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List of fictional horses

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Title: List of fictional horses  
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Subject: Doodles Weaver, List of historical horses, List of miscellaneous fictional animals, Lists of horses
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List of fictional horses

This is a list of horses and ponies in fictional subjects, excluding hybrid fantasy creatures such as centaurs and unicorns and excluding their cousin donkeys and zebras and cross-breed Mules and Zebroids.

Horses in literature

Horses in Lord of the Rings

Horses in mythology

Horses in film

Horses in television

Horses in animation

Horses in comics

Horses in song

  • Becky, the horse from Carl Perkins' "Movie Magg"
  • Bottle of Smoke, the eponymous horse in the song by The Pogues
  • Chestnut Mare, the eponymous horse in the song by The Byrds
  • Feitlebaum, the racehorse who always comes up from behind to finish first (even in a car race) in songs by Doodles Weaver (performed with Spike Jones and his City Slickers)
  • Henry the Horse, the waltzing horse from The Beatles' "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" (based on a real horse called Zanthus, from Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal)
  • Paul Revere, the horse from the song of the same name by the Beastie Boys
  • The Horse with No Name, the horse in the eponymous song by America
  • Mac, from Mason Proffit's "Two Hangmen"
  • Pinto the wonder horse from the song by Tom T. Hall
  • Stewball, from the eponymous song by Peter, Paul and Mary
  • The Old Gray Mare, the horse in the eponymous song
  • The Tennessee Stud, the horse in the eponymous song written by Jimmy Driftwood
  • Trigger, the horse who pulled the fastest milkcart in the West in Benny Hill's "Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)"
  • Wildfire, the horse in the eponymous song by Michael Martin Murphey
  • "Galway Bay", the 'coal-black mare with a white starred chest' in the song "The Galway Farmer" by Steve Knightly of Show of Hands.
  • Sorrow, the name of the carnie's horse in the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song "The Carnie"
  • Molly O'Brian and Tenbrooks, who raced in the song "The Ballad of Molly and Tenbrooks" written by Bill Monroe
  • The Strawberry Roan, an unrideable horse in the eponymous song performed by Marty Robbins, Chris LeDoux, and others
  • Badger, a possibly unrideable horse in the song "The Scene We All Ain't Saw" by Chris LeDoux
  • The Brute, a horse ridden for the first time in the song "The Continental Suit"
  • The Yellow Stud, an unrideable horse in the eponymous song performed by Chris LeDoux
  • Lisette, crazed horse in the song "Run Lisette" by Glass Hammer

Horses in video games

Horses in toys


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