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List of unaccredited institutions of higher learning


List of unaccredited institutions of higher learning

This is a list of colleges, seminaries, and universities that do not have educational accreditation.

Degrees or other qualifications from unaccredited institutions may not be accepted by civil service or other employers. Some unaccredited institutions have formal legal authorization to enroll students or issue degrees, but in some jurisdictions (notably including the United States) legal authorization to operate is not the same as educational accreditation.[1][2]

Institutions that appear on this list are those that have granted post-secondary academic degrees or advertised the granting of such degrees, but which are listed as unaccredited by a reliable source. An institution may not maintain accreditation for one of several reasons. A new institution may not yet have attained accreditation, while a long-established institution may have lost accreditation due to financial difficulties or other factors. Some unaccredited institutions are fraudulent diploma mills.[3] Other institutions (for example, some Bible colleges and seminaries) choose not to participate in the accreditation process because they view it as an infringement of their religious, academic, or political freedom.[4] Some government jurisdictions exempt religious institutions from accreditation or other forms of government oversight.[5] Still other institutions are not required to have accreditation.

Some of the institutions on this list are no longer in operation. Several unaccredited universities have names that are similar to those of accredited institutions or that falsely imply that an entity is a public university.


  • Académie Européene d'Informatisation, aka World Information Distributed University - WID,Belgium, Russia[6][7][8]
  • Academy of Natural Therapies, formerly in Hawaii until closed by court order; may have reopened in Wyoming or Montana[9][10]
  • Academy of Religious & Spiritual Studies[7]
  • Accademia di Belle Arti di Mendicino, Italy[6]
  • Adam Smith University, Liberia; Saipan[6][7][10][11]
  • Adams College [12]
  • Adams and Washington University, King College of Professional Studies, England [7]
  • Addison State University, Ottawa, Canada; "has no Ontario authorization to issue degrees" [7]
  • Adison University [12]
  • Advanced Learning Network, Vermont[7]
  • African Distributed University (AIDP), connected to World Information Distributed University[13]
  • Akamai University, Hawaii [7]
  • Alberdeen University, New Mexico [7]
  • Albert University, Delaware [7]
  • Alexandria University, Nevada (not to be confused with Alexandria University in Egypt)[7]
  • Al-Hurra University (or Alhuraa University), Sweden, Netherlands; U.S. states of Michigan and Rhode Island[7][13]
  • Al-Ishraq University, Saudi Arabia[7]
  • All-American University, Nevada[7]
  • Allen Maxwell University, Wyoming[7]
  • All Saints American University, Liberia[13]
  • Almeda University (also called Almeda College or Almeda International University)[7][10][12][14][15][16]
  • Al Qasim University, Pakistan[7]
  • Al-Shurook University, Saudi Arabia[7]
  • Ambai University, Massachusetts[7]
  • Ambassador University Corporation[7][14]
  • American Androgogy University, Hawaii, Bolivia[7]
  • Americana University, Liberia[7]
  • American Capital University, Liberia[7]
  • American Central University, Wyoming[7][17]
  • American Century University, New Mexico; formerly known as Century University[18]
  • American City University[7][10]
  • American Coastline University,[10] formerly operated from mailbox rental services in Hawaii and Louisiana and was owned by Dr. Richard Hoyer;[19] also reported in Russia and the U.S. states of California and New York[7]
  • American College of Brazilian Studies (AMBRA) Florida[20]
  • American College of Commerce and Technology, Falls Church, Virginia[21][22]
  • American College of Metaphysical Theology, Golden Valley, Minnesota[6][11][14][23]
  • American Columbus University, California[7]
  • American Global International University, Florida[7]
  • American Global University, Wyoming[7]
  • American Global University School of Medicine, Ohio[7]
  • American Independent International University[7]
  • American International University; one or more entities by this name are based in Oregon, California, and Lebanon[7]
  • American International University of Management and Technology, Hawaii[7]
  • American Liberty University, U.S. states of Alabama and California, also England, Greece, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates[7]
  • American National University[24]
  • American Pacific University, Vietnam and other Asian locations; has falsely claimed affiliation with Central Washington University[7]
  • American Pacwest International University[13][25]
  • American Scandinavian University, Sweden and U.S. states of Texas and Arizona[7]
  • American School of Metaphysics, New York[11][14]
  • American State University (aka Hamilton University and Richardson University), Hawaii, Wyoming, and Caribbean [7][26][27]
  • American University for Humanities, formerly American University of Hawaii; U.S. state of Mississippi and nations of India, Lebanon, and Georgia[7]
  • American University in London[28]
  • American University of London[6][10][13][14][29]
  • American University of Hawaii[10][14][30] Gulfport, Mississippi; Clinton, Mississippi; (also reported to be operating in India;[31] not to be confused with the University of Hawaii)
  • American University of Human Services, Mississippi. Reported closed as of 2007.[32]
  • American University of Mayonic Science and Technology[13][33]
  • American World University[32][34]
  • Americus University, Washington, DC[7][35]
  • Ames Christian University, Florida[11]
  • Amstead University, United States[7]
  • Anacrusis Institute, Greece and United Kingdom[10][13][14]
  • Andersen University, California [12][13] (not to be confused with institutions named Anderson University)
  • Andersonville Theological Seminary (formerly Andersonville Baptist Seminary), Camilla, Georgia[36] ATS website states that it is accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission, "on the list of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Recognized College Programs", and by the National Accrediting Agency of Private Theological Institutions.[37] None of these organizations are listed as a recognized accreditation agencies in the United States.
  • Anglo American University, Hawaii[13]
  • Apostolic Prophetic Bible College & Theological Seminary, Rochester Hills, Michigan[11]
  • Apostolic Theological Bible College, Tampa, Florida[38]
  • Arabic Open University, Denmark[13]
  • Ashford University, United Kingdom; not to be confused with the accredited Ashford University in Iowa[13]
  • Ashington University, British Virgin Islands, Louisiana[12][13]
  • Ashwood University, Florida, Pakistan, and possibly Texas; may operate Universidad de las Palmas"[10][12][13]
  • Aston University, Nigeria[39] (relationship with Aston University in the UK is not clear)
  • Ateneo di Studi Superiori pro Pace, Italy, Belgium. Operated 1978-1988[6]
  • Atlanta University, Nigeria[39] (not be confused with University of Atlanta, Clark Atlanta University or the Atlanta University Center)
  • Atlantic International University, located in Hawaii or Nigeria[14][15][16][39][40]
  • Atlantic Pacific University, Chengdu, China[13]
  • Auberdeen University, Idaho[13]




