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List of operas by Cherubini

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Title: List of operas by Cherubini  
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Subject: Luigi Cherubini
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List of operas by Cherubini

This is a complete list of the operas of the Italian-born composer Luigi Cherubini (1760–1842) who spent much of his working life in France.

In terms of genre, Cherubini's output included 11 opere serie and 10 opéras comiques, as well as three intermezzi, three tragédies lyriques, two opere buffe, and one each of the following: comédie héroïque, comédie lyrique, comédie mêlée d'ariettes, drame lyrique, dramma lirico, opéra bouffon, and opéra-ballet.


Title Genre Sub­divisions Libretto Première date Place, theatre
Amore artigiano intermezzo unknown unknownlibrettist unknown 1773-10-2222 October 1773 Fiesole, Teatro San Domenico
giocatoreIl giocatore intermezzo unknown unknownlibrettist unknown and score lost 1775-00-00 composed 1775? Florence
(untitled) intermezzo unknown unknownlibrettist unknown 1778-02-1616 February 1778 Florence, Serviti
Quinto1Il Quinto Fabio opera seria 3 acts ZenoApostolo Zeno 1780-09-30Autumn 1779 Alessandria, Teatro Paglia
Armida abbandonata opera seria 3 acts VitturiBartolomeo Vitturi, based on Torquato Tasso's Gerusalemme liberata 1782-01-2525 January 1782 Florence, La Pergola
Adriano in Siria opera seria 3 acts Metastasio 1782-04-1616 April 1782 Livorno, Teatro Armeni
Mesenzio, re d'Etruria opera seria 3 acts CasoriFerdinando Casor(r)i 1782-09-066 September 1782 Florence, Teatro della Pergola
Quinto2Il Quinto Fabio
(second version)
opera seria 3 acts ZenoApostolo Zeno 1783-01-00January 1783 Rome, Teatro Argentina
sposoLo sposo di tre e marito di nessuno opera buffa 2 acts LivigniFilippo Livigni 1783-11-00November 1783 Venice, Teatro San Samuele
Olimpiade opera seria 33 acts? Metastasio 1783-12-991783 Venice?
AllessandroL'Allessandro nelle Indie opera seria 2 acts Metastasio 1784-04-00April 1784 Mantua, Teatro Nuovo Regio Ducale
IdalideL'Idalide opera seria 2 acts MorettiFerdinando Moretti 1784-12-2626 December 1784 Florence, Teatro della Pergola
Demetrio opera seria 04 pieces only Metastasio 1785-00-001785 London, King's Theatre
fintaLa finta principessa opera buffa 2 acts LivigniFilippo Livigni 1785-04-022 April 1785 London, King's Theatre
Il Giulio Sabino opera seria 2 acts unknownlibrettist unknown 1786-03-3030 March 1786 London, King's Theatre
Ifigenia in Aulide opera seria 3 acts MorettiFerdinando Moretti, after François Louis Gaud Lebland Du Roullet 1788-01-1212 January 1788 Turin, Teatro Regio
Démophoon tragédie lyrique 3 acts MarmonteJean-François Marmontel, after Metastasio 1788-12-022 December 1788 Paris, Opéra
(Porte Saint-Martin)
Lodoïska comédie héroïque 3 acts FilletteClaude-François Fillette-Loraux after Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvrais Les Amours du Chevalier Faublas 1791-07-1818 July 1791 Paris, Théâtre Feydeau
(composed 1792-93[1])
opéra comique 3 acts Honoré-Nicolas-Marie Duveyrier 2010-09-1818 September 2010 Klagenfurt, Stadttheater Klagenfurt
congresLe congrès des rois
(together with Henri Montan Berton, Frédéric Blasius, Nicolas Dalayrac, Prosper-Didier Deshayes, François Devienne, André Grétry, Louis-Emmanuel Jadin, Rodolphe Kreutzer, Étienne Méhul, Jean-Pierre Solié and Armand-Emmanuel Trial)
comédie mêlée d'ariettes 3 acts Desmaillot (Antoine-François Eve) 1794-02-2626 February 1794 Paris, Opéra-Comique
Eliza, ou Le voyage aux glaciers du Mont Saint Bernard opéra comique 2 acts ReveronyJacques-Antoine Révérony de Saint-Cyr 1794-12-1313 December 1794 Paris, Théâtre Feydeau
Médée opéra comique 3 acts HoffmannFrançois-Benoît Hoffmann and Nicolas Étienne Framéry, after Euripides and Pierre Corneille 1797-03-13first version: 13 March 1797[2] Paris, Théâtre Feydeau
HotellerieL'hôtellerie portugaise opéra comique 1 act Saint-AignanEtienne Saint-Aignan 1798-07-2525 July 1798 Paris, Théâtre Feydeau
punitionLa punition opéra comique 1 act DesfaucheresJ.-L. B. Desfaucheres 1799-02-2323 February 1799 Paris, Théâtre Feydeau
prisionniereLa prisionnière opéra comique 1 act JouyEtienne de Jouy, Charles de Longchamps and Claude Godard d'Aucort de Saint-Just 1799-09-1212 September 1799 Paris, Théâtre Montansier
deuxLes deux journées, ou Le porteur d'eau comédie lyrique 3 acts BouillyJean-Nicolas Bouilly 1800-01-1616 January 1800 Paris, Théâtre Feydeau
Epicure opéra comique 3 acts, revised as 2 acts DesmoustierC. A. Desmoustier 1800-03-1414 March 1800 Paris, Opéra-Comique
Anacréon ou L'amour fugitif opéra-ballet 2 acts MendouzeC. R. Mendouze 1803-10-044 October 1803 Paris, Opéra
(Théâtre des Arts)
Faniska opéra comique 3 acts SonnleitnerJoseph von Sonnleitner after René Charles Guilbert de Pixérécourt 1806-02-2525 February 1806 Vienna, Theater am Kärntnertor
Pimmalione dramma lirico 1 act VestrisStefano Vestris, after Antonio Simone Sografi's Italian version of Pygmalion by Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1809-11-3030 November 1809 Paris, Tuileries
crescendoLe crescendo opéra bouffon 1 act BassompierreCharles-Augustine de Bassompierre de Sewrin 1810-09-011 September 1810 Paris, Opéra-Comique
AbenceragesLes Abencérages, ou L'étendard de Grenade tragédie lyrique 3 acts JouyVictor-Joseph Étienne de Jouy, after François-René de Chateaubriand, based on Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian's novel Gonsalve de Cordoue 1813-04-066 April 1813 Paris, Opéra
(Théâtre des Arts)
Bayard à Mézières opéra comique 1 act DupatyEmmanuel Dupaty and René Allisan de Chazet 1814-02-1212 February 1814 Paris, Opéra-Comique
Blanche de Provence, ou La cour de fées opéra comique 3 acts TheaulonEmmanuel Théaulon and de Rancé 1821-05-011 May 1821 Paris, Tuileries
marquiseLa marquise de Brinvilliers
(composed in collaboration with Daniel Auber, Désiré-Alexandre Batton, Henri Montan Berton, Felice Blangini, François-Adrien Boieldieu, Michele Carafa, Ferdinand Hérold and Ferdinando Paer)
drame lyrique 3 acts ScribeEugène Scribe and Castil-Blaze (François-Henri-Joseph Blaze) 1831-10-3131 October 1831 Paris, Opéra-Comique
Ali Baba, ou Les quarante voleurs tragédie lyrique 41Prologue and 4 acts ScribeEugène Scribe and Mélésville 1833-07-2222 July 1833 Paris, Opéra
(Salle Le Peletier)




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