List of mountains on Mercury

List of geological features on Mercury is an itemization of mountains, valleys, craters and other landform features of the planet Mercury. Different types of features are named after different things: Mercurian ridges are called dorsa, and are named after astronomers who made detailed studies of the planet; valleys are called valles, and are named after radio telescope facilities; plains are called planitiae, and most are named after mythological names associated with Mercury; escarpments are called rupes and are named after the ships of famous explorers; long, narrow depressions are called fossae and are named after works of architecture.

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Longitude is west longitude.

List of geological features on Mercury

Feature Latitude Longitude Named after
Caloris Montes 39.4 187.2 Latin for 'mountains of heat'
Antoniadi Dorsum 25.1 30.5 Eugène Antoniadi
Schiaparelli Dorsum 23 164.1 Giovanni Schiaparelli
Pantheon Fossae 30.5 197.0 The Pantheon, Rome
Arecibo Vallis -27.5 28.4 Arecibo Observatory
Goldstone Vallis -15.8 31.7 Goldstone Observatory
Haystack Vallis 4.7 46.2 Haystack Observatory
Simeiz Vallis -13.2 64.3 Simeiz Observatory
Borealis Planitia 73.4 79.5 Latin for 'northern plain'
Budh Planitia 22 150.9 Hindu word for Mercury.
Caloris Planitia 30.5 189.8 Latin for 'heat's plain'
Odin Planitia 23.3 171.6 Norse god Odin
Sobkou Planitia 39.9 129.9 Messenger god.
Suisei Planitia 59.2 150.8 Japanese for Mercury.
Tir Planitia 0.8 176.1 Norse for Mercury.
Adventure Rupes -65.1 65.5 HMS Adventure, ship of Captain Cook
Astrolabe Rupes -42.6 70.7 Astrolabe, ship of Jules Dumont d'Urville
Beagle Rupes -1.9 258.89 HMS Beagle, ship on which Charles Darwin sailed
Discovery Rupes -56.3 38.3 HMS Discovery, ship of Captain Cook
Endeavour Rupes 37.5 31.3 HM Bark Endeavour, ship of Captain Cook
Fram Rupes -56.9 93.3 Fram, ship of Fridtjof Nansen, Otto Sverdrup and Roald Amundsen
Gjöa Rupes -66.7 159.3 Gjøa, ship of Roald Amundsen
Heemskerck Rupes 25.9 125.3 Ship of Abel Tasman
Hero Rupes -58.4 171.4 Ship of Nathaniel Palmer
Mirni Rupes -37.3 39.9 Mirny, ship of Mikhail Lazarev
Pourquoi-Pas Rupes -58.1 156 Pourquoi Pas? IV, ship of Jean-Baptiste Charcot
Resolution Rupes -63.8 51.7 HMS Resolution, ship of Captain Cook
Santa María Rupes 5.5 19.7 Santa María, ship of Christopher Columbus
Victoria Rupes 50.9 31.1 Victoria, ship of Ferdinand Magellan
Vostok Rupes -37.7 19.5 Vostok, ship of Fabian von Bellingshausen
Zarya Rupes -42.8 20.5 Zarya, a Soviet experimental schooner
Zeehaen Rupes 51 157 Ship of Jules Dumont d'Urville


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it:Lista delle strutture superficiali di Mercurio

sv:Lista över geologiska strukturer på Merkurius

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