Siebel Scholars

The Siebel Foundation in 2000 to recognize the most talented students at the world’s leading graduate schools of business, computer science, and bioengineering. The Siebel Scholars community, consisting of over 750 individuals, fosters personal leadership, academic achievement, and the collaborative search for solutions to pressing societal problems.

Funding for the Siebel Scholars program was established through grants totaling more than $45 million. Thirteen leading universities were selected for the program and each received more than $2 million in grants. Each year, five outstanding graduate students from each institution are honored as Siebel Scholars. Siebel Scholars are selected by the Deans of each school on the basis of outstanding academic performance and qualities of leadership to receive a $35,000 award. The specific process varies from school to school.

Siebel Foundation, guiding the development of innovative programs the Foundation initiates. The annual Siebel Scholars conference and ongoing planning sessions throughout the year are an integral part of the Siebel Scholars program.

Participating Schools

Graduate Schools of Business

Graduate Schools of Computer Science

Graduate Schools of Bioengineering

Annual Siebel Scholars Conference

A key element of the program is the annual Siebel Scholars Conference. Each year, current and past Scholars convene at the annual Conference to form a unique community in which knowledge, energy, and talent are shared. The Scholars, university faculty, and some of the world’s most prestigious thought-leaders gather to discuss and debate global issues, searching for solutions to today’s most pressing challenges. It is an opportunity for the future leaders in the fields of computer science and business to learn from those who currently influence the technologies, policies, and economic and social decisions that shape the future.

Conference Topics

  • 2000 Conference at
  • 2001 Conference at
  • 2002 Conference at
  • 2004 Conference at
  • 2005 Conference at
  • 2007 Conference at
  • 2008 Conference at
  • 2010 Conference at
  • 2011 Conference at
  • 2012 Conference at Class Warfare in America'

Conference Speakers

  • 2000: General Charles DeLisi
  • 2001: Dr. Scott O'Grady
  • 2002: William Kristol
  • 2004: William J. Fraser
  • 2005: Eames Yates
  • 2007: Jerry Taylor
  • 2008: Barton H."Buzz" Thompson, Jr.
  • 2010: Stephen Stokes
  • 2011: Craig Venter
  • 2012 conference occurred in October, 2012


External links

  • Siebel Scholar website
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