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Senmō Main Line


Senmō Main Line

The Senmō Main Line (釧網本線 Senmō-honsen?) is a Japanese railway line in Hokkaido, operated by Hokkaido Railway Company (JR Hokkaido), between Higashi-Kushiro Station in Kushiro and Abashiri Station in Abashiri. The name comes from Kushiro (釧路?) and Abashiri (網走?). In 2008, a dual-mode transit vehicle was tested on parts of the line.

Basic data

  • Operators, distances
  • Stations: 27
  • Gauge:
  • Track: single
  • Traction: internal combustion (diesel)
  • Block system: automatic (special); a simplified automatic system.


No. Station Distance (km) Transfers Location
A69 Abashiri 網走 0.0 Sekihoku Main Line Abashiri Hokkaido
B79 Katsuradai 桂台 1.4  
B78 Masuura 鱒浦 6.2  
B77 Mokoto 藻琴 8.7  
B76 Kitahama 北浜 11.5  
B75 Genseikaen
(Seasonal operation)
原生花園 16.9   Koshimizu
B74 Hama-Koshimizu 浜小清水 20.1  
B73 Yamubetsu 止別 25.8  
B72 Shiretoko-Shari 知床斜里 37.3   Shari
B71 Naka-Shari 中斜里 41.9  
B70 Minami-Shari 南斜里 44.1  
B69 Kiyosatochō 清里町 49.2   Kiyosato
B68 Sattsuru 札弦 57.0  
B67 Midori 65.3  
B66 Kawayu-Onsen 川湯温泉 79.8   Teshikaga
B65 Biruwa 美留和 87.0  
B64 Mashū 摩周 95.7  
B63 Minami-Teshikaga 南弟子屈 103.9  
B62 Isobunnai 磯分内 110.4   Shibecha
B61 Shibecha 標茶 121.0  
B60 Gojikkoku 五十石 129.5  
B59 Kayanuma 茅沼 134.9  
B58 Tōro 塘路 141.9  
B57 Hosooka 細岡 149.1   Kushiro (town)
B56 Kushiro-Shitsugen 釧路湿原 151.5  
B55 Tōya 遠矢 158.8  
B54 Higashi-Kushiro 東釧路 166.2 Nemuro Main Line Kushiro (city)

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  • JR Hokkaido official website (Japanese)
  • JR Hokkaido official website (English)
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