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Shigeru Tamura (photographer)

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Title: Shigeru Tamura (photographer)  
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Subject: Shigeru Tamura, Akihide Tamura, People from Sapporo, Barbara Gluck, Alexander D. Shimkin
Collection: 1909 Births, 1987 Deaths, Japanese Photojournalists, People from Sapporo, Photography in Vietnam
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Shigeru Tamura (photographer)

For a younger photographer of the same name, see Akihide Tamura.

Shigeru Tamura (田村 茂 Tamura Shigeru, 28 February 1909 – 16 December 1987) was a Japanese photographer notable for his work in fashion and photojournalism.

Tamura was born in Sapporo, Hokkaidō. Shigeru was an assumed name; Tamura's personal name was probably Torashige.[1] He studied photography at the Oriental School of Photography (オリエンタル写真学校, Orientaru Shashin Gakkō); graduating in 1929. With Yoshio Watanabe, in 1935 he set up a studio for advertising and other photography in Ginza, Tokyo. He was highly successful as a fashion photographer, notably in work for the magazine Fujin Gahō from 1937. Together with Ken Domon and others, he set up the Young People's Photojournalism Research Society (Seinen Hōdōshashin Kenkyūkai) in 1938.

Tamura emerged from the war as a photographer of social issues in Japan, approaching them from a pacifist and left-wing angle. He also traveled, producing books on the Arab world and North Vietnam. In 1963 he set up the Japan Realist Photographers Association (Nihon Riarizumu Shashin Shūdan).

In the 1970s Tamura documented the topography and cultural patrimony of Japan. He died in 1987.


A portrait by Tamura of Osamu Dazai.
  1. ^ The reference books agree that his original name was 田村寅茂, but none yet seen specifies the reading of 寅茂. Its most obvious reading is Torashige.

Books by Tamura

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Sources and links

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  • Shigeru Tamura at PhotoGuide Japan
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