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Rokdim Im Kokhavim

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Title: Rokdim Im Kokhavim  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Dancing with the Stars, List of programs broadcast by Channel 2 (Israel), Michael Lewis (model), Hana Laszlo, Dance in Israel, Mira Awad, Raz Meirman
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Rokdim Im Kokhavim

Rokdim Im Kokhavim
Format Talent Show
Developed by BBC
Presented by Avi Kushnir (series 1–6)
Hilla Nachshon (series 1–6)
Guy Zu-aretech (season 7)
Yarden Harel (season 7)
Judges Eli Mizrahi (series 1–7)
Gavri Levi (season 1–2, 4–5)
Dana Parnes (season 5)
Amir Fay Guttman (season 5)
Claude Dadia (season 1–4, 6)
Gaby Aldor (season 1–2)
Sally-Anne Friedland (season 3)
Yossi Yungman (season 3)
Ilanit Tadmor (season 4)
Hanna Laslo (Season 6)
Uri Paster (Season 7)
Michal Amdurski (Season 7)
Country of origin Israel
No. of series 7
Running time approx 60 minutes
(not including commercials)
Original channel Channel 2
Original run 2005 – 2012
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Rokdim Im Kokhavim (Hebrew: רוקדים עם כוכבים‎, "Dancing with Stars") is the Israeli version of the popular British TV show Strictly Come Dancing. The show features local celebrities partnered with professional ballroom dancers, competing to be the most successful dancers in the contest. Each week the couple that gains the least votes from the show's judges and spectators is eliminated. Viewers vote for their favorites, in order to save them from elimination, via phone, SMS and online. Over 350,000 votes were cast on the show's 3rd season finale.


Season 1

Celebrity Professional Position
Shiraz Tal (model) Boris Zaltsman 1st Eliminated
Omer Barnea (actor) Victoria Galnik 2nd Eliminated
Avi Grainik (humorist) Polina Chiktonov 3rd Eliminated
Becky Griffin (TV host) Dani Yochtman 4th Eliminated
Eithan Urbach (swimmer) Dorit Milman 5th Eliminated
Nitza Shaul (actress) Dennis Belochrekovski Third
Sami Huri (actor) Ana Aharonov Second
Eliana Bakeer (actress) Oron Dahan Winners

Season 2

Celebrity Professional Position
Pavlo Rosenberg (singer) Polina Chiktonov 1st Eliminated
Shira Vilenski (actress) Dennis Belochrekovski 2nd Eliminated
Riki Gal (singer) Oron Dahan 3rd Eliminated
Shirley Buganim (model) Kiril Sivolapov 4th Eliminated
Raz Meirman (TV reporter) Mirit Kradoner 5th Eliminated
Limor Goldstein (actress) Dani Yochtman 6th Eliminated
Limor Atias (actress) Haim Pershtein 7th Eliminated
Pini Tabger (actor) Dorit Milman Third
Haim Revivo (footballer) Ana Aharonov Second
Guy Arieli (actor) Masha Troyanski Winners

Season 3

Celebrity Professional Position
Michal Zoharetz (actress) Haim Pershtein 1st Eliminated
Yonathan Cohen (model) Nataly Dricker 2nd Eliminated
Dana Dvorin (TV presenter) Kiril Sivolapov 3rd Eliminated
Daniela Pik (singer) Boris Zaltsman 4th Eliminated
Michael Hanegbi (actor, TV presenter) Polina Chiktonov 5th Eliminated
Bonni Ginzburg (sports commentator) Masha Troyanski 6th Eliminated
Alon Abutbul (actor) Victoria Magalnik 7th Eliminated
Miki Kam (actress) Yaniv Kakon Third
Ilanit Levi (former beauty queen) Dennis Belochrekovski Second
Rodrigo Gonzales (TV star) Naama Tavori Winners

Season 4

Celebrity Professional Position
Nadav Abuksis (actor) Dorit Milman 1st Eliminated
Rotem Sela (model) Yaniv Kakon 2nd Eliminated
Oren Smadja (judoka) Polina Chiktonov 3rd Eliminated
Einat Erlich (TV star) Oron Dahan 4th Eliminated
Lucy Dubinchik (actress) Dennis Belochrekovski Withdrew
Avi Cohen (footballer) Mirit Kradoner 5th Eliminated
Zohar Liba (model, actor) Anastasia Shapiro 6th Eliminated
Oded Paz (actor, comedian) Viki Shupletsov 7th Eliminated
Sharon Wexler (weather forecaster) Boris Zaltzman 8th Eliminated
Lior Miller (actor, model) Ana Aharonov Third
Vika Finkelstein (model, TV star) Dani Yochtman Second
Galit Giat (actress) Kiril Sivolapov Winners

Partners Lucy Dubinchik & Dennis Belochrekovski were forced to retire from the contest when Dennis suffered a herniated disk injury.

