Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems
Type Ltd
Industry Software
Founded 2004
Headquarters Petersfield, United Kingdom
Number of locations 2
Key people John Paterson (CEO)
Products CRM software
Website Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems is one of the world's largest Cloud CRM providers, offering easy to use CRM systems to small and medium sized companies. It aims to provide everything a business needs to manage their marketing, sales and customer support processes.


The company was founded in 2004[1] by John Paterson, former CEO of Zeus Technology and COO of Systems Union, with the public launch in January 2006.[2]


Really Simple Systems has over 5,000 users[3] of its hosted customer relationship management systems. Customers include the Royal Academy, the Red Cross, the NHS, RSM Tenon and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as well as thousands of small and medium sized companies. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom with an office in Australia.

The company has won the Software Satisfaction Awards for the best small business CRM system twice, in 2008 and 2010.[4] In December 2009 the listed was nominated as "One to Watch"[5] by Paul Greenberg. In 2011 the company won the EuroCloud Award and the Database Marketing Award.

In October 2010 the company launched its Free Edition, a Freemium two user hosted CRM system.[6] The existing product was renamed Enterprise Edition.

In May 2013[7] the company was accredited for entry in the UK Government's GCloud CloudStore catalogue.

In July 2013[8] Really Simple Systems launched a cross-platform version of its CRM, running seamlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


The company is headquartered in Petersfield, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. In January 2008 the company opened its first overseas office in Sydney, Australia.[9] In November 2009 the company appointed AdvanceNet[10] as distributor for Africa.


There are three Really Simple Systems editions:

  • Free Edition (account, contact and opportunity management for two users, 100 accounts)
  • Premium Edition (unlimited data storage, marketing, optional advanced features on a pay-as-you-go monthly contract)
  • Enterprise Edition (unlimited storage, all features, customer service and support for a fixed monthly cost)

Technical information

Really Simple Systems is delivered as a software as a service application. The product is written in Active Server Pages and uses the MySQL database. Some JavaScript is used on the client. The current version uses HTML5 and responsive design to deliver cross-plaform availability. The applications runs in two geographically dispersed datacentres with automated failover to achieve 99.999% uptime.

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