  • Delta International University of New Orleans
  • Dispensational Theological Seminary Forest Grove, Oregon (Oregon’s Office of Degree Authorization lists this institution as an unaccredited religious exempt school)[68]
  • Donsbach University (or Donsback University)[13][96][97]
  • Dorcas University, Honolulu, Hawaii[11][16]
  • Dublin Metropolitan University[10][13]


  • Earlscroft University UK, Ireland, Seychelles [6][10][13][15]
  • Earlstown University (associated with UDP International) [12]
  • Earthnet Institute, Hawaii[10][13]
  • Eastern Caribbean University, Texas; St. Kitts, Virgin Islands[10]
  • East Point University[13]
  • Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon, France; also linked to the American Universities Admission Program in Sarasota, Florida, which was sued in 2006 for allegedly using the logo of the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers to deceive prospective students.
  • Edenvale University, Dallas, Texas[10][13]
  • Edison University[13]
  • Ellington University[10][89]
  • Eternity Bible College[102]
  • Euclid University, Central African Republic, Chad, Belgium, Pakistan, St. Vincent, Comoros, and possibly other locations[10][12][13][103][disputed ]
  • Eurasia Community College, Italy [6]
  • European American University, Dominica[13]
  • European Business School Cambridge, or European Business School (Cambridge)[104][105]
  • European Carolus Magnus University, Belgium and possibly other locations in Europe[13]
  • European Continental University, United Kingdom, Delaware[13]
  • European Graduate School, New York and Switzerland. Approved by a Swiss canton, but this type of approval is not recognized by Swiss academia.[10][13]
  • European Institute of Technology, Italy, San Marino[6] Not to be confused with European Institute of Innovation and Technology
  • European Management University International, Denmark; also Sweden, U.S. and China[13]
  • European Open University[106] Not to be confused with the European Open Universities Network at European Association of Distance Teaching Universities
  • European Union University, Madrid, Spain (but incorporated in the U.S. state of Iowa)[2]
  • European University of Ireland[10][13]


