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List of national mottos

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Title: List of national mottos  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of Latin phrases (A), Lists by country, List of Latin phrases (P), List of mottos, Symbols of Ukraine
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List of national mottos

This page lists state and national mottos for the world's nations. The mottos for some states lacking general international recognition, extinct states, non sovereign nations and territories are listed, but their names are not bolded.

A state motto is used to describe the intent or motivation of the state in a short phrase. For example, it can be included on a country's flag, coat of arms, or currency. Some countries choose not to have a national motto.


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The national motto of Afghanistan: لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله
( Lā ʾilāha ʾillāl–lāh, Muhammadun rasūl allāh)
There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of God. (Shahada), is inscribed on the Coat of arms of Afghanistan.
  •  Afghanistan: لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله ( Lā ʾilāha ʾillāl–lāh, Muhammadun rasūl allāh)
    There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of God. (Shahada)[1]
  •  Albania: Ti Shqiperi Me Jep Nder, Me jep Emrin Shqipetar (Albanian: You, Albania, give me honor, give me the name Albanian)
  •  Algeria: بالشعب و للشعب (Bil-shaʿb wa lil-shaʿb) (Arabic: By the people and for the people)[2]
  •  American Samoa: Samoa Muamua le Atua (Samoan: Samoa, God is First)[3]
  •  Andorra: Virtus unita fortior (Latin: Strength, united is stronger)[4]
  •  Anguilla: Strength and Endurance
  •  Antigua and Barbuda: Each endeavouring, all achieving[5]
  •  Argentina: En unión y libertad (Spanish: In Union and Liberty)[6]
  •  Armenia: Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Մշակույթ (Mek Azg, Mek Mshakouyt) (Armenian: "One Nation, One Culture")[7]
  • Aromanians: Rrãmãnu nu chieri (Aromanian: The aromanian don't lose)
  •  Aruba: Semper pro grediens[8] (Latin: Always progressing)
  •  Australia: No official motto. Formerly Advance Australia[9]
  •  Austria: formerly AEIOU, with one possible meaning being Austriae est imperare orbi universo (Latin: It is Austria's destiny to rule the world)
  •  Azerbaijan: Odlar Yurdu (The Land of Fire) (unofficial).
  •  Azores: Antes morrer livres que em paz sujeitos (Portuguese: Rather die as free men than be enslaved in peace)[11]


The national motto of Bolivia, La Unión es la Fuerza (Unity is Strength), is inscribed on boliviano coins.
The national motto of Brazil, Ordem e progresso (Order and progress), is inscribed on the Brazilian flag.




  •  East Timor: Honra, pátria e povo (Portuguese: Honour, homeland and people)[43]
  •  Ecuador: Dios, patria y libertad (Spanish: God, homeland and liberty)
  •  El Salvador: Dios, Unión, Libertad (Spanish: God, Union, Liberty)[44]
  •  England: Sovereign's motto: Dieu et mon droit (French: God and my right).[45]
  •  Equatorial Guinea: Unidad, Paz, Justicia (Spanish: Unity, Peace, Justice)
  •  Eritrea: دولة إرترݐا (Dawlat Iritrīya), "Hagere Ertra" (Arabic, Tigrinya: State of Eritrea; also in English)
  •  Estonia: there is no official motto at state level, however such mottos, as Welcome to Estonia and Heade üllatuste maa (Estonian: Country of good surprises) have been used for the purpose of popularizing Estonia in the world[46]
  •  Ethiopia: formerly ኢትዮጵያ ታበድ አደዊሃ ሃበ አግዚአብሐር (Itiyopia tabetsih edewiha habe Igziabiher) (Ge'ez: Ethiopia holds up her hands unto God). Currently none.[47]
    • The Imperial motto, between 1930 and 1975, was ሞዓ አንበሰ ዘአምነባደ ይሁዳ (Moa Ambassa ze Imnegede Yehuda) (Ge'ez: Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah).[47]
  •  European Union: Unita nella diversità, United in diversity, Unidade na diversidade, In Vielfalt geeint, Unis dans la diversité, In verscheidenheid verenigd, Unidos en la diversidad in Italian, English, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch and Spanish. (Official version is also translated into the other official languages of the European Union and Latin)[48]





The National Emblem of India bears the motto Satyameva Jayate (Sanskrit: "Truth alone triumphs").
The flag of Iraq displays the national motto, Allahu Akbar ("God is Great").


