Secretary of State of Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth (secretary of state) is the principal public information officer of the state government of the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

The Secretary of the Commonwealth oversees the Corporations Division, the Elections Division, the Massachusetts Archives, the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the Public Records Division, the Securities Division, and the State Records Center.

The current secretary is William F. Galvin.

List of Secretaries of the Commonwealth (1780 to Present)

# Secretary of the Commonwealth Picture Years Party Notes
1 John Avery, Jr. January 1, 1780 – June 7, 1806[1] Pro-Administration/Federalist Succeeded Samuel Adams, who had been Secretary of the Province of Massachusetts Bay from August 15, 1776 until January 1, 1780. Avery died in office, June 7, 1806.[1]
2 Jonathan L. Austin 1806–1808 Democratic-Republican
3 William Tudor 1808–1810 Federalist
4 Benjamin Homans 1810–1812 Democratic-Republican
5 Alden Bradford 1812–1824 Federalist/National Republican
6 Edward D. Bangs 1824–1836 National Republican/Whig
7 John P. Bigelow 50px 1836–1843 Whig Later served as the 12th Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts (1849–1851).
8 John A. Bolles 1843–1844 Whig
9 John G. Palfrey 50px 1844–1848 Whig
10 William B. Calhoun 50px January 1848[2] – 1851 Whig[3]
11 Amasa Walker 50px 1851–1853 Whig
12 Ephraim M. Wright 1853–1856 Whig
13 Francis De Witt 1856–1858 Know Nothing
14 Oliver Warner 1858–1876 Republican
15 Henry B. Pierce 50px 1876–1891 Republican
16 William M. Olin 50px 1891 – April 15, 1911 Republican Died in office April 15, 1911.
Acting Isaac H. Edgett April 15, 1911-April 28, 1911.[4] Republican Edgett, was the First Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth under William M. Olin.

As the First Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth Edgett became the acting Secretary of the Commonwealth upon Olin's death. Edgett served as the acting Secretary of the Commonwealth[5] until Albert P. Langtry was elected by the Massachusetts legislature to serve out the remainder of Olin's term.

17 Albert P. Langtry 50px April 28, 1911[4] Republican[6] Elected by the Legislature, on April 26, 1911, to fill the vacancy caused by
the death of William M. Olin. Langtry assumed the office of Secretary of the Commonwealth on April 28, 1911.[4]
18 Frank J. Donahue 50px January 15, 1913–1915 Democratic[6]
19 Albert P. Langtry 50px 1915–1921 Republican
20 Frederic W. Cook 1921–1949 Republican[7]
21 Edward J. Cronin 50px 1949 – November 24, 1958 Democratic Died in office on November 24, 1958.
Acting J. Henry Goguen December 1, 1958 – January 20, 1959 Democratic
22 Joseph D. Ward 50px January 20, 1959–1961 Democratic[8]
23 Kevin H. White 50px 1961–1967 Democratic Later served as the 51st Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts (1968–1984).
24 John F. X. Davoren 50px 1967–1974 Democratic
25 Paul H. Guzzi 1975–1978 Democratic
26 Michael J. Connolly 1979–1994 Democratic
27 William F. Galvin 1995 – present Democratic


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