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Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy


Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy

The Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy is presented annually to the AHL team that finishes the regular season with the most points. The award is named after former AHL board member Macgregor Kilpatrick.

The award was first presented in for the 1997–98 season. From 1952-53 to 1960–61 and in 1976–77, the team which finished first overall in the AHL was awarded the F. G. "Teddy" Oke Trophy, when the league only had a single division.


Season Team Points Playoff Result
2012–13 Providence Bruins 105 Lost Conference Semifinal (WBS)
2011–12 Norfolk Admirals 113 Won Calder Cup
2010–11 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins 117 Lost Division Final (CHA)
2009–10 Hershey Bears 123 Won Calder Cup
2008–09 Manitoba Moose 107 Lost Calder Cup Final (HER)
2007–08 Providence Bruins 117 Lost Division Final (POR)
2006–07 Hershey Bears 114 Lost Calder Cup Final (HAM)
2005–06 Grand Rapids Griffins 115 Lost Conference Final (MIL)
2004–05 Rochester Americans 112 Lost Division Final (MTB)
2003–04 Milwaukee Admirals 102 Won Calder Cup
2002–03 Hamilton Bulldogs 110 Lost Calder Cup Final (HOU)
2001–02 Bridgeport Sound Tigers 98 Lost Calder Cup Final (CHI)
2000–01 Worcester IceCats 108 Lost Division Final (PRO)
1999–00 Hartford Wolf Pack 107 Won Calder Cup
1998–99 Providence Bruins 120 Won Calder Cup
1997–98 Philadelphia Phantoms 106 Won Calder Cup

Before the trophy

The following is a list of teams finishing first overall in the American Hockey League standings by season, prior to the institution of the Macgregor Kilpatrick Trophy. From the 1952-53 season until the 1960-61 season, as well as the 1976-77 season, the F. G. "Teddy" Oke Trophy was awarded to the team with the league leading record.

Season Team Points Playoff Result
1996–97 Philadelphia Phantoms 111 Lost Division Final (HER)
1995–96 Albany River Rats 115 Lost Division Semi-Final (COR)
1994–95 Albany River Rats 109 Won Calder Cup
1993–94 St. John's Maple Leafs 102 Lost Division Final (MON)
1992–93 Binghamton Rangers 124 Lost Division Final (RCH)
1991–92 Fredericton Canadiens 96 Lost Division Semi-Final (MON)
1990–91 Rochester Americans 99 Lost Calder Cup Final (SPR)
1989–90 Sherbrooke Canadiens 102 Lost Division Final (SPR)
1988–89 Sherbrooke Canadiens 103 Lost Division Semi-Final (NHN)
1987–88 Hershey Bears 105 Won Calder Cup
1986–87 Sherbrooke Canadiens 102 Lost Calder Cup Final (RCH)
1985–86 Hershey Bears 99 Lost Calder Cup Final (ARW)
1984–85 Binghamton Whalers 112 Lost Division Final (BAL)
1983–84 Baltimore Skipjacks 102 Lost Division Final (RCH)
1982–83 Rochester Americans 101 Won Calder Cup
1981–82 New Brunswick Hawks 107 Won Calder Cup
1980–81 Hershey Bears 103 Lost Division Final (ARW)
1979–80 New Haven Nighthawks 101 Lost Division Final (HER)
1978–79 Maine Mariners 103 Won Calder Cup
1977–78 Maine Mariners 95 Won Calder Cup
1976–77 Nova Scotia Voyageurs 110 Won Calder Cup
1975–76 Nova Scotia Voyageurs 104 Won Calder Cup
1974–75 Providence Reds 98 Lost Division Semi-Final (SPR)
1973–74 Rochester Americans 97 Lost Division Semi-Final (NHN)
1972–73 Cincinnati Swords 113 Won Calder Cup
1971–72 Boston Braves 96 Lost Division Final (NSV)
1970–71 Baltimore Clippers 89 Lost Division Semi-Final (PRO)
1969–70 Montreal Voyageurs 100 Lost Division Final[A]
1968–69 Buffalo Bisons 97 Lost Division Semi-Final (HER)
1967–68 Rochester Americans 85 Won Calder Cup
1966–67 Pittsburgh Hornets 92 Won Calder Cup
1965–66 Quebec Aces 98 Lost Division Semi-Final (RCH)
1964–65 Rochester Americans 99 Won Calder Cup
1963–64 Quebec Aces 83 Lost Calder Cup Final (CLE)
1962–63 Buffalo Bisons 89 Won Calder Cup
1961–62 Springfield Indians 93 Won Calder Cup
1960–61 Springfield Indians 99 Won Calder Cup
1959–60 Springfield Indians 92 Won Calder Cup
1958–59 Buffalo Bisons 80 Lost Calder Final (HER)
1957–58 Hershey Bears 85 Won Calder Cup
1956–57 Providence Reds 76 Lost League Semi-Final (RCH)
1955–56 Providence Reds 92 Won Calder Cup
1954–55 Pittsburgh Hornets 70 Won Calder Cup
1953–54 Buffalo Bisons 85 Lost League Semi-Final (CLE)
1952–53 Cleveland Barons 86 Won Calder Cup
1951–52 Pittsburgh Hornets 95 Won Calder Cup
1950–51 Cleveland Barons 93 Won Calder Cup
1949–50 Cleveland Barons 100 Lost Calder Cup Final (IND)
1948–49 Providence Reds 94 Won Calder Cup
1947–48 Cleveland Barons 98 Won Calder Cup
1946–47 Cleveland Barons 84 Lost Division Semi-Final (HER)
1945–46 Buffalo Bisons 84 Won Calder Cup
1944–45 Cleveland Barons 78 Won Calder Cup
1943–44 Cleveland Barons 73 Lost Calder Cup Final (BUF)
1942–43 Hershey Bears 78 Lost Division Semi-Final (BUF)
1941–42 Indianapolis Capitals 75 Won Calder Cup
1940–41 Providence Reds 66 Lost Division Semi-Final (CLE)
1939–40 Providence Reds 62 Won Calder Cup
1938–39 Philadelphia Ramblers 69 Lost Calder Cup Final (CLE)
1937–38 Cleveland Barons 61 Lost Division Final (SYR)
1936–37 Philadelphia Ramblers 60 Lost Calder Cup Final (SYR)

^ A. Division Final was determined by a double round-robin that also involved the Buffalo Bisons and Springfield Kings.

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