  •  Jamaica: Out of many, One People[75]
  •  Japan: No official motto.
    • Ancient Japan: 養正之心ヲ弘ム (Yōsei-no kokoro-wo hiromu) (Japanese: "spread the spirit of nurturing rightness"), 積慶重暉 (Sekkei Chōki) (Japanese, "accumulate joyousness and stack brightness"), 掩ヒテ㆓八紘(アメノシタ)ヲ㆒而為ス㆑(イヘ)ト(Ame-no-shita-wo ōhi-te ihe-to nasu) (Japanese, "cover eight crown cords(the under sky) and make it roof" aka Hakkō Ichiu(八紘一宇))
    •  Empire of Japan: 開国進取 (Kaikoku Shinshu) (Japanese: "Open nation and do enterprising") Charter Oath (1868-) -> 大東亜新秩序建設 (Dai-tōa Shin-chitsujo Kensetsu) (Japanese: "Establishing of Great East Asian New Order", it means "東亜に於ける国際正義の確立、共同防共の達成、新文化の創造、経済結合の実現を期す" ('Hoping for establishing international righteousness, co-preventing communism, creating new culture and actualizing economic connection in East Asia')) 基本国策要綱 (1940-)
  •  Jersey: No official motto.
  •  Jordan: الله، الوطن، الملك (Allāh, Al-Waṭan, Al-Malīk) (Arabic: "God, Fatherland, King")[76]


Kiribati: "Health, Peace and Prosperity" on the Coat of arms of Kiribati.


  •  Laos: "ສັນຕິພາບ ເອກະລາດ ປະຊາທິປະໄຕ ເອກະພາບ ວັດທະນາຖາວອນ" (Lao: Peace, independence, democracy, unity and prosperity)[78]
  •  Latvia: Tēvzemei un Brīvībai (Latvian: Fatherland and Freedom)[79]
  •  Lebanon: كلنا للوطن ،، للعلا للعلم (Arabic: We are all for the Country, the Sublime and the Flag)[80]
  •  Lesotho: Khotso, Pula, Nala (Sotho: Peace, Rain, Prosperity)[81]
  •  Liberia: The love of liberty brought us here[82]
  •  Libya: حُريّة، عَدالة، ديمقراطيّة Ḥurrīyah, ʿAdālah, Dīmuqrāṭīya, "Freedom, Justice, Democracy"
    • Libya (1969–2011): الحرية والاشتراكية والوحدة Ḥurrīyah, Ishtirākīyah, wa-Waḥdah, "Freedom, Socialism, and Unity"[83]
  •  Liechtenstein: Für Gott, Fürst und Vaterland (German: For God, Prince and Fatherland)
  •  Lithuania: Laisvė, vienybė, gerovė (Lithuanian: Freedom, Unity, Prosperity)[84]
  •  Luxembourg: Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn (Luxembourgish: We wish to remain what we are)[85]


  •  Macedonia: no official motto, traditional: Слобода или Смрт (Macedonian: Sloboda ili smrt, Liberty or Death)
  •  Madagascar: Fitiavana, Tanindrazana, Fandrosoana (Malagasy: Love, Ancestral-land, Progress)[86]
  •  Madeira: Das Ilhas, As Mais Belas E Livres (Portuguese: Of the Islands, the Most Beautiful and Free)[11]
  •  Malawi: Unity and Freedom
  •  Malaysia: Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu (Malay: unity is strength)[87]
  •  Maldives: الدولة ا۔لحلدݐبݐة (Al-Dawlat Al-Mahaldheebiya) (Arabic: State of the Mahal Dibiyat)
  •  Mali: Un peuple, un but, une foi (French: One people, one goal, one faith)[88]
  •  Malta: Virtute et constantia (Latin: Strength and consistency)[89]
  •  Marshall Islands: Jepilpilin ke Ejukaan (Marshallese: Accomplishment (Achievement) through Joint Effort)[90]
  •  Mauritania: شرف، إخاء، عدالة or Honneur, Fraternité, Justice (Arabic and French: Honor, Fraternity, Justice)[91]
  •  Mauritius: Stella Clavisque Maris Indici (Latin: Star and key of the Indian Ocean)[92]
  •  Mexico: La Patria Es Primero (Spanish: Homeland is First)
  •  Federated States of Micronesia: Peace, Unity, Liberty[93]
  •  Moldova: Limba noastră-i o comoară (Romanian: Our Language is a Treasure)
  •  Monaco: Deo juvante (Latin: With God's help)[94]
  •  Mongolia: No official motto.
  •  Montenegro: No official motto.
  •  Montserrat: Each Endeavouring, All Achieving
  •  Morocco: الله، الوطن، الملك (Allāh, Al-Waṭan, Al-Malīk) (Arabic: God, the Country, the King)[95]
    • Royal Motto: إن تَنصُروا اللهَ ينصُرُکُم (Arabic: If you glorify God, He will glorify you)[96]
  •  Mozambique: República de Moçambique (Portuguese: Republic of Mozambique)