  • Fairfax University[10][13]
  • Faith Seminary - Salem, formerly Oregon Theological Seminary (Oregon’s Office of Degree Authorization lists this institution as unaccredited religious exempt school)[68]
  • Farington University[13][107]
  • Florida State Christian College, Florida[11][14]
  • Frederick Taylor International University, Hawaii; California[11][13][108]
  • Freedom Bible College and Seminary, Rogers, Arkansas (Claims accreditation from International Commission on Academic Accreditation, which it notes "is not recognized by the United States Department of Education. Credits earned at any ICAAI accredited institution are not automatically transferable."[109])
  • Freie und Private Universität Herisa, Switzerland[6]
  • Frederick Taylor University, California[11][108]
  • Friends International Christian University, Florida; California. Website states, “FICU is not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education.”[11][14][110]
  • Frontier Christian University, Indiana (formerly Southern Indiana Bible College)[111]
  • Full Gospel Christian College, Pontiac, Michigan[11][14]



  • Hamilton University[27] (aka American State University and Richardson University[27])
  • Hartford University (not to be confused with University of Hartford); this name has been used by the University Degree Program,[12] an entity apparently based in Vanuatu and falsely claiming a location in Minnesota, and an entity in Washington, DC[13]
  • Heartland Baptist Bible College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The school's website states that they "seek no national or regional accreditation, but seeks only God’s approval."[119]
  • Herguan University, Sunnyvale, California[120]
  • Hill University [12]
  • Holy Trinity College and Seminary, New Port Richey, Florida; seminary’s website notes its choice to remain unaccredited and states, "the degree programs of this college are designed solely for religious vocations."[121]
  • Honolulu University (aka Honolulu University of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities and Golden State University)[6][122]
  • Houdegbe North American University, Nigeria[39]
  • Hubbard College of Administration International, Los Angeles, California[123]
  • Huntington Pacific University[11]
  • Hyles-Anderson College and Hyles-Anderson College Seminary, Crown Point, Indiana. Part of Independent Baptist Bible College Movement. Founder asserted that the college remains unaccredited because the government would "take away our freedom."[124]



  • James Monroe University (also called James Monroe International University)[6][146]
  • Jacksonville Theological Seminary, Southaven, Mississippi[59]
  • Jackson Hole Bible College, Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Offers a one year "Diploma of Biblical Foundations," not degrees)[147]
  • Johnson Daves University (or Johnson Davids University), Liberia, British Virgin Islands, United States[7]





  • National University of Nigeria[39]
  • Nations University, Monroe, Louisiana[173]
  • New Age International University, nominally of the Principality of Seborga, a micronation within the borders of Italy; admissions, licensing and certification are controlled by the Institute of Education, Research & Development, Kolkata, India[174]
  • New England State University [12]
  • Newton University, Vancouver, Canada; Hawaii[7]
  • New Tribes Bible Institute, Jackson, Michigan; Waukesha, Wisconsin[11][175]
  • New West Seminary Oregon City, Oregon, (Oregon’s Office of Degree Authorization lists this institution as unaccredited religious exempt school)[68]
  • Nightingale University, Panama City, Panama; Melbourne, Australia[7][11][14]
  • Nobel University, South Korea[7]
  • Non Traditional University of USA (aka University of USA), Italy [6]
  • North Central University, Nigeria[39]
  • North American Reformed Seminary, Flagstaff, Arizona[176]
  • Northfield University [12]
  • North Lexington University, Massachusetts[7]
  • North Norway University, Norway, Panama, UK[7]
  • Northwestern International University, Ltd., Cyprus, Denmark[7] (not to be confused with other schools named Northwestern University)
  • Norway University or University of Norway, Panama or the UK [7]
  • Novus University or Novus University International, Diamondhead, Mississippi[7][16][32]
  • Novus University School of Law (aka Novus University Law School) registered in Marshall Islands,[177] but ran in Palmdale, California by Natalie Handy,[178] spouse of James Kirk.




  • Queenston University, Utah, Vanuatu, and Australia[11][13][14]








  • York University, California (Claims accreditation from World Association of Universities and Colleges,[254] which is not recognized by the US Department of Education.)
  • Yorker International University, Italy, South Dakota, New York[6][13]
  • Youngsfield University, New York, United Kingdom[13]
  • YUIN/American University, Hawaii, California[13]


  • Zenith University, Hawaii; related to Pickering and Brighton Universities;[13] not to be confused with Zenith University College in Ghana

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