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Michael Maschler

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Title: Michael Maschler  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Entitlement (fair division), Israeli Jews
Collection: 1927 Births, 2008 Deaths, Game Theorists, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty, Israeli Jews, Israeli Mathematicians, Jewish Scientists
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Michael Maschler

Michael Bahir Maschler
Born (1927-07-22)July 22, 1927
Jerusalem, British Mandate of Palestine (now Israel)
Died July 20, 2008(2008-07-20) (aged 80)
Jerusalem, Israel
Citizenship Israel
Fields Mathematics
Alma mater Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Doctoral advisor Stefan Bergman (Stanford University) Michael Fekete (Hebrew University)
Known for Game Theory
Notable awards Frederick W. Lanchester Prize (1995)

Michael Bahir Maschler (Hebrew: מיכאל בהיר משלר) (July 22, 1927 – July 20, 2008) was an Israeli mathematician well known for his contributions to the field of game theory. He was a professor in the Einstein Institute of Mathematics and the Center for the Study of Rationality at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

External links

  • Michael Maschler: In Memoriam
Discussion paper #493 of the Center for the Study of Rationality at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This paper contains reminiscences about Michael Maschler and overviews of his work and contribution to Game Theory and Mathematics pedagogy by Robert J. Aumann, Ein-Ya Gura, Sergiu Hart, Bezalel Peleg, Hana Shemesh, and Shmuel Zamir. The paper also includes a complete list of Maschler's English and Hebrew publications.

Selected publications

For a complete list of English and Hebrew publication, see Michael Maschler: In Memoriam, above.

  • "The Bargaining Set for Cooperative Games", with R.J. Aumann, 1964, in Advances in Game Theory
  • "The Core of a Cooperative Game", with M. Davis, 1965, Naval Research Logistics Quarterly
  • "Game-Theoretic Aspects of Gradual Disarmament", with R.J. Aumann, 1966, Mathematica
  • "Some Thoughts on the Minimax Principle" with R.J. Aumann, 1972, Management Science
  • "An Advantage of the Bargaining Set over the Core", 1976, JET
  • "Geometric Properties of the Kernel, Nucleolus and Related Solution Concepts", with B. Peleg and L.S. Shapley, 1979, Mathematics of Operations Research
  • "Superadditive Solution for the Nash bargaining Game", with M. Perles, 1981, IJGT
  • "Game Theoretic Analysis of a Bankruptcy Problem from the Talmud", with R.J. Aumann, 1985, JET
  • "The Consistent Shapley Value for Hyperplane Games", with G. Owen, 1989, IJGT
  • "The Consistent Shapley Value for Games without Side Payments", with G. Owen, 1992, in Selten, editor, Rational Interaction
  • "The Bargaining Set, Kernel and Nucleolus", 1992, in Aumann and Hart, editors, Handbook of Game Theory
  • Repeated Games with Incomplete Information, MIT Press, Cambridge, 1995, with R.J. Aumann
  • Insights into Game Theory: An Alternative Mathematical Experience, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, with Ein-Ya Gura

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