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This list of U.S. state slogans is a collection of advertising slogans currently and formerly used by U.S. states. Most states establish such slogans for the promotion of tourism, and they are occasionally included on state-issued automobile license plates and the U.S. Mint 50 State Quarters coinage.

There is a separate list of U.S. state mottos and list of U.S. state nicknames.

State Slogan
Alabama Share The Wonder[1]
Alabama the beautiful[2]
Sweet Home Alabama[3]
Alaska North to the Future[4]
Arizona The Grand Canyon State[5]
(also on Arizona license plates)
Arkansas The Natural State[6]
(1987-present; also on Arkansas license plate)
Land of Opportunity[6]
The Wonder State[6]
California The Golden State
Find Yourself Here
Colorado Colorful Colorado[7] (license plates 1950-1955, 1958–1959, 1973–1974)
Enter a Higher State[8]
Pike's Peak or Bust[9] (1858–1861)
Rocky Mountain High[10] (state song written 1973)
Where the Columbines Grow[10] (state song written 1896)
CONNECTicut (Used in vacation promotions)
Constitution State
Nutmeg State
(former) We're full of surprises (later Full of Surprises) (still used on 'Connecticut Welcomes You' signs)
You Belong in ConneCTicut [11]
(formerly) Better yet, Connecticut
Still Revolutionary [12]
Delaware It's Good Being First
(Delaware was first state to ratify the Constitution)
(formerly) Small Wonder
(formerly) Smaller, Faster, Smarter.
(formerly) The First State
District of Columbia The American Experience
Taxation without Representation
(also on its license plates)
(formerly) Celebrate & Discover
Florida Sunshine State (formerly The Land of Good Living)[13]
Georgia Georgia on My Mind
(also its state song) (alternately, on Georgia welcome signs: We're glad Georgia's on your mind)
Hawaii The Islands of Aloha
Idaho Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations.
(formerly) Famous Potatoes
(also on its license plate)
Illinois Mile After Magnificent Mile
Right Here. Right Now.
The Land of Lincoln
Iowa Life Changing
Fields of Opportunities

(formerly) You make me smile
(formerly) Is this heaven?

Indiana Restart Your Engines
(cf. 'start your engines' at the at the Indianapolis 500)

(formerly) Enjoy Indiana

Crossroads of America [14]
Kansas There's No Place Like Home
(cf. the ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz)
Kansas, as big as you think
(formerly) Simply Wonderful
(formerly) Land of Ahhs
(pronounced like 'Land of Oz)'
Kentucky Unbridled Spirit
(also on its license plate)
(formerly) It's That Friendly
(formerly) Where Education Pays[15]
Louisiana Fall in love with Louisiana all over again[16]
Come as you are. Leave Different.
Sportsman's Paradise
(on its license plate)
Maine Worth A Visit, Worth A Lifetime
The Way Life Should Be
Where America's Day Begins
(seen on driver's license) (Maine is the furthest state east.)
(also on its license plate)
It must be Maine
There's More to Maine
Maryland Maryland of Opportunity[17]
(formerly) Seize the Day Off[18]
(formerly) America in Miniature
(formerly) More Than You Can Imagine
Massachusetts Make It Yours
(formerly) Take a Real Vacation
The Spirit of America
(on its license plate, also an unofficial state song)
Michigan Pure Michigan (Tourism)[19] and Getting The Upper Hand (Business Attraction)[20]
(previously) Say Yes to Michigan
(formerly) Great Lakes, Great Times; More To See.
Water Winter Wonderland, Great Lakes State (on license plates)
Minnesota Explore Minnesota
Land of 10,000 Lakes
Mississippi Feels Like Coming Home
The South's Warmest Welcome
Missouri Show Me State (on license plates)
Enjoy the Show (Tourism) [21]
The Cave State[22]
(formerly) Where The Rivers Run
Montana The Last Best Place
Big Sky Country (on its license plates)
Get Lost in Montana
Nebraska Possibilities...Endless
The Good Life
Nevada Wide Open
Battle Born
Home Means Nevada
The Silver State
New Hampshire You're Going to Love it Here
Live Free or Die
(on its license plate)
New Jersey Come See For Yourself
The Garden State (also on its license plate)
(formerly) What a Difference a State Makes
(formerly) New Jersey and You: Perfect Together[1]
Stronger than the Storm [24]
New Mexico Everybody is Somebody in New Mexico[25]
Red or Green
New York I Love New York (also its state song)
The Empire State (also on its license plate)
North Carolina A Better Place to Be
First in Flight
(on its license plate; cf. Wright brothers: Ohio/North Carolina rivalry)
North Dakota Legendary
Ohio So Much to Discover
Birthplace of Aviation
(on its license plate; cf. Wright brothers: Ohio/North Carolina rivalry)
Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers
(on its 50 state quarter; for the Wright brothers, John Glenn, and Neil Armstrong)[26]
(formerly) The Heart of It All
Oklahoma (formerly) Oklahoma is OK (formerly on its license plates)
Native America
(also on its license plate; cf. Indian Territory)
Oregon We Love Dreamers
Things Look Different Here
(1987 - 2003)
Pacific Wonderland
(on its license plate 1959 - 1966)
Pennsylvania State of Independence
(formerly) Memories Last a Lifetime
You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania
America Starts Here
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Does it Better,[27] La isla del encanto (Spanish) Translated to English :: Island of Enchantment
(also on its license plate)
Rhode Island Unwind The Ocean State
(formerly) Hope
South Carolina Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places.
(also on one of its two base license plates)
Just Right.
South Dakota Great Faces. Great Places.
Tennessee Tennessee—America at its best
(formerly) Sounds Good to Me (formerly on its license plate)
(formerly) Follow Me To Tennessee
Texas It's Like a Whole Other Country
(used only in domestic advertising)
(formerly) Deep in the Heart of Texas
(originally an anti-littering slogan, now the more popular Don't Mess With Texas is used)
State of the Arts
(on special license plate)
Every thing's bigger in Texas
The Lone Star State
Utah This Is Still The Right Place[28]
Life Elevated
(also on its license plate)
Greatest Snow on Earth
Utah! Where Ideas Connect
Vermont Vermont, naturally
The Green Mountain State
(formerly) I LoVermont
Virginia Virginia is for Lovers (Recently accompanied with newer slogan: Live Passionately [29])
Washington Say WA!
(formerly) Experience Washington
West Virginia Wild and Wonderful
(was replaced by Open for Business before being changed back; also on its license plate as Wild, Wonderful)
(formerly) Open for business[30]
(formerly) Almost Heaven
Wisconsin Live like you mean it
America's Dairyland
(on its license plate)
(formerly) Life's so good[31]
(formerly) Escape to Wisconsin[31]
(formerly) Stay just a little bit longer[31]
(formerly) You're among friends
Wyoming Like No Place on Earth
Forever West (Seen on welcome signs on highways)

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