The motto of Nepal, जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी (Sanskrit: "Mother and motherland are greater than heaven")


  •  Oman: Desire, Honor, Sacrifice.


Pakistan: Īmān, Ittiḥād, Nazm. (Urdu "Faith, Unity, Discipline").
Panama: Pro mundi beneficio (Latin: "For the benefit of the world").


  •  Qatar: دولة قطر (Dawlat Qatar) (Arabic: State of Qatar)




  •  Taiwan: No official motto.[137]
  •  Tajikistan: No official motto.
  •  Tanzania: Uhuru na Umoja (Swahili: Freedom and Unity)[138]
  •  Tatarstan: Bez Buldırabız! (Tatar: We can!) (unofficial)
  •  Thailand:
    • 1873-1910 : "Sabbesaṃ saṃghabhūtānaṃ samagghī vuḍḍhi sadhikā" (Pāli: शब्बेसम् सम्घभुतनम् समग्घि भुद्धि सधिक, "Unity amongst those uniting brings about success and prosperity.")
    • Following 1910 : none, unofficially "Chat, Satsana, Phra Mahakasat" (Thai: ชาติ ศาสนา พระมหากษัตริย์, "Country, Religion, Monarch")[139]
  •  Togo: Travail, Liberté, Patrie (French: Work, liberty, homeland)[140]
  •  Tokelau: Tokelau mo te Atua (Tokelauan: Tokelau For The Almighty)[141]
  •  Tonga: Ko e ʻOtua mo Tonga ko hoku tofiʻa (Tongan: God and Tonga are my Inheritance)[142]
  •  Trinidad and Tobago: Together we aspire, together we achieve[143]
  •  Tristan da Cunha: Our faith is our strength
  •  Tunisia: حرية، نظام، عدالة (Ḥurrīyah, Niẓām,ʿAdālah) (Arabic: Freedom, Order and Justice)[144]
  •  Turkey: Egemenlik, kayıtsız şartsız milletindir! (Turkish: Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the Nation!")[145]
  •  Turkmenistan: No official motto.
  •  Turks and Caicos Islands: Beautiful By Nature, Clean By Choice
  •  Tuvalu: Tuvalu mo te Atua (Tuvaluan: Tuvalu for the Almighty)[146]


The national motto of the United States is In God we trust, as shown on the reverse of the United States one-dollar bill.




  •  Yemen: الڷه، الوطن، الثورة، الوحدة (Allāh, Al-Waṭan, Ath-Thawrah, Al-Waḥdah) (Arabic: God, Nation, Revolution, Unity)


  •  Zaire: Paix — Justice — Travail (French: Peace — Justice — Work)[153]
  •  Zambia: One Zambia, One Nation[154]
  •  Zimbabwe: Unity, Freedom, Work[155]
    • Former: Sit Nomine Digna (Latin: May she be worthy of the name, from 1965–1979)
    •  Rhodesia: Sit Nomine Digna (Latin: May she be worthy of the name)


  1. ^ Press reports have provided a variety of translations for the phrase. According to Vatican Radio: "Pope Francis has chosen the motto Miserando atque eligendo, meaning lowly but chosen; literally in Latin by having mercy, by choosing him. The motto is one Francis used as bishop. It is taken from the homilies of the Venerable Bede on Saint Matthew's Gospel relating to his vocation: 'Jesus saw the tax collector and by having mercy chose him as an apostle saying to him: Follow me.'"[151]


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