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Penalty shot

A penalty shot is a play used in several sports whereby a goal is attempted during stop-time. Penalty shots are sometimes grouped into the larger penalty shootout used to decide games in several sports.


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A penalty shot is awarded to the fouled team in bandy, following a foul usually punishable by a free-shot but that has occurred within their opponent's penalty area.

The situations when a penalty shot is to be made is stated in Rule 14 of the Bandy Playing Rules published by the Federation of International Bandy. The execution of a penalty shot is regulated in Rule 15.[1]

If a match is at a draw at full time, a penalty shot competition can be arranged in order to determine a winning team, either after an extension of the match which still is at a draw or instead of an extension. This is regulated in Rule 16.[1]

Ice hockey

In ice hockey, a penalty shot is awarded to a player in a good shooting position denied a chance at a goal by the foul of an opponent. All players are required to leave the ice rink as the player who got fouled faces off solely against the goaltender of the opposite team. The puck is placed at the center of the ice rink as the player has twenty seconds to retrieve the puck and attempt to score a goal against the goaltender. The penalty shot ends as soon as the puck either crosses the goal line, is blocked by the goaltender, stops moving, moves in the opposite direction of the goal line, or if the shooter loses possession of the puck.


Penalty shots are awarded.

Water polo

A penalty shot or throw is awarded when a defender commits a major foul within the five meter area that prevents a likely goal.

Similar plays

In association football (soccer), a penalty kick is awarded to the opponent when a direct-free-kick foul has been committed by a team within its own penalty area.

In field hockey, a penalty stroke or a penalty corner is awarded after a foul.

Free throws are the equivalent of the penalty shot in basketball; free throws are much more common than penalty shots in other sports, due to the much higher rate of scoring in that game.


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