Season 5

Celebrity Professional Position
Pnina Rosenblum (model, businesswoman) Dennis Belochrekovski 1st Eliminated
Orly Weinerman (actress) Haim Pershtein 2nd & 7th Eliminated
Meital Dohan (actress) Victor Tsemah 3rd Eliminated
Gala Kogan (actress, model) Oron Dahan 4th Eliminated
Liat Belo (model, TV star) Yaniv Kakon 5th Eliminated
Zohar Strauss (actor) Dorit Milman 6th Eliminated
Shimon Amsalem (basketball player) Masha Troyansky 8th Eliminated
Mira Awad (actress, musician) Dani Yochtman 9th Eliminated
Itzik Cohen (actor) Alona Diskin Third
Moshe Peretz (singer) Polina Chiktonov Second
Michael Lewis (actor, model) Ana Aharonov Winners

In a twist in the competition after the 5th elimination, viewers were able to vote to reinstate their favourite of the 5 couples that had been eliminated. Orly Weinerman won, and was reinstated back into the contest, only to be re-eliminated by the public the next week. This twist created a controversy, however, when it allegedly emerged that contestants Pnina Rosenblum, Meital Dohan & Gala Kogan had already confirmed they had no plans to return to the programme under any circumstances, due to other commitments. Despite this, the phonelines to vote for the 3 contestants were kept open, at the expense of those voting by SMS. The Network responded that they had "operated according to policy", and would not confirm or deny the allegations to respect the "dignity of the stars".[1]

Season 6

Main article: Rokdim Im Kokhavim (Season 6)
Celebrity Professional Position
Sharon Haziz (singer) Yaniv Kakon 1st Eliminated
Itzik Zohar (former international footballer) Alona Diskin 2nd Eliminated
Hila Alfert (actress, journalist) Haim Pershtein 3rd Eliminated
Aki Avni (actor, TV Host) Polina Chiktonov 4th Eliminated
Gili Shem Tov (sports presenter) Dorit Milman 5th Eliminated
Tal Berkovich (model) Boris Zaltzman 6th Eliminated
Kobi Peretz (singer) Rina Greenspan 7th Eliminated
Merhav Mohar (boxer) Anastasia Shapiro 8th Eliminated
Dalia Mazor (newsreader) Dani Yochtman 9th Eliminated
Adi Himelbloy (actress, model) Dennis Belochrekovski Third
Ron Shahar (actor) Ana Aharonov Second
Shlomi Koriat (actor, comedian) Hadas Fisher Winners

Season 7

Main article: Rokdim Im Kokhavim (Season 7)
Celebrity Professional Position
Gil Mossinson (basketball player) Anastasia Shapiro 1st Eliminated
Shlomo Baraba (actor, comedian) Polina Chiktonov 2nd Eliminated
Dana Adini (actress, singer) Anton Lapidos 3rd Eliminated
Noaa Meiman (director, actress) Dani Yochtman 4th Eliminated
Avihu Shabat (singer) Elina Shoostin 5th Eliminated
Ilanit (singer) Haim Pershtein Withdrew
Shlomi Lahiani (mayor of Bat Yam) Rina Greenspan 6th Eliminated
Orna Datz (singer) Yaniv Kakon 7th/8th Eliminated
Yuval Shem Tov (children star) Viki Shupletsov 7th/8th Eliminated
Esti Zakhaim (actress) Boris Zaltzman 9th Eliminated
Amit Farkash (actress) Oron Dahan Third
Miki Geva (comedian) Yulya Prokofenko Second
Asaf Hertz (actor) Masha Troyansky Winners

Partners Ilanit & Haim Pershtein were forced to retire from the contest when Ilanit has a problem with her leg.

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