Rockpool Kayaks

Rockpool Kayaks is a small sea kayak manufacturing company based in Holyhead, Anglesey operated by Mike Webb. The company was originally created by Mike Webb and Aled Williams. They then separated so Aled can create his own company (Tiderace). The boats currently under construction have been designed and developed inhouse by Rockpool Kayaks. The production range currently consists of six sea kayaks:

  • The ALAW
  • The ALAW Bach
  • The Menai 18
  • The ISEL
  • The G.T.
  • The Taran

Rockpool Kayaks are well known for their bespoke custom deck finish using coloured metallic glitter designs and fades. The Rockpool logo is the world famous starfish, thanks to which you can recognize a Rockpool kayak at a glance. It has been represented in many different colours and sizes as part of numerous deck artwork designs. Designs have also incorporated Thor's hammer, Welsh dragons, bear pawprints and sea horses.

When Rockpool began the design for the Alaw, the initial concept was to create a responsive and stable boat that achieved optimal comfort through an improved paddling position. This was brought about by creating a raked front deck allowing the paddler to sit with a raised knee position similar to those seen in racing kayak designs. The Alaw also saw the introduction an adjustable platform footrest and moveable seat to allow for comfort and boat trim. All Rockpool kayaks are factory mounted with this system, which is, as the starfish logo, another recognisable and unique detail of the Rockpool kayaks.

The Alaw Bach is a derivative of the Alaw, based upon the Alaw hull but using a more conventional, less raked front deck.

The Menai 18 is a larger boat, designed as a stable load-carrying platform for multi-day expeditions.

The Isel is a sleek design that continues the flowing lines of the Rockpool range that is designed as a responsive and comfortable boat for the smaller paddler.

The G.T. is a mid-sized kayak that is aimed to straddle the line between a large day boat and an all out expedition boat.

The latest edition, as of 2011, is the Taran, this is clearly a record-breaker. Designed to paddle miles and miles at a relatively high speed. An uncommon bow shape and a very thin and long line.

Rockpool Kayaks have also designed two intermediate level kayak Wild Water Racers:

  • The Spark
  • The Demon

This development programme has produced two fast boats.

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