STAR (student association)

Motto Your Growth is Our Strategy.
Established 1977 (Sviib)
Type Not-for-profit
Location Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Campus Woudestein, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Members 5,500

STAR (Study Association Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) is a student association for business administration students of the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University at the Erasmus University Rotterdam based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. STAR was founded in 1977 and currently has 5,500 members, of which 1,000 members are international. STAR has 32 committees and 9 Master Study Clubs and an annual revenue of €1.5 million. The 3 values held by STAR are Development, Commitment, Experience.

Well-known events organized by STAR include their Management Week. This weeklong event is considered as an interface between students, academia, and their corporate network.

Other events organized by STAR include the Erasmus Recruitment Days and the International Business Study. The Erasmus Recruitment Days, co-organized by STAR and the EFR, is the largest campus recruitment event in the Netherlands. In 2007 there were approximately 1500 participating students and more than 120 companies present. The International Business Study (IBS) offers companies and non-profit organizations tailor-made contract research in an emerging market country every year.

From September 2007 to July 2008, the association is celebrating its 30th anniversary. For this occasion the association has redesigned its house style with a new, temporary, logo and also additional events throughout the year. This Pearl Anniversary, which is effectively their 6th lustrum, is mainly focused at celebrative events to underscore their presence at campus and its importance among students and members.

Not to be confused with the student political group STAR (Student Team Against Reforms), which is active at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Western Australia.


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The Study Association STAR aims to provide development opportunities for Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) students, the business school of Erasmus University Rotterdam. These development opportunities are staged on and of the university and together with the faculty, the university and other organisations who take interest in RSM students.

The student population of the RSM consists of international students, divided over the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science International Business Administration and Master of Science in Business Administration education. Study Association STAR provides services for the entire population of RSM.

Through student service the organization aims to provide the student clarification and intensification on the curriculum. Through community and business service the organization aims to enable the student population to use their skills respectively in the social and commercial community.


STAR was established with the namechange, when the association went more international. Formerly STAR was known as Sviib, which was the student association for business administration students founded in 1977. Sviib is the abbreviation of 'Studievereniging Interuniversitaire Interfaculteit Bedrijfskunde' and was established by early business administration students. At the time, business administration was a post-doctoral study, mainly for graduates in engineering. The business administration study, or IIB (Interuniversitair Instituut Bedrijfskunde), offered by the Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool (NEH, now Erasmus University Rotterdam) was a joint venture with the Delft University of Technology. In 1984, this was fully incorporated in the Erasmus University Rotterdam as the Faculty of Business Administration for undergraduates and Rotterdam School of Management for graduates. Ten years later, in 2004, these two departments merged into Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University.

The above mentioned Faculty of Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam consisted of two studies for undergraduates: Business Administration and International Business Administration. The latter had its own dedicated student association, named BActive. BActive was found in 1999. The fusion took place in August 2005. STAR is the only association working closely together with RSM.


Considering the origin of the RSM students and the direction in which the RSM is moving, Study Association STAR strives to be a truly international organization. Repositioning and outlining its services and back office to be both open and attractive to international students as well as national students, will meet this goal. Also, as the RSM networks with other prestigious universities, Study Association STAR will engage in networks with other student and study organisations.


STAR is the largest student-led organization in Europe and the organization is extensive. STAR organizes 52 activities throughout each academic year. An extensive organizational structure has grown over the past decades.

The organization applies an hierarchical structure in which the STAR Board holds executive power. The STAR Board is responsible for the continuation and daily operations. The STAR Board consists of 8 to 9 full-time members, which are newly recruited every year around August on the basis of competence and excellence. Because members of the Board are students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, they receive a 12-month scholarship for their full-time input. A General Assembly of Members (GAM) is in place on a semi-annual basis, where the STAR Board reports its status on various topics. Reports include the association's financial and strategic position.

Long-term strategy is closely guarded by the STAR treasurers of the STAR Board and 2 professional accountants, which is deemed necessary with its €1.5 million revenue per year.

STAR consist of 32 committees that fall under 6 strategic pillars. The 6 strategic pillars give form to the mission of STAR, which are:

The Committees and Master Study Clubs embody more than 220 students that are dubbed 'active members'. Together, they represent 29 different nationalities.


The following list is an overview of STAR Committees (not exhaustive):

  • Activity Team (AT)
  • Agenda Committee
  • Alumni Committee
  • BA Introduction Weekend
  • BA Study Trip
  • Commercial Team
  • Community Development International Team
  • Community Development National Team
  • Erasmus Recruitment Days
  • IBA Events Committee
  • IBA Introduction Weekend
  • IBA Study Trip
  • International Care (iCare)
  • Interface Magazine
  • Erasmus Consultancy Project
  • International Sports Relations
  • International Week
  • IT Support Team
  • Lustrum Committee
  • Management Week
  • Marketing Support Team
  • STAR Network Team
  • Reach Out
  • Rotterdam Conference Group
  • Race of the Classics (ROTC)
  • Ski Trip Committee

Master Study Clubs

The organization also includes so-called 'Master Study Clubs' (MSC), which are dedicated to specific Master of Science (MSc.) majors offered by the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). There are a total of 9 Master Study Clubs that cover most of the MSc. majors.

  • MSC Marketing Management
  • MSC Business Information Management
  • MSC Entrepreneurship
  • MSC Financial Management
  • MSC General Management
  • MSC Global Business and Stakeholder Management
  • MSC Innovation Management
  • MSC Management of Change
  • MSC Strategic Management
  • MSC Supply Chain Management

Board of Recommendation

STAR has an extensive corporate and political network, including many embassies and ministries. This network is embodied by an entity called the Board of Recommendation. 48 prominent persons from academia, business, and politics hold chair in this entity. Membership to the Board of Recommendation is of non-permanent character and the Board of Recommendation's composition, as well as the size, may vary over time. The STAR Board of Recommendation include (in alphabetical order, not exhaustive):

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  • STAR Management Week website
  • Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University website
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam website
  • Erasmus Consultancy Project
  • Erasmus Recruitment Days
  • Erasmus University Forum & Portal
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