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Television in Slovakia

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Title: Television in Slovakia  
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Subject: Television in Slovakia, Dvojka, Radio and Television Slovakia, TV Fooor, TV JOJ
Collection: Television in Slovakia
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Television in Slovakia

Television stations in Slovakia broadcast in DVB-T format. Broadcasting is mostly in the Slovak language, state owned channels have some dedicated broadcasting for ethnic minorities (always subtitled). Foreign language (with the exception of Czech) movies and shows are dubbed (rarely subtitled). Czech production is mostly broadcast in original, with the exception of juvenile programs. Often, foreign language movies are broadcast with Czech dubbing. Czech television channels are also rather popular in Slovakia, received either directly in border regions or carried by cable companies.


  • Primarily terrestrial broadcasting 1
    • Public (state owned) channels 1.1
    • Commercial channels 1.2
  • Other channels 2
  • Regional channels 3
  • Cable & satellite television channels 4
    • Czech channels available in Slovakia 4.1
    • Hungarian channels available in Slovakia 4.2
    • Film 4.3
    • Entertainment 4.4
    • Documentary 4.5
    • Sport 4.6

Primarily terrestrial broadcasting

Public (state owned) channels

Commercial channels

Markiza Slovakia (CME):


C.E.N. (Grafobal Group):

  • TA3 - news channel

Other channels

  • TV8 - dedicated to astrology and telephone quizzes (website)
  • TVA - advertisement channel (website)
  • TV LUX - Christian channel (website)
  • Residence TV - Real Estate channel (website)
  • Slovak Sport TV.1 - sports channel (website)
  • Slovak Sport TV.2 - sports channel
  • Digi Sport 1 - sports channel (website)
  • Digi Sport 2 - sports channel
  • Digi Sport 3 - sports channel (former Digi Liga Majstrov 1)
  • Digi Sport 4 - sports channel (former Digi Liga Majstrov 2)
  • - football channel

Regional channels

  • TV Bratislava
  • StaroMestská televízia Bratislava
  • Televízia Ružinov Bratislava
  • Dúbravská televízia, Bratislava
  • Devínskonovoveská televízia, Bratislava
  • Bánovské televízne vysielanie, Bánovce nad Bebravou
  • Humenská televízia, Humenné
  • Infoštúdio mesta Dolný Kubín
  • Mestská televízia Trnava
  • Televízia Trenčianske Teplice
  • Televízia Trenčín
  • Obecné televízne vysielanie Štrba
  • Televízia Púchov
  • Regionálna televízia Prievidza
  • Televízia AVT Prievidza
  • TV SEN Senica
  • TV TURIEC Martin
  • Žilinská TV, Žilina
  • TV REDUTA Spišká Nová Ves
  • Televízia Pezinok
  • Televízia PANORÁMA Žarnovica
  • Televízia Močenok
  • TV Prešov
  • Hlohovská televízia
  • Televízia Žiar nad Hronom
  • Zemplínska produkčná spoločnosť
  • TV Mistral Michalovce
  • Bardejovská televízna spoločnosť s.r.o.
  • Televízia Central Nitra
  • Leonard TV Production Zvolen
  • TV Považie, Považská Bystrica
  • Televízia WYWAR, Holíč
  • Levická televízia/Infokanál Levice
  • Ľubovnianska mediálna spoločnosť
  • TV Pohoda Nové Mesto n/Váhom
  • Malacká televízia
  • i-TV,informačno-spravodajská TV,Pov. Bystrica
  • TV LIPTOV Liptovský Mikuláš
  • VIO TV Banská Štiavnica
  • Štúrovská televízia
  • RTV KREA Galanta
  • TV Karpaty Piešťany
  • Mestská televízia Ružomberok
  • Kežmarská televízia,Kežmarok
  • Infokanál mesta Partizánske
  • Turzovská televízia, Turzovka
  • Televízia Východ
  • TV ORAVIA, Námestovo
  • Vaša TV, Čadca
  • TV Nitrička, Nitra
  • Levočský televízny magazín, Levoča
  • TV HRONKA, Banská Bystrica
  • TV Naša, Košice
  • TV Region, Košice

Cable & satellite television channels

Czech channels available in Slovakia

Hungarian channels available in Slovakia





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