Native to Iraq
Region Mosul
Native speakers unknown (10,000–20,000 cited 1989)
Language family
Language codes
ISO 639-3 sdb
Linguist List

Shabaki is an Indo-Iranian language of the Zaza–Gorani group[1] spoken by the Shabak people and ethnic Kurds[2][3] in Mosul, Iraq. The number of speakers of Shabaki was estimated in 1989 to be between 10,000 and 20,000.[1][4]

Similarities with other languages

As Shabaki belongs the Zaza–Gorani group it is most similar to languages such as Gorani (Hewrami) dialects and Zazaki. As Zaza–Gorani belongs to the Northwestern Iranian branch, it also shares specific Sorani Kurdish features:

Shabaki Zazaki Sorani Kurdish Hewrami English
cham çım caw cem eye
ziwan zıwan ziman ziwan tongue


Shabaki Zazaki Sorani Kurdish Hewrami English
amn-am ez min emin, min I, me, mine, my
atu to, tu tu, to eto, to thou, thee, thine
aw, îna a, o ew ew s/he, his, hers, him, her
hima-alama-gisht ma ême ma we, our
ishma shima êwe shima you, your
ishan inu, inan Ewan Ade they, them, their


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