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British Columbia electoral district
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Amrik Virk
Census divisions Metro Vancouver
Census subdivisions Surrey

Surrey-Tynehead is a newly formed provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Canada. The riding's name was resurrected from a former riding in the same area, with similar but not identical boundaries. The newly created riding of Surrey-Tynehead has reserved just over half of the existing Surrey-Tynehead riding and added portions of Surrey-Whalley, and Surrey-Green Timbers.[1]


  • Demographics historic 1
  • Geography 2
    • 1999 Redistribution 2.1
  • History 3
  • Members of the Legislative Assembly 4
  • Election results 5
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Demographics historic

Population, 2001 59,081
Population Change, 1996–2001 24.3%
Area (km²) 70.81
Pop. Density 834


1999 Redistribution

Changes from Surrey-Cloverdale to Surrey-Tynehead include:

  • Inclusion of all of Surrey-Tynehead, except for portion from Surrey-Green Timbers

Changes from Surrey-Green Timbers to Surrey-Tynehead include:

  • Inclusion of the quartersections between 104th and 96th Avenue, and 152nd and 160th Street


Members of the Legislative Assembly

  1. Dave Hayer, Liberal (2001-2013)
  2. Amrik Virk, Liberal (2013–present)

Election results

B.C. General Election 2013: Surrey-Tynehead
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Amrik Virk 8,425 48.13
New Democratic Avtar Bains 6,925 39.56
Conservative Barry Sikora 1,890 10.80
Vision Sukhil Gil 264 1.51
Total Valid Votes 17,399
Total Rejected Ballots 119
B.C. General Election 2009 Surrey-Tynehead
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Dave Hayer 8,814
     NDP Pat Zanon 7,257
Green Gerald Singh 717
B.C. General Election 2005: Surrey-Tynehead
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Dave Hayer 12,052 51.37%
     NDP Barry Bell 9,469 40.36%
Green Sean Orr 1,095 4.67%
Marijuana Donald Joseph Briere 243 1.04%
     Independent Summer Davis 380 1.62%
     Independent Gary Alan Hoffman 223 0.95%
Total 23,462 100.00%
B.C. General Election 2001: Surrey-Tynehead
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
Liberal Dave Hayer 12,252 60.95% $52,615
     NDP Barry Bell 3,159 15.72% $2,502
Green Joel Macht 1,876 9.33% $305
Unity Bill Stilwell 1,234 6.14% $2,831
     Independent Marilyn Collins 880 4.38% $9,970
Marijuana Donald Joseph Briere 385 1.92% $821
Reform Enoch Ephraimson 265 1.31% $3,452
     Independent Mandir Benipal 50 0.25% $1,400
Total valid votes 20,101 100.00%
Total rejected ballots 95 0.47%
Turnout 20,196 72.25%


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  • 2001 Expenditures (pdf)
  • Website of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
  • BCNDP Surrey-Tynehead Constituency Association
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