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Susan Hawk

Susan Hawk
Born (1961-08-17) August 17, 1961
Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S.

Susan "Sue" Hawk (born August 17, 1961 in Waukesha, Wisconsin) is a reality TV personality who was a contestant on Survivor: Borneo and Survivor: All-Stars.


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During the original Survivor season, Survivor: Borneo Hawk seemed to get far in the game by using her secret alliance with Richard Hatch, Kelly Wiglesworth, and Rudy Boesch during a time when other cast members did not yet use alliances, and several even considered allied voting to be "cheating". As the fourth-place finisher, she launched into her "rats and snakes" speech about the top two, Richard and Kelly. In her speech, she said there "are only two things on the entire island: rats and snakes." Richard was a snake and Kelly a rat, and Hawk told the Jury members that they should obey the laws of nature by letting the snake eat the rat. She also told Kelly that if she ever saw her in life again, dying of thirst, she would not stop to give her a sip of water and that she'd like to see the vultures get her. This resulted in angering Colleen Haskell and Gervase Peterson, who voted for Kelly. Nevertheless, Hatch still won 4-3.

Hawk returned to Survivor in 2004, for the Survivor: All-Stars season. Hawk's tribe, "Chapera" found early success. Her position in the game appeared stable until an incident prompted her to leave. During an immunity challenge, a naked Richard Hatch rubbed up against her, and Hawk became increasingly distraught over the incident the next day. At the next reward challenge, Survivor host Jeff Probst made a passing reference to the incident, which prompted Hawk to respond with a very angry speech, accusing Probst of making light of something that Hawk viewed as harassment. Despite the fact that Hatch had been eliminated on the prior episode (due to other reasons), Hawk claimed that "her mind left the game" and decided to remove herself from the competition.

Life after Survivor

On May 22, 2007, the infotainment television show Access Hollywood broadcast a "Where Are They Now?" segment on Hawk. According to the report, she and her husband now live on a 60-acre (240,000 m2) ranch near Clever, Missouri.

Other appearances

  • Hawk appeared in the Survivor edition of The Weakest Link[1] competing against Ramona, Gretchen, Joel, Sean and Richard. She was the second person eliminated from the game.
  • Hawk appeared with Hatch in the reality show edition of the short-lived game show Dog Eat Dog.[1] She won $25,000 as the episode's "top dog".
  • Hawk appeared with Hatch and other Survivor alumni on Family Feud.
  • Hawk was twice a guest on The Rosie O'Donnell Show.[1]
  • Hawk guest co-hosted Regis Philbin, she never considered taking the job full-time (the job eventually went to Kelly Ripa, who remains in the role to this day).
  • In 2001 Hawk was a guest on an episode of the second season of Big Brother.
  • Hawk guest hosted Talk Soup.
  • Hawk was a contestant on Battle of the Network Reality Stars.[1]
  • Hawk appeared on Hollywood Squares with fellow Survivor alumni in 2000.[1]
  • Hawk was a guest on Politically Incorrect with Survivor opponent Kelly.


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External links

  • CBS biography
  • reportAccess HollywoodMay 22, 2007
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