtenstein

Main article: Regions of Liechtenstein

Ecoregions of Liechtenstein

Main articles: List of ecoregions in Liechtenstein and Ecoregions in Liechtenstein

Administrative divisions of Liechtenstein

Municipalities of Liechtenstein

Demography of Liechtenstein

Government and politics of Liechtenstein

Main article: Government of Liechtenstein and Politics of Liechtenstein

Branches of the government of Liechtenstein

Executive branch of the government of Liechtenstein

Legislative branch of the government of Liechtenstein

Judicial branch of the government of Liechtenstein

Main article: Court system of Liechtenstein
  • Supreme Court of Liechtenstein (Oberster Gerichtshof)
    • Princely Superior Court of Liechtenstein (Fürstliches Obergericht)
      • Princely Court of Liechtenstein (Fürstliches Landgericht)

Foreign relations of Liechtenstein

International organization membership

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Liechtenstein

Main article: Law of Liechtenstein

Military of Liechtenstein

Local government in Liechtenstein


Flag Postal Code
and Name
(Dec. 31, 2005)
in km²
Electoral District Unterland
9491 Ruggell 1925 7,4 Ruggell
9488 Schellenberg 974 3,5 Schellenberg
9487 Gamprin 1436 6,1 Gamprin
9492 Eschen 4076 10,3 Eschen
9493 Mauren 3649 7,5 Mauren
Electoral District Oberland
9494 Schaan 5811 26,8 Schaan
9498 Planken 366 5,3 Planken
9490 Vaduz 5047 17,3 Vaduz
9497 Triesenberg 2542 29,8 Triesenberg, Masescha, Silum
Gaflei, Steg, Malbun
9495 Triesen 4643 26,4 Triesen
9496 Balzers 4436 19,6 Balzers
Liechtenstein 34905 160,0  

History of Liechtenstein

Main article: History of Liechtenstein, Timeline of the history of Liechtenstein, and Current events of Liechtenstein
  • Military history of Liechtenstein

Culture of Liechtenstein

Art in Liechtenstein

Sports in Liechtenstein

Main article: Sports in Liechtenstein

Economy and infrastructure of Liechtenstein

Education in Liechtenstein

Main article: Education in Liechtenstein

See also

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  • Sarah Lyall, New York Times, 25 March 